Roseman says Eagles will replace Maclin from within


The Eagles have lost receiver Jeremy Maclin for the year.  They’ll try to find his replacement within the building.

“You want your young players to grow and develop, and that’s why you keep young players on your roster,” G.M. Howie Roseman said Sunday, via Reuben Frank of  “You look at the good teams in this league, that’s what they do with their players.  They develop them, they groom them, then they give them an opportunity.

“So sitting here, it’s not even August, we have a lot of reps to evaluate our team, and it doesn’t mean we’re not going to look for ways to improve.  But at the end of the day, you have to show confidence in the players that you brought in.”

He’s right, but losing Maclin for the year in late July is no different than losing him on the first day of free agency.  He’s out of the plans for 2013, and if it had happened in March the Eagles may have handled the situation differently.

The difference, of course, is that the Eagles’ players now have been through the offseason program, making them more prepared than anyone who may be available via free agency.

This is where a former college coach with no NFL experience will have a harder time than an established NFL assistant who becomes a head coach.  As evidenced by the recent decision to sign a guy who played for Chip Kelly at New Hampshire more than six years ago, there simply aren’t many/any unemployed NFL veterans who know Kelly’s system.

So unless there are more players like Dave Ball floating around, the Eagles’ best/only option will be to bump everyone up a notch, and to fill the last spot with a guy who can now be groomed to make a contribution in the future.

13 responses to “Roseman says Eagles will replace Maclin from within

  1. I can hear all the drunken, clueless, FILTHadelphia fans whispering now.
    “i wish we had Andy reid back”.

    Too bad, Andy is building a dynasty team in KC. Chip will be fired in 3 years after Andy and the Chiefs hoist win the Super Bowl

  2. They’ll just play more 2-3 TE formations. I don’t think any of the receivers are going to have big individual years, but I think they are all going to have situational roles. For example, I expect the red zone offense to be McCoy/Casey in the backfield, with Celek/Ertz at TE, and Benn/Momah as the WR. Maybe Jackson in the slot to force 1 on 1’s on the outside and single back

    Maclin will hurt, but the way this offense appears it is going to run, it won’t hurt as much as it would of last year under the old offense. I don’t think they need one guy to step up and fill his role. I think they just use the group of guys they have to exploit specific matchups depending on the opponent. Chip Kelly’s offense force’s 1 on 1’s, the exploits mis-matches, both in the run and pass game. Obviously nobody on the roster is the complete WR maclin is (that includes Jackson), but he can’t be replaced by committee in this offense

  3. Having a KC fan on here trashing the Eagles made my day.

    Andy Reid will improve your team this year.

    Sad thing is, 3-13 is an improvement.

  4. This article is ridicules. Every team has their offensive system in place and every team would be hard pressed to find an equal replacement a month before the season is to start. This is why teams have backups who know the system and will be want to step up and get their shot.

  5. Arrelious Benn showed some promise during his rookie season with Tampa Bay, if he stays healthy he might surprise some people and fill the void left by the Maclin injury.

    Word of advice, though; do NOT run any end around plays with Benn. All you need to do is google search ‘Benn’d around’ and you’ll see why Benn needs to stay far away from any kind of trick play call.

  6. Can’t help but feel bad for the guy. That injury potentially cost him millions of dollars in his contract year.

    The Eagles can try one of the big receivers – Benn, Cooper, Momah… at the X, or maybe they even try Ertz there.

    I think Damaris Johnson is more of a Z guy, and Avant is more of a slot guy. Then again I think Maclin was also more of a Z receiver who had to play the X because of DJax being the Z.

  7. There is definitely depth here. I am a lifelong Birds fan and never want to see a season-ending injury like this. But, business is business and Maclin has not played up to his 1st round pedigree. Foles had some chemistry going with Cooper last year. DJax is DJax. Avant is a solid #3. Johnson has some flash. And, Momah at
    6-07 is intriguing. There are far more concerns for this team, like at cornerback.

  8. Let’s face it. None of the Eagles WRs are untouchable. They’re all cogs in the wheel.

    I would not wish this injury on Jeremy Maclin. I hope he recovers and plays well again. He seems like a really nice guy, and does substantial community work. Nice man.

    But let’s not forget, this is a player who. Has never emerged as an elite WR1. He has never really lived up to his billing. I wish he had.

    I don’t know whether his flaws can be corrected with coaching (Chip), but when you’re drafted where he was, I kind of expect that coaching shouldn’t be an issue.

    The eagles will be in a better position paying out this year’s contract and not having to worry about him next year, if they so choose. It’s just business.

  9. ‘Losing him now is no different than losing him in march. Ofcourse, the difference is X’


  10. Nothing but bums out there anyway.

    the eagles have 12 WRs on the roster.
    none are maclin, but we should find a way to make it happen.


    dear god i hope that Chip’s scheme knocks away all thoughts of a 70-30 passing ratio.

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