Chudzinski getting Browns, fans fired up


New Browns coach Rob Chudzinski can’t fix all the problems with his team in one offseason.

But the hometown boy who grew up when the Browns weren’t such a mess is doing what he can to get his players and his fans fired up for the effort.

According to Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository, Chudzinski stole the show in practice Sunday, by creating a little drama in the middle of a drill.

During red zone work between his first offense and his first defense, the rookie head coach stopped work, walked to the sideline to face the 4,000 fans in attendance, and waved his arms and yelled: “Fourth down! Game on the line!”

It got the desired response from the fans, who reacted loudly when quarterback Brandon Weeden hit Josh Gordon for a touchdown.

That enthusiasm is also bleeding into his players, with free agent pickup Paul Kruger (who played for the Ravens last year) declaring that his new team was on par with his old one.

“I think [on defense], we’re right there with them,” Kruger said, before adding for the incredulous: “Honestly.”

For the Browns to get better, it’s going to take more than talk. But giving people something to believe in is a solid first step.

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  1. As a Browns fan, it’s refreshing to see a coach with some fire. Crennel, Mangini and Shurmer showed little emotion on the sideline. I’m not saying that Chud is the next Paul Brown, but I think he has a great opportunity to do well. It’s an exciting time to be a Browns can… minus the whole possible owner fraud thing.

  2. Can’t fault a guy for being positive about his new team or enthusiastic about his new coach. No news flash there. And it would not be surprising to see the Brownies take a step forward this year.

    But the reality is that the Ravens defense last year (that he was part of), and to which he is comparing his new team, wasn’t equal to the typical Ravens defenses, either.

  3. This article is hilarious!!! Yeah brownie fans get excited during a routine practice!!!!! Get PUMPED for another year of Weeden !!!!


    Baltimore Ravens 2x Super Bowl Champions XXXV XLVII

  4. Honestly surprised more coaches don’t do this, I think it’s great. These guys aren’t going to be all that motivated to run the same drills that they always have all summer long. Giving them some extra excitement surely helps keep everyone going.

  5. Baltimore Ravens 2x Super Bowl Champions XXXV XLVII

    Cleveland Browns 4X NFL Champions 1950, 1954, 1955 and 1964.
    Baltimore may have stole the team, but they could not steal the NFL Championships.

  6. I honestly thought it would be mid-season before Chud turned depserado and started the shameless cheerleading approach. Maybe next years Browns.

  7. I love his energy so far, and it is such a stark contrast to the emotionless coaches we have had. I want to see this team do well because I have been a fan of them my whole life. I hope that in spite of the GM he will perform well, and get the team to perform well, too.

  8. coming from a bengals fan good luck to the brownies, this division is real smash mouth football the nfc west can take itself to the closet and continue to jerk each other off.

  9. To all browns haters and trash talkers.
    I really feel for you, really.
    All you do is collect your Welfare Check, and come online and look for a team you can trash talk.
    Please get a life, you sound profoundly stupid to say the least. Maybe go look for a job? Nah!!!
    to much work huh?..I mean DAM..your a Idiot.
    and you don’t have a clue what the hell your talking about, so please stop insulting the browns fans.
    Make no Mistake, the Browns will win the Division this Year…

  10. Watch yourself Kruger. You got your payday but pump the brakes a little bit. I hope he’s talking about last year’s defense ( ranked 17th), because this year’s defense will definitely be better than the Browns barring signicant injuries. I know he’s trying to fire up the fans to get them to do what they do every year this time of year, ( you know, false expectations and high hopes) but I have to remind Kruger(whom I still like as a player) that he had his career high 9 sacks on a contract year. He is not someone who will face double teams so he will probably put up modest numbers but I believe he has already reached his peak. Let’s see how he does without all the great players around him. I hope he does well for his sake because he may wish he were back in bmore by week 10.

  11. Kruger is going to be another in a line of ravens players who made millions because they happened to play with Lewis, Suggs, and ngata. I am willing to bet that Kruger has yet to beat a double team in a game. He is a nice complimentary player but he is nor Suggs or dumervil which is what he was paid to be.. We made out on that deal. Dumervil is only 2 yrs older than Kruger at 29 vs 27, has one more kidney and a whole lot more sacks.

    And finally for finallyalogicalvoice – if you are going to play that game then lets count the 58, 59 nfl championships. Lets count the 1970 SB as well as the two the ravens have won in 16 years and for the heck of it lets count our one grey cup and one useful championship. Those were not stolen. They were grown right here in good ole bmore

  12. Chuck, “your a Idiot” is actually “you’re an idiot.” Statements like this make your bold prediction look even more ridiculous than it already is. 5 and 11, at best.

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