Brian Urlacher moves into the TV business


In June, former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said that he wasn’t interested in either broadcasting or coaching after retiring as a player this offseason, although there was interest from FOX Sports in bringing Urlacher on board as they launch their new FOX Sports 1 channel.

Their interest has won out over Urlacher’s disinterest. The Big Lead first reported Sunday that Urlacher would be joining the soon-to-launch channel and Urlacher confirmed it with the Chicago Tribune.

Urlacher will be part of the team working on Fox Football Daily, which will also feature Curt Menefee, Jay Glazer and Ronde Barber and others talking about the NFL opposite ESPN’s SportsCenter at 6 p.m. ET. The show launches on August 19.

It’s always interesting to see how recently retired players deal with their old teams once they move into broadcasting and Urlacher will be no exception. The decision to retire was made in large part because the Bears didn’t want to pay Urlacher’s desired price and he said earlier this month that it would bother him if the Bears won the Super Bowl without him in the lineup, so there’s at least a chance that he’d have something entertaining/interesting/combustible to say on that front.

15 responses to “Brian Urlacher moves into the TV business

  1. Did they bother to listen to him speak before hiring him? Amazing linebacker, horrible linguist. Should be another predictably awful Fox program.

  2. Curt Menefee is soooo annoying….

    the fox pre-game show is one of the worst pre-game shows going….

  3. I like that brian speaks the truth, isnt afraid , and does not hold anything back. At best a Charles Barkley type, at worse ……….TIKI.

  4. I am a Bears fan and a long time Urlacher fan, I wasn’t upset that Urlacher didn’t want to play for $2 million (and all indications are that was his best offer… And more than his play warranted)…but Brian and media seems like an odd pair. I don’t care what he said about the Super Bowl, it amounted to “it would be lame if they won the first year without me just like the giants did sans tiki barber.” The guy says what he thinks quite bluntly and without anticipating its reception and, well, that leads to being incoherent. Well, he might keep his job while being incoherent, but he’d be bad at it

  5. I thought he wasn’t interested in TV? Anyways, I hope he gets to cover the Bears NFC Championship win over the Pack this year.

  6. Wow what a surprise, did not see this coming. maybe he can be paired up with Ray Ray.

  7. When will they stop hiring guys who can’t actually speak intelligently?

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