Wallace’s lawyer won’t say whether Hernandez is paying the bill


Lost (almost) in the full-blown return of football (practice) has been the Aaron Hernandez case.

On Friday, an alleged accessory after the fact to the murder of Odin Lloyd was back in court.  According to the Boston Globe, prosecutors described Ernest Wallace as the “right-hand man” of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

Assistant District Attorney William McCauley also said that Hernandez supported Wallace financially before the murder, and that Hernandez continues to support Wallace since both have been arrested.

David Meier, who represents Wallace, declined comment as to whether Hernandez is paying Wallace’s legal bills.

Wallace’s bail also was set at $500,000, which unless Hernandez is willing to write a really big check likely means that Wallace will remain in jail.

Still, the disparity between Wallace, who is charged after the fact and yet able to leave jail if $500,000 bail is posted, and Carlos Ortiz, who faces only weapons charges but who continues to be held without bail, bolsters suspicions that Ortiz is being kept in jail for his own protection, and that he’ll be the star witness (warts and all) when it’s time to put Hernandez on trial for the killing of Odin Lloyd.

And possibly for the killing of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu.

6 responses to “Wallace’s lawyer won’t say whether Hernandez is paying the bill

  1. It’s crazy how people in the military can have to kill bad guys who are trying to kill them, and then have a problem dealing with it. But then back home it is happening all the time for what?

  2. This is great. New England has started training camp, and 5 of the last 6 stories has been about Aaron.
    It must suck to be a Pats fan now.
    But on the plus side, you get to avoid that “other circus” called tebow!

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