Reggie Bush: “I have a lot to prove and a lot of football left in me”


Reggie Bush hasn’t had the career people expected of him when he entered the NFL as the No. 2 pick in the 2006 draft, after a spectacular, Heisman Trophy-winning season at USC. But in some ways, Bush’s lack of production so far provides more reason to believe he can have a major impact in his new home of Detroit.

As Bush pointed out to the team’s website, with only 967 career carries, Bush doesn’t have the same kind of wear and tear on his body that most running backs have after seven seasons in the NFL.

I really didn’t get beat up early in my career,” Bush said. “The last two years in Miami was the first time I really experienced that 20 to 25 carry range. I feel good. I’ve really played injury free both seasons [in Miami].”

Bush still thinks his best football may be ahead of him.

“I still feel good,” Bush said. “I still feel like I have a lot to prove and a lot of football left in me and I’m just getting started.”

Perhaps Detroit will be the place where Bush becomes the player people expected him to be when he entered the NFL.

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  1. “I haven’t really gotten beat up early in my career”

    Has this guy even played a full season?

  2. This is likely the most compelling season of Detroit Lions football in 50 years. They are loaded with talent and potential and the key is can the coaches figure it out.

    If so, it could be the start of something entirely special for a city that could really use a boost.

    And, if not, it’ll be the refrain of “Same Old Lions” and they’ll be tearing it down with a whole new coaching staff. Either way, it should be “must see TV”.

  3. i thought he was overrated coming out of college he didn’t show a lot in N.O. but he impressed me as a dolphin and i hope miller can provide the type of production bush did well i hope for more than that but i will be very pleased if he just fills reggies shoes and of all the players out there that say this same type of thing i do believe he has a lot of football left in him and i wish him nothing but the best for the rest of his career

  4. Ready for all the same haters who talked trash on Suh and Fairley, the best DT tandem in the league, to talk trash on Bush, a running back who has averaged over 1,000 yards per season for the last two seasons.
    Keep it coming guys we really don’t care. I do wonder why some of you are so hateful though.

  5. Reggie is a great player trying to do too much. Imo he’s best suited in a non primary back role.

  6. I would be surprised if he ran the ball 20-25 times in Detroit. However, I would not be surprised if he touched the ball 20-25 times and ended the season with 1600 combined rec/running yards.

    The Lions want the Bush from the New Orleans days. The guy that could run on occasion but more importantly the guy that could take a two yard dump off and turn it into a 60 yard TD. The ‘Jahvid Best’ replacement in their offense.

    To be honest, his talent was wasted in Miami.

  7. Reggie I think the reason you don’t have as much wear and tear on your body is your not an every down back. Sorry your just not that good. There have been a few fellas that have had great careers being 3rd down specialists. Kevin Faulk comes to mind. Accept your skill level and focus on that.

  8. Too bad. The only thing worse than playing for Detroit is playing for Cleveland. Career ending move.

  9. The book is already out on Reggie Bush, he was drafted three rounds too early. Maybe the lions will have the sense to line him up in the slot and get some good out of him.

  10. Hear ye, Lion haters and apologists alike: True enough, the Detroit Lions have been the most dysfunctionally foolish organization in all of sports but not because of a hex or a jinx or a curse or because of building the football field on ancient Indian burial grounds. No, they have failed miserably and became laughingstocks because of years and years of poorly conceived front office choices and indefensibly dumb and reckless personnel decisions. That said, teams can reinvent themselves and turn things around if they hire the right people, develop sound policy, hire the right head coach to implement the strategy, draft the right players to execute the strategy and entice the right FAs to put them over the top. It obviously hasn’t happened here yet but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s not likely to be this year but moves toward increasing the talent pool don’t have to be met with derision or delusions from either side. Eventually, something remarkable could occur in Detroit and legitimate steps towards improvement should be met with cautious enthusiasm.

  11. I don’t understand why the Dolphins let him go. He was productive and cheap. Lamar Miller can hit the big one but I didn’t seen anything that impressive last year from him. The Dolphins will be worse, the Lions will be better.

  12. I agree, Detroit should be a good team this year. Lets just hope the City can pay their electric bill so Ford Field will have some light.

  13. Reggie wasted his chance in Miami to prove he’s an “every down back.”
    He’ll disappear for games throughout the season but provide you a couple of unreal moments.

    A good, not great player. Limited upside.

  14. Life-long Saints fan here, stating it plainly:


    Talk about Brees, Coach Payton, the turnovers created by that ’09 defense , all you want. But Reggie’s freakish athleticism unquestionably accounted for the difference in one or two narrow victories during that regular season, plus his TD in that SuperBowl probably couldn’t have been made by 95% of his peers.

    Thus, I’ve never fully understood why some think his career has been good, but a little disappointing.

  15. Reggie is underrated oh and he won a Super Bowl, keep hating haters, oh he won a heisman an a national title, lendale white thunder not even a pro anymore, REGGIE, REGGIE, REGGIE!,!,!!,!,

  16. He got beat up pretty good from that vicious hit from the Philly corner Sheldon Brown on a swing pass from Brees….was the #1 – you got JACKED UP!

  17. To bad Reggie only decides to run hard ( & north south ) only a couple games a year. In those games he is great.
    BUT the rest of the time he dances around trying to avoid contact. In afact last season after the knee injury he was not even close to the same as the first couple games. He played scared, and that’s been his issue.

  18. Eagles fan still talking about that Sheldon Brown hit? It was good, but less than 5 minutes later Reggie was running circles around that D.

    I still love Reggie. He’s going to thrive in that Detroit offense. As Megatron gets double and triple coverage, Reggie is gonna eat it up. Yea, like others here, I’m drafting him in fantasy, too.

  19. tahnoonzee says:
    Jul 28, 2013 8:17 PM
    He got beat up pretty good from that vicious hit from the Philly corner Sheldon Brown on a swing pass from Brees….was the #1 – you got JACKED UP!


    Ya, you’re absolutely right… he did get jacked up. One of the biggest hits I’ve ever seen. But he took a few plays off to shake it off and came back in a few plays later and played the rest of the game.

  20. He didn’t do that well in NO because they had a running back committee, but he did manage a couple pretty good seasons in Miami. I think with a big-play-capable quarterback and the best receiver in the game, he has a real chance to thrive next year. He just needs to learn to play more consistently, and I think he could be a top-10 back next year.

  21. I dont think the lions have a shot at anything with shwartz at the helm. I cant stand him. And i havent liked him long before the harbaugh incident. He is a moron head coach. Trys to hard. But i do however think shwartz is a beast defensive coord. I dont see lions doing much as long as he runs the show. Just an opinion. I hope im proved wrong cause i have alot of sympathy for that team and its fan base.

  22. Reblogged this on UnSportsMenMic and commented:
    Well he proved to USC he was worth the House and car. He proved to Kim K he can lie “If I win a SuperBowl we will get married”. Bush proved that he is a better Running Back between the tackles than we thought, now he has to prove he can get the Lions over the hump.

  23. If he can show the same kind of burst of speed that Javid Best had then Reggie will make fools out of defenses just like Javid Best did.

    Obviously the Lions will run more (how could then run less?). The big thing is having a legit running threat when teams load up on the pass. Best showed that in those situations, once you’re past the defensive line its off to the races.

    Reggie will have a great year – not sure if that will translate into being a leading fantasy back, but he’ll be a great real-world back.

  24. Believe it or not the Lions might just be a good team this year. They have a legit QB, RB, WR, DT’s, LB, CB, S, SS, and are solid at LG, LT, TE, and are fair to average at DE’s, RT, RG, two LB’s, and one CB and of these Ansah, Slay, Levy, Hilliard, all have a chance to be pretty good.

  25. All it will take is a couple big runs early and the balance will be set. Teams wont know how to guard us, Bush, or CJ. Obviously with CJ at receiver Bush will always have an open lane. If he finds it we will be a very good team, if he can’t we are 8-8 or below

  26. Reggie has gone for over 1000 yds once his entire career and has a rushing averaged of less than 50 yds a game his entire career

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