Chargers considering a future Hard Knocks appearance


The 2013 season of Hard Knocks with the Bengals hasn’t premiered yet, but there’s already talk about which team will be following them on the air with HBO in 2014.

Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego reports that the Chargers are knocking around the idea of appearing on the program next season. The decision will likely come down to who wins in a battle of wills between brothers A.G. and John Spanos as they represent the marketing/business and football sides of the building respectively.

“We’ve educated ourselves as to what the process is,” CEO A.G. Spanos said. “We’ve talked to other teams that have done the show and gotten feedback on how it’s helped them. Business-wise, every team has been helped by being on the show.”

“It’s a very entertaining show,” Executive V.P. of football operations John Spanos said. “I enjoy watching it … Now, everything we do is working toward what gives us the best chance to win. My brother and I work in very different ends of the building. [Hard Knocks] merits a discussion, but you can guess what side of the fence I land on.”

Coach Mike McCoy stuck to the middle ground, although Acee points out the many things he’s done to limit the spread of information since becoming head coach and doesn’t think he’d be in favor of the cameras. Safety Eric Weddle and quarterback Philip Rivers would prefer that the team pass on the opportunity, but the marketing side of things could wind up carrying the day for a team that’s looking everywhere they can to boost interest and revenues.