Vick, Foles keep splitting reps with neither showing signs of emerging


Eagles coach Chip Kelly has said the Vick-and-Nick show will continue at quarterback until one of them emerges as the starter.  Through three days of camp, neither is showing signs of doing so.

Via John Gonzalez of, Mike Vick and Nick Foles split first-team reps for the third day of training camp, with Vick unofficially completing nine of 14 throws and Foles nine of 16.  Gonzalez writes that neither man “did much to impress.”

In fact, the best throw of the day came from rookie Matt Barkley, who has (to date) been relegated to third string.  Barkley completed nine of 11 passes in 15 snaps, including a long throw and catch to Greg Salas that drew a roar from the crowd.

The longer it takes for Vick to emerge, the better the chance Foles will have to take the starting job.  The longer it takes for Foles to emerge, the better the chance Barkley will barge his way in to the conversation.

Speaking of conversations, Gonzalez writes that Vick had a private one with former teammate Donovan McNabb on Sunday.  McNabb later said they “discussed the day’s events.”  For all anyone knows, they also discussed the possibility that, before too long, there will be a day when the big event includes Vick being benched.

Followed perhaps by Vick no longer being with the team.

40 responses to “Vick, Foles keep splitting reps with neither showing signs of emerging

  1. To keep saying “the longer it takes Vick to emerge the better Foles shot is” is just untrue. Chip is not gonna name a starter until week 1 because then other teams will have less time to prepare for whom ever it is. For all we know Chip already knows who the starter will be, but to keep putting off naming a stater is the smart thing to do

  2. This is getting interesting….I have had a feeling for awhile now that Nick will be the starter. Anytime a new coach hasn’t decidedon his starting qb this late, then its usually not good to be the incumbent. Chip is hoping that Nick shows everyone there at camp what Chip believes , but the problem is that Nick won’t do enough to seize it. He does enough to tease Kelly. Kelly already knows for the most part who it will be imo, he just wants Nick to make his decision a little easier when he makes it to the team so their won’t be any “schism”(always wanted to use that word) in the locker room. That’s my theory and in sticking to it…..

  3. Vick and McNabb would fit well together on a park bench somewhere where they could complain and moan and diss others. As long as they don’t have access to reporters, microphones, videos, or cameras, that is. Twitter. I guess we could allow them to tweet up to three times a week.

  4. Still waiting for Vick to “shock the world” and show everyone he is the best QB in the NFL. Still waiting…..hello?…..hello?…..

  5. Hey Chip, give the hoodie a call,and work something out to get Tebow. They need receivers. Everybody wins.

  6. I suspect the way this will shake out, is that Vick will be the opening day starter and remain so till he inevitably gets hurt. At that point his starting days in Philly will be over and he won’t be back in 2014.

  7. Or none of the above. Look for a late pre-season trade for Sanchez … or Carlos Danger.

  8. Forget about mobility, Foles is much better suited for a Chip Kelly offense than Vick. Running a read-option and uptempo offense requires quick decision-making and READING DEFENSES. Vick doesn’t do either of those.

  9. Is anyone really shocked by this? Vick hasn’t really shown much since the 2010 season. He’s over the hill … and wasn’t really that good in his “prime.” The man is the epitome “million dollar arm, ten-dollar brain.”

  10. Coach Kelly is keeping to his word. People who want the starter named yesterday aren’t being realistic. This team is not ready to contend for a Super Bowl. Find out what you have and start to build a contender via 1. draft and 2. FA.

  11. Going with Foles to start the season would be like choosing to drive a 2012 Ford Focus instead of the 2004 Ferrari. Kelly is not going to hop in the Focus until he finds out the Ferrari has lost its wheels.

  12. The Dawg Killer is another year older and another year closer to being a has been/never was.
    If he starts he wont make 3 games before he’s hauled off the field on a stretcher.

  13. Does it really matter who’s throwing the ball?

    They’re not gonna win anything for the next decade, unless Kaepernick, Wilson, RGIII, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Eli all get into some bizarre, fatal pie-eating contest or something.

    And even if that did happen, I’d bank on the Rams, Bucs, and Lions before I’d bank on the Eagles going anywhere.

    They’re doomed for the rest of the ’10s.

  14. The fact that there is even a competition to begin with and Vick hasn’t emerged and is a 10+ year vet says all you need to know about how good a player he is. I just want to know if all those analysts on tv who say Vick should and will be the starter have even seen him play a down the past 2 years.

  15. Like I have been saying may the Best Worst QB win this competition. LMAO & LOL ALL THE WAY.!!!!!

  16. Kelly should trade vick now while he is still healthy and has some value…Regardless of what you think, vick is still better than half the league’s projected starters(Andy Dalton, Matt Flynn, Josh Freeman etc.etc)…Plus Eagles can get a draft pick or two out of the deal…

  17. Please it’s been 3 days and very little contact. This writer should be shot he’s an idiot. Until your Qb gets some pre season action nobody will rise to the top. How do you expect anything to happen in 3 days playing catch. Write something intelligent if your gonna write. Don’t just waist paper. Learn football please.

  18. Please stop it with the daily Foles/Vick updates. This is a joke. Vick will be with the team and more than likely will win the job. The minute-to-minute Twitter updates by the Philadelphia media are a joke too. Let the competition play out. They have not even played a preseason game yet.

  19. Mat Barkley was born to play QB, is the brightest of the 3, and is clearly a leader. Is he ready? Can he make all the throws? Won’t know that until the Eagles start playing the exhibition games. Since Barkley was the only QB at USC that ever started as an 18 true freshman he has what it takes. If his arm is as good as say a Dru Breeze he will be what Kelly is looking for and Vick will be history.

  20. The fans that follow the Eagles know it will be Foles and Barkley by mid season. National media is poorly informed. Vick is not even clost to being the front runner and Gonzalez is a obscure local reporter without a clue.

  21. Im hearing really good things about Barkley from people on twitter. Liked him a lot at USC seems like a really nice kid. Started as a 19 year old true freshman that’s saying something. However I think they give it to Foles because they had him last year. Foles is much better than Vick at getting the ball out and making smart decisions. Honestly I would play Foles/Bark and have a package for Dennis Dixon to run the read option for a few plays a game (like Tebow). I would rather have Dixon who knows Kellys system and can make good decisions than a washed up Vick who turns the ball over and gets hurt. Anyways my money is on Foles for now but I wouldn’t be surprised if Barkley is the starter at midseason.

  22. Ummm Vick is not better than Andy dalton lol.

    Also they need 2 qb’s there anyway. It’s a shame they never looked at tebow. But the media circus is probably the reason why. Check back on this story after preseason game 2 lol

  23. All the QBs had a bad day yesterday in camp, no doubt. This was Vicks best day so far though, and still wasn’t good. The first two days Foles was out playing Vick easily.

  24. The Eagles are going to be awful. What benefit is there in playing Vick? Let Foles and Barkley battle it out. If neither shows much this year, draft a QB in the first next year.

  25. isithockeyseasonyet says: Jul 28, 2013 11:52 PM

    I’d just like to see Vick in this offense, he could succeed or he could fail but I think it would be exciting to see Vick in this offense


    most likely uptempo and very quick, but that’s just a guess. no one has a clue about the offense except Chip~!

  26. Those who are saying Chip as already picked a QB and is not naming him because he doesn’t want teams (meaning the Redskins) to prepare are wrong. What slim advantage may be gained by not naming the the QB and leaving teams (obviously just the Redskins since everyone would know after that) in the dark is clearly outweighed by the starter loosing reps with the starters in practise.

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