Good news (bad news?): Gabbert should be fine despite ankle sprain


The Jaguars lost quarterback Blaine Gabbert on Monday with a sprained ankle.  Jaguars fans likely aren’t quite sure how to feel about that.

Gabbert, a league source tells PFT, has a mild sprain and he’s expected to be fine.  Jaguars fans likely aren’t quite sure how to feel about that.

The third-year player, a top-10 pick in 2011, was carted off as a precaution.  Per multiple reports, Gabbert was walking in the locker room without a boot.

Gabbert and Chad Henne are battling for the quarterback job.

Jaguars fans likely aren’t quite sure how to feel about that.

33 responses to “Good news (bad news?): Gabbert should be fine despite ankle sprain

  1. Please stick with ignoring the Jags, we know you dont like them. Thats how Jaguars fans likely feel about your articles.

  2. I’m not saying that Gabbert is the ‘end all be all’ but wishing an injury on someone is sickening. The unnecessary hate is just like Leftwich 2.0 all over again. If Gabbert could run like Garrard, many of these idiots would like him; Sadly there is definitely a segment of the Jags fanbase who are college-minded, and wishing an injury on someone who isn’t mobile proves it. All of these awful twitter comments makes me embarrassed to be a Jags fan. Just telling it like it is.

  3. Z61,

    He doesnt ignore them. They get plenty of pub. They get the pub they deserve…gabberts horrible

  4. Luckily, David Caldwell is making the decisions and not some pasty pear shaped button punchers stuck in a room all day long. Jags have a QB competition because they have two good quarterbacks. Most teams have no competition because they only have one. Or none.

  5. Florio is mostly right.

    Most people think that there are probably a dozen back up in the league that offer a much better chance of winning than Gabbert does.

  6. Tebow is twice as good as any QB on that roster. Makes it even more laughable that the GM was too intimidated by Tebow to sign him, even though he would have clearly represented an upgrade to the roster. Oh, and it would have also given the Jags fans a reason to care.

  7. Stiller43

    Obviously I and most rational fans know Gabbert sucks. I was more pointing out the fact that the very first Jags article on PFT in 4 days of camp is making fun of an injured player.

  8. Your son plays football, doesn’t he MF?
    If your son sprained his ankle I don’t know how I would feel about that.

    See how awful that is?

  9. There are Great QB’s, Good QB’s, Serviceable QB’s, Back-Up QB’s and then there is Gabbert….

    Can someone on the Jaguars staff please figure this out now and save the fans the misery of watching him play another agonizing season??

  10. I’m not saying he’s Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, but there was absolutely no worse RT in football than Guy Whimper and he was running for his life every snap since he has been in the league. Joeckel fixes that and allows the TE to actually go out on passing routes from time to time. There’s no way the team doesn’t draft a QB in the first round next year, but let’s not bury his chances of being a viable starter this year just yet. This receiving corps could be the most complete group since the Smith/McCardell years. Blaine shouldn’t need to force it like he has in the past.

  11. seans17 says: Jul 29, 2013 5:51 PM

    This is Yo gabba gabbas last chance.

    @ seans17

    Hey man my little girl loved watching that show with me and you just ruined it for me since I will be thinking of how awful Gabbert and the Jacksonville kittens are, every time I see the show

  12. Zoxitic,

    Well, children as athletes are a little different than professional athletes.

    Either way, FANS of the team can recognize when a player possibly not playing for them might make them better.

    If you think fans went “OH thank god he’ll play this season!”…i think youre wrong.

    He didnt wish injury on anybody

  13. To those who were actually “at” practice: Did you guys watch CS3 & Ace Sanders tear up practice?? I think we’re in for a treat 2013. Book it!

  14. Henne has all the passing records at Michigan. Not Brady, or Harbaugh, or any of the other guys to play the position over the past hundred years or so. He is 27 years old and a four year starter in the league.

    Gabbert was in a mix with all the QBs drafted first overall in the past five years or whatever for passer rating and completion % at the time of his injury. Luck, Newton, Bradford, Stafford. There wasn’t much seperating that group at the end of the year, and Blaine didn’t have the advantage of the easy half of the Jags schedule and the benefit of playing with a team that finally mastered a new, complex, offensive scheme.

    They’ll be fine, and a team needs two capable starters these days. Every other position gets spelled off from time to time.

  15. Hey Mike, could you repeat that again? I didn’t quite comprehend what you said the first three times you said it.

  16. I don’t think it reflects well on us as football fans that people were hoping he was actually injured. That’s bad juju Mikey. I know I don’t give you a lot of credit, but I thought you were better than that.

  17. Alright jag fans…I know it sucks taking critism (and a lot of it) but we have to stop being so sensitive…it makes us look weak.

    This is beyond criticism. Wanna criticize his play? Fine. Most everyone else does. Wanna criticize the talent on the team? Go ahead. Wanna make fun of us fans and talk about how terrible it is Jacksonville has a football team since they tarp seats? Be my guest even though it shows how stupid you are since they averaged over 60K a game last year. But to make remarks like that about a player being injured? Over the line. I don’t want Gabbert as our QB. But let that happen with competition on the field, not an injury. And to present a story this way is classless.

  18. As a dolphin fan I can say from experience Henne is horrible. If Gabbert has to beat him out to be the starter it doesn’t say much for him either. Hate that he got hurt and it sounds minor, which is good. But in reality it doesn’t matter which one starts. They are both horrible.

  19. In response to the comment from “Thegreatgabbert ” about Henne’s record at Michigan. It doesn’t matter. He stinks in the NFL! I watched too many do or die 4th and 10+ yards to go where he dumped it off to the receiver coming out of the back field. The results? Turn over on downs. He was a wasted draft choice by an inept dolphin staff who have made our fans suffer forever. No it’s your turn!

  20. Gabbert is going into his 3rd season…he’s on his 3rd QB coach, 3rd OC, & 4th HC…and was thrown into the fire by Del Rio during his rookie season when he was 21 years old, even though he was supposed to sit the 1st year. The kid hasn’t gotten a chance or a fair shake yet. And the Jags weren’t the only team to think he was top 10 material – everybody did. He doesn’t even turn 24 until this coming October. Last season, he stood tall in the pocket & delivered some nice passes even though he got drilled for doing it. Some Jag fans may question his ability, but I don’t know any who question his toughness anymore. I think the kid can play. Just needs some receiver help & solid o-line play…which he’ll get this year.

  21. justintuckrule
    Jul 29, 2013, 5:56 PM EDT
    I think we should “contract” the state of New Jersey and put the rest of the country out of its misery.

  22. We only have to endure 1 more terrible season of Gabbert’s sucking then we can finally be rid of Toilet Stain Blaine when an actual male QB is drafted next year.

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