Hopkins is getting “the look” from Andre Johnson


At one point in the weeks preceding the draft, receiver DeAndre Hopkins was the subject of an apparent smear campaign regarding a substance that allegedly was smeared at the Indianapolis hotel room he shared with receiver Mark Harrison for the Scouting Combine.

Hopkins still went in round one, landing with a team that already has one of the best receivers in the league.  And the rookie explained that Andre Johnson has been mentoring Hopkins not with words but with a certain facial expression.

“He really doesn’t say too much to me, but he gives me that look sometimes when I do something wrong,” Hopkins told reporters on Monday.  “I kind of know I didn’t do my assignment.  He just kind of gives me that look like, ‘You could have did better.’”

(Johnson also may be giving him “the look” right now for saying “did” instead of “done.”)

The Texans have been trying for years to find a capable complement to Johnson.  Now that he’s getting toward the end of his career, Houston has tried via round one to find a guy who will be a strong No. 2 (I didn’t intend that to be a reference to the first paragraph of this blurb, but I’ll take it) for now, and who could be Johnson’s successor, eventually.