Doug Marrone: Bills don’t need to decide on QB until 10 days before opener


The Bills aren’t in the “sooner rather than later” camp when it comes to naming a starting quarterback.

They aren’t quite in the wait for the last minute group either, however. Coach Doug Marrone talked about the competition between Kevin Kolb and E.J. Manuel on Sunday and said that the two men are splitting reps 50-50 in a battle that doesn’t need to end until after the team has played their third preseason game.

“Again, you like to sit there as a coach and say you’d like that decision to just come up in front of you,” Marrone said, via the team’s website. “Really if you can get 10-12 days prior to that first game, that’s when you’re going to get pressed for time and have to make a decision on a quarterback. That’s when you’re probably going to start preparing 10 days out of the first game.”

If someone runs away with things in practice and preseason games, the Bills can make their decision ahead of that point but there’s probably no great pressure to do so given Marrone’s take on when you need to know the identity of your quarterback. And there are potential benefits to giving Manuel as much time as possible to gain comfort and confidence in the offense if it turns out that is his biggest obstacle to taking the job right from the start.

9 responses to “Doug Marrone: Bills don’t need to decide on QB until 10 days before opener

  1. like it really matters..LOL bills will be fighting with miami all season to stay out of the afc east basement till 10 dats before end of the season..

  2. Change can at time brings success, Doug Marrone is hungry and I know the Buffalo Bills want to become relevant.

    It would work out best in the Bills favor if the hand the reigns to Kevin Kolb for the immediate future and gradually bring E.J. Manuel along.

    This season is one where the Bills have a pass to not challenge for the division, but with that said, they need to prove to the fans that Manuel and Marrone and this current roster is going to create wins down the road.

    I follow the NFC East closely and I see how the Washington Redskins really had no choice but to start Robert Griffin III and the results were a plus. However, the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants brought Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb along slowly and it turned out very successful.

    It’s not a science, either way could spell a great future or a wasted pick. But, give Manuel and Marrone a long leash and give them the ability to find themselves in the NFL.

  3. I do not claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but don’t the Bills have a third qb who is competing? Or, did they cut him and I missed it?

  4. I like where Marrone is coming from…why rush into anything to fast. I think we could have one of the best QB starter/backups tandems in the NFL. I also think the NFL may be in a big surprise on the Bills play this season…looking forward to a plus side in the W/L column this season. Not saying playoffs just yet.

  5. rnt2000..LMAO..”one of the best QB starter/backup tandems in the NFL”..kevin kolb and EJ Manuel, a rookie who hasnt even taken one game snap??..seriously wat are these fans smoking? or are they just delusional? why even make an idiotic comment like that?

  6. @teejayss Kolb is a decent QB he just had a bad OL in AZ and was always on the run. EJ will be a good QB in the NFL he is one of the most accurate QB’s in the NFL. I can tell your not a Bills fan being so negative. You must me a Patriots fan.

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