Russell Wilson sees the benefit of being the starter in camp


A full-blown quarterback competition often makes it harder for the player who wins the job to compete with opposing defenses.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who emerged from third on the depth chart to win the starting job last season, performed very well despite his relative lack of preparation, given the sharing of reps.  This year, he realizes the benefit of being the starter from day one.

“It makes a huge difference, in terms of being a starting quarterback so early because you get all those extra reps,” Wilson said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “Having those extra reps and being in situations, when the game is on the line, that type of situation, visualizing that type of success.  You really have to be in those situations; more times than not.  Knowing the actual plays, understanding the time it takes to get the ball out, with ones vs. ones every day.  And our defense is one of the top in the National Football League.  So we have to go against these guys every day.  It’s so competitive.  To be able to get three times more reps this year makes a huge difference.”

One of the guys with whom Wilson competed last year has returned, in Tarvaris Jackson.  Joining him behind Wilson is Brady Quinn.

“The quarterback room is awesome right now,” Wilson said.  “To be with coach [Carl] Smith, we have coach Dave Canales with us too, our assistant quarterback coach.  And then to have Tarvaris and Brady in there, there’s a lot of experience in that room.  And to have Tarvaris and Brady, two very intelligent guys who’ve been through the fire, to have that discussion with them on a daily basis is fun too.  So we relax, and we make sure that we are always getting our work done.  We have a great relationship, as you guys can probably hear we are always talking football, and always talking about what we could have done better.  So they come up to me if they think I could have done something better.  I come up to them if I see anything.  So we have that relationship which is really good.”

Wilson was really good last year.  With his talent and his work ethic and more opportunities to prepare during camp, he could be even better in 2013.

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  1. That lack of preparation that he had last year goes a long way to explaining his relative lack of success the first third of the season. But when he caught up to everyone else, he was close to unstoppable. He is going to be even more remarkable this year. Go ‘Hawks!

  2. Massive thumbs up to dumbhobby’s comment. The world of professional athletics needs more like this kid. Hell the whole world needs more like him.

  3. Russell is fantastic! one of the greatest natural leaders and most positive role models for kids to come around in years! I can’t wait to see him work his magic

  4. No we Niner fans are greatful we don’t have the Darren Sproles of QB’s.

    As a person Wilson is a stand up guy, that’s indisputable. But his scrambles are going to get crushed this year. To be fair his play is similar to Luck but his size is a detriment. And he is not the explosive playmaker that Kaep or RGIII (sans knee injury) are, unless you include the Fail Mary.

    So good luck Seattle, with tape on this guy and no PED’S for your defence, you’ll need it. You will be sneaking up on no one this year.

  5. The only QB I know for sure who won’t make it through the season is Kaepernick. He runs way to much to make it through a 19 game schedule.

    Wilson generally moves to get rid of the ball. Big difference.

    Little do the 49er fans know that they won’t be making any Super Bowl appearance this coming season. Who’s Kapernick’s back up anyway?

  6. Listen, I don’t think any of us would cry too much if we had Wilson, RG3, Luck, or C.Kap – they are all great, young QBs.

    They are probably the next “group” of elite QBs once Manning, Brady, Brees, B.Roeth, M. Hass.(fading quick), and Vick (fading quick) retire.

    Personally, I think the backup QB position will be very important for all those teams except Indy – even though Indy has the best backup QB followed by Seattle.

  7. a defense that only gave up a league leading 15 ppg combined with an offense that was averaging above 30 ppg is a nightmarish combo for opponents, oh and they only got better this off-season on both sides of the ball, plus these guys are close knit and are starving to win.

  8. Best QB in the league, bar none. He has the football iq and study habits of Peyton the composure of Brady and superior mobility to boot. Unlike kaep he is an assasian in the red zone unlike rg3 he is durable and knows when to get down. Unlike kam he is mature beyond his years.

  9. @braceyourselffor12

    Oh that’s right. You prefer a QB who pouts after losses, wears another team’s cap in public, and kisses himself.


  10. @realdealsteel
    Check your facts. Kap threw a higher percentage of his passes from the pocket and ran far less often than Wilson, Newton, or RG3.

    He just did far more damage when he did run.

    Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

  11. Do the Seaskunks ever actually do anything or do their fans just always yap about what their gonna do?

  12. realdealsteel
    Jul 28, 2013, 7:23 PM PDT
    The only QB I know for sure who won’t make it through the season is Kaepernick. He runs way to much to make it through a 19 game schedule.

    Wilson generally moves to get rid of the ball. Big difference.

    Little do the 49er fans know that they won’t be making any Super Bowl appearance this coming season. Who’s Kapernick’s back up anyway?
    Typical clueless Hawk fan. If you had a clue, you’d know that Colin avoids contact when possible and runs out if bounds to avoid taking hits. You and your fanbase are so disrespectful and pathetic.

    Congrats in crowning yourself the pre season champs. In reality you can’t even win your division with a pathetic gifted win at home. Keep hating you perennial losers.

  13. Lol did hawks sneak up on the niners @Braceyourselffor12 on that nationally televised beating? Shoot we need a “Do over” because the hawks are so sneaky? Week 2. Come prepared this time so its actually a game.

  14. You gotta love it when the story when the story is a positive one, especially when its been an offseason like it has. Like the seahawks or not, or any of these other teams with young successful qbs, you gotta appreciate their talent and character. (So far)

    I dont know how people can take a story like this one and use it as a means to propagate their hate for a team or another city. I can only take from that, that you guys probably find something negative about everything in life.

    It must suck to know you guys in real life.

  15. Wow, you Seahawk fans have a major letdown coming this year.

    He’s nowhere near as good as you think he is.

  16. Benefits? Why, first to eat at the pile of Adderall in the lockeroom, of course!


  17. norcalmafia forgets the niners took from 1946 to 1981 before they reached the superbowl ….couldn’t even win a division before that. Seahawks will start winning their superbowls this year

  18. As an Eli fan, I’m pulling for a kid like Wilson to have success ( unless he’s playing NYG).

  19. @ hawkstradamus….. c’mon now. Best QB in the league bar none? You cannot honestly believe that.

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