Kaepernick says he’s faster after working with Olympians

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Colin Kaepernick is already the owner of the NFL record for most rushing yards in a game for a quarterback, but he believes he’s even faster right now than he was when he torched the Packers for 181 rushing yards in January.

Peter King of TheMMQB.com reports that Kaepernick thinks he has significantly improved his speed while working with a crew of track and field athletes that includes Dwight Phillips, the 2004 Olympic gold medalist in the long jump.

I trained with a few Olympic runners and jumpers,” Kaepernick said. “Just to try to get a little bit faster, a little bit better. Anything I could do to try to get a little bit better and stay ahead of the competition. I think the biggest thing was the form of running and how to be more efficient when I run. I feel like that has helped me to this point, and it’s something I’m trying to improve on more and more, but I think those few weeks with them were very valuable.”

Kaepernick says that Olympians are able to spend so much time studying every intricacy of running that they notice things football players wouldn’t consider.

“There are a lot of details to running that I never even thought about,” Kaepernick said. “I just went out and ran. I think I can be faster. I think I can be quicker.”

The question is whether the kind of form running that Olympic sprinters do can translate to faster running on the football field. Running fast in a straight line while wearing shorts isn’t the same thing as running fast in football pads, while carrying a ball and dodging tacklers. But if Kaepernick’s speed has improved even slightly, that’s good news for the 49ers, and bad news for the rest of the NFL.

108 responses to “Kaepernick says he’s faster after working with Olympians

  1. Is his speed increasing at the same rate as the size of his head? He needs to learn when to speak and think about what he says before he opens his mouth.

  2. This guy has the physical part covered, with talent to share. He needs to focus on the mental aspects and his poise as a leader to take the next step.

  3. This dude is so over-exposed its getting ridiculous. He’s not the first running QB and he’s not the first player with tattoos. He’s definitely not the first person to come up with what he calls “Kaepernicking,” every bro from every frat in America has done the kissing my muscles move.

  4. Colin is an amazing athlete and competitor and I can’t wait to see what he does with a full offseason. The slow news day media cycle is winding down so now we can focus on football instead of beat writers coming up with fodder for character assassination.

    GO NINERS!!!!

    P.S @ osiris

    Yes I’m sure they are, those are some of the side effects of Adderrall.

  5. He should have been working on being a better quarterback, not a better runner.

  6. osiris33:

    Agreed. Seattle without a doubt fears San Fran more than any other team in the NFL. And now they have more reason to be afraid. Kaep is showing dedication to becoming better, and that’s a dangerous thing for the young and developing mindset of this Game Manager. Keep it up Kaep!

  7. I think if folks want to bag on Kaepernick for being what they think is immature, unprofessional, arrogant and whole host of other terms I think this shows just a small bit that this kid is a true to form competitor and isn’t resting on his talents but building upon them. Say what you want about him but he will be force to be reckoned with and those that really know football (say, IDK, Jim Harbaugh) know what they have in him.

    Whoever gets him in their fantasy leagues won’t regret it. He’s an incredible passer, great runner and has elite football instincts that can’t be taught.

  8. Great! That will come in handy when he’s chasing after Richard Sherman after Kap throws yet another pick…#ShouldHaveWorkedonPassing

  9. What nonsense. Working out a couple times does nothing. Reminds me of being a kid and your dad buys you new shoes then asks you, “are you faster.” “Oh yea dad im real fast now” is always the reply. But it would sure be funny if he began holding the football like a paton.

  10. Kaepernick was also seen wearing Soviet hammer and sickle gear during training. When the Olympians asked him about it, he said “it’s just swag”.

  11. RGIII comes from a track background and already has a sprinter’s stride.

    Didn’t see Kaep get caught from behind last season so I think he’s fast enough but I can appreciate his work ethic.

  12. Kaep will have a target on his back this year. Lots of teams will be looking to turn his season into the same mess as RGIII’s last year… If they can catch him!

  13. Dont worry Seattle fans maybe one day people will take your lame city and loser franchise seriously….Then again probably not….It must suck always beeing the jealous little brother….

  14. This kid has the talent and the drive to be something very special. Not a 49ers fan but I am a fan of athletes that carry themselves well. This kid, and his team, are going places.

  15. I hope he runs every other play, till someone puts his big head and bigger mouth in the dirt.

  16. While you can’t fault the guy for trying to improve, olympic sprinting does not involve carry a ball.

    Protecting the ball while running fast is a different thing that straight out sprinting.

  17. The hate that shows up on these comments never ceases to amaze me. In what universe is working on getting faster ever a bad thing?

  18. Seahawk fans are jealous because Kap’s legs alone are the same height as Russell Wilson, head to toe.

  19. Hey bolts0621, you should try doing some research before you type on forums. Kaep had a int% of 1.3%. Conversely, Russell Wilson had an int% of 2.5%. So technically, Russell Wilson threw interceptions at twice the rate Kaep did. I normally never call out people on this stuff, but your moronic comment could not go unchecked.

  20. This guy is a qb right? I don’t think his speed comes n to affect too much and the reason he benefits n the league is that the Whiners r running a college style offense for him but I hope he does well still I never wish bad upon anyone

  21. suhisbetterthanu says:
    Jul 29, 2013 12:16 PM

    “Why isn’t RG3 doing this too?”
    -Redskins Fans

    Probably because he’s rehabbing his knee and because he’s already a track guy. Know your teams players

  22. If Kap thinks sprint work will help his speed, I’d be inclined to believe him over an armchair commentator. He is a perfectionist and his efforts to improve are self-evident. His top end speed has been calculated from film at 22 mph, more importantly he can reach 18mph in four strides. He has been asked if he’s faster than RGIII, and he edged his reply. You know he wants others to not even have to ask the question.

  23. Give the guy a chance to prove his worth over a 16-game season! Cam Newton, Josh Freeman both showed promise in their first year. Once the gametape was in, their efficiency went WAY down. So lets see how teams adjust to the ol’ Kaps read-option this year.
    Love Jimi.

  24. ctiggs says:
    Jul 29, 2013 12:38 PM
    top 3 QB in football


    Why don’t we wait until he has 5 or 6 years under his belt before making a statement like that.

  25. why is his head so small and nose so big? Anyways Kaepernick is about as dumb as a box of rocks. Surpisingly we haven’t been seen pictures of him arguing with a brick wall yet.

  26. What’s gonna be faster this year? Rex Ryan’s escort out of New York or Kaepernick’s 40 time?

  27. This coming from a BIG patriots fan, Kaep is an absolute beast. I have all types of respect for his physical super-abilities, but, to take that NEXT step, it will be the mental improvement that counts, not the physical, as Kaep has already reached the mountaintop there (w RGIII if healthy). While I believe the sky is the limit for Kaep and the Niners in general, realistically he is no where NEAR a top three qb @ctiggs! Presently, Brady, manning (Peyton), Rodgers, and Bree’s are easily ahead of him, strictly from a QB perspective. However, Kaep’s CEILING may be higher than theirs…..

  28. well after all he did run at 4.52 at the combine….Mingo, a d-lineman at this years combine ran just as fast…so he better get faster.

  29. Patriotslove12, bringing the most unbiased and on point response. I am a niner fan (wearing a Kaep shirt as I type this) and I agree completely with what Patriotlove12 says. Will be a fun year.

  30. norcalmafia says:
    Jul 29, 2013 12:33 PM
    Dont worry Seattle fans maybe one day people will take your lame city and loser franchise seriously….
    I’m a San Franciscan and a 49ers fan who just got back from Seattle last week
    It’s MUCH BETTER than SF
    and, NO bums in the subway stations
    HOW do they DO IT ??

    Vancouver is better too

    Go Niners !!

  31. seahawks4lyfe says: “why is his head so small and nose so big? Anyways Kaepernick is about as dumb as a box of rocks. Surpisingly we haven’t been seen pictures of him arguing with a brick wall yet.”

    Will these bitter, hateful Seahawks fans ever grow up? Signs point to no.

    Russell Wilson’s Wonderlic score: 28

    Colin Kaepernick’s Wonderlic score: 37

    Now, I expect to see “42-13!” in 3, 2, 1…

  32. @seahawks4lyfe

    “Kaepernick is about as dumb as a box of rocks.”

    Ha! 4.0 GPA in college and high school and scored a 37 on the Wonderlick. your midget QB only scored a 28. stop being ignorant.

  33. Kap is a heck of an athelete and exciting to watch but it you notice he runs high which equals bad news in the NFL. He will definitely get his clock cleaned at some point. Don’t wish him or any player ill will but its only a matter of time before these running QB’s are figured out.

  34. Running QB’s are the equivalent of Haley’s comet, flash and burn. Hope Niners can focus on more than his running game. Teams now have film and know what to expect, once he gets hit and beat up on runs, I will be curious to see what happens in a full season. Looking forward to a great year of NFL football!

  35. I don’t know who’s more annoying, Seattle Seahawks fans or 49ers fans? They both need to come out of narnia.

    Fact is, neither of your offenses are why your teams are good, or really have anyone that scares anybody. There’s no AP, Rodgers, Calvin, BMarsh, etc on either of these offenses. (NFC North 9-7 against the NFC West last year, even though with the fail mary it should have been 10-6). If you guys didn’t have the top 2 defenses in the league, it would have been even worse.

    Russell Wilson threw for 3,118 yards. Right behind Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill, and just in front of Jay Cutler and Christian Ponder. Nice work, clearly top tier.

    Sure, Kap only had three INTs, but if you prorate the fumbles he had (9) over a full season to 18, he would have led the league even over Philip Rivers because he carries the ball like Michael Vick. He’s not going to recover 7 of the 9 this year either. Kap = turnover machine this season.

    So quit arguing over which mediocre QB is better. they both will show they aren’t as good as either of your fan bases think.

  36. As a Seahawks fan, Kap has a world of talent, as does the entire 49er team. A trip to the NFC title game, then to the Super Bowl the following year is by no means easy. That takes great players with sound coaching. For all the knucklehead things Kap does to get ripped about in the media, it’s good to see a story about him working to improve. Lets face it, Seattle and SF are both loaded with talent. They are IMO the two best teams in the NFL.

    This time of year for the media is getting old. Nothing but drummed up stories for us to nit pick apart, troll each others boards, and, argue about pointless stuff.

    1. Seaderrall Seahawks = played out
    2. We beat you 42-17 = played out
    3. You’ve never won anything with = played out
    4. SF hasn’t won a title in Lincoln was in office = played out
    5. Bilbo Baggins is the Seattle QB = played out
    6. Kap has tattoos and loves the Dolphins = played out

    Can’t wait for real games to start, and, especially week #2. At least after that, one of our fan bases will have something new and relevant
    to belittle the other about.

    Hope both teams have a great and injury free season, it’s better for the West as a whole!
    Go Hawks

  37. norcalmafia says:
    Jul 29, 2013 12:33 PM

    Dont worry Seattle fans maybe one day people will take your lame city and loser franchise seriously….

    Norcalmafia, I have said this before, you are an embarrassment to all 49er fans when all you do is post crap like this. You are a child obviously. Go play your video games. For those of us who love the 49ers, as I have for over 40 years now, don’t need your idiocy. It makes us look bad. Even on an article to support your QB, you choose to attack a rival team, city, fan base. Go outside and play and leave the grown up talk to the adults.

  38. @pillowporkers

    I can appreciate anyone’s skepticism regarding Kaepernick but Niner fans have been watching a little more closely than you have. We’ll just have to wait until he puts a full season in before the rest of the league’s fans get the message on Kap.

    But, please keep in mind that the Niner defense pretty much collapsed at the end of last season. The reason they got to the Super Bowl was not the defense and the reason they lost the Super Bowl was that they gave up 34 points. No team has ever won a Super Bowl giving up that many. The difference was that the Niner offense averaged well over 30 points throughout the playoffs and it had a lot to do with Kaepernick. Other fans are going to learn this year what most Niner fans already have figured out: he’s not really a “running quarterback.” At heart, he’s a pocket passer with a huge gun, great field vision and tremendous accuracy. And yes, if you give him an open field, he’s 25 yards down field before you take a breath.

  39. @allday38

    Great post and a great Seahawks fan! And yes, I can’t wait for week 2. I think it’s going to be a real nail biter.

  40. 737driver69 says:


    Do you even know what is a “wonderlick” test. DUM….. DUM……


    yes i know it’s Wonderlic. OS X auto corrected it with a the added “k” for some reason.

  41. Why the criticism for him trying to improve his speed? Clearly that will benefit the team. By all accounts, he has also been putting in a significant amount of work studying film and working with the receivers.

  42. The point is that some Seahawk fans like to pretend Kaepernick is dumb while absentmindedly forgetting that Kap scored much higher than their own QB on the NFL’s only mental aptitude test.

    Here’s a thought: maybe we could just agree that both Wilson and Kaepernick are smart young athletes. Does that work for you, Seahawk fans?

  43. Since he wears Dolphins panties to bed at night, and his loyalty or commonsense or both, is sorely lacking, I have to wonder if he was training with the Russians? He kind of looks like Snowden but with tats. If so, watch out Collie, Putin will steal your Super Bowl ring. Oh wait, you don’t have one. Sorry.

  44. Congratulations, you managed to work on a part of your skill set that does not relate to your position, try leaning how to throw a 5 yard fade route. Last time I check the qbs who win superbowls work on accuracy and timing with their receivers. But hey, you’ll still be in a battle for first place in your division with the rams.

  45. “I trained with a few Instagram and Facebook professionals,” Kaepernick said. “Just to try to get a little bit more narcisstic, a little bit more arrogant. Anything I could do to try to get a little bit more obnoxious and stay ahead of the paparrazi. I think the biggest thing was the selfie camera angle and how to be more self-centered when I pose. I feel like that has helped me to this point, and it’s something I’m trying to improve on more and more, but I think those few weeks with them were very valuable.”

  46. @billb49:

    You sound like a 49er fan with his head screwed on straight. I just was getting annoyed of every single media and fan of these teams already annointing both these guys the 2nd and 3rd coming of christ (and arguing who is the 2nd coming). I totally agree that these guys have talent but this bickering of who’s better needs to end. Also, about the playoffs. No doubt 100% agree Kap stepped up in the playoffs. That being said they played the Packers, Falcons, and Ravens defenses (2 bad, 1 mediocre). None of which are good defenses. Would have been more interesting if they had to play WAS, MN, or SEA (ball control offenses, mediocre to good defenses) in the postseason if Kap would have had the same success.

  47. I’m obviously a Niners fan, but let’s get serious about these two QBs — Kaepernick and Wilson — there are at least 25 other NFL teams that would love to have either one of them. They are the new wave in the league.

  48. Seattle fans are nothing more than punks.

    Didn’t used to be that way.

    I have respect for every NFL team and every team’s fan base.

    Except for Seattle.

    By the time you get to NY you sorry losers will already have had your season buried.

    You won’t sneak up on anybody this year.

  49. I doubt that pans out in pads. BTW Russell Wilson is faster too by adding 5lbs of led muscle. That’s how a real man does Colin

  50. niner13 says:

    Kaepernick and Wilson — they are the new wave in the league.
    As in here one moment, gone the next. It’s a fad, nothing more.

  51. That’s probably the last thing in the world opposing defenses want to hear about Kaepernick. I bet he rushes for 750-1,000 yards this season, depending how often Harbaugh will let him loose.


  52. I’m sure that if nothing else, Olympians could be a good source for juice and masking agents.
    And I’m not saying he is or was on the stuff. Just noting the fact.

  53. I just purchased tickets for the Seahawks vs Niners game in Seattle Week 2. Flying over to watch this one, should be awesome. Loudest stadium in NFL will be crazy.

    Coming from a Bears fan, this game will be must see!

  54. I love this kids drive but he is going to be on the ir by week 8. His physical attributes are great. Vut when your a starting qb in the nfl (for less than 1 season) there are plenty of more important things to improve upon than your running.

  55. exhelodrvr says:
    Jul 29, 2013 3:26 PM
    How does added foot speed not help a QB?

    Because he will think he can run all the time Keep running and the odds are you are going to get injured

  56. What is the most surprising for me is seeing a fellow with an ego the size of Colin’s, matched with apparent immaturity.
    He’s setting himself up to have that smirk knocked off his face by any number of opposing teams this year.
    Maybe that will also knock the smirk off the face of his head coach who thinks he’s also smarter than anyone else.

  57. Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, and Steve Young were all scramblers and lasted a long, long, long time and had great careers.

    Joe Theisman had his leg broken behind the line of scrimmage.

    Most of the people I hear talking smack about Kaepernick are Seattle fans.

    It’s one thing to be a fan, its another to be a punk.

    Kaepernick is not just a dangerous QB, he is even more dangerous than last year.

  58. A lot haters here. He’s become the media darling because he’s not a criminal, he’s exciting to watch and he’s driven to win, nothing wrong with that. Now, let’s talk about Jerry Jones the GM or the Seahawks off field issues, Rex Ryan last days in NY, you see?

  59. Seattle and SF are fantastic cities with great culture, business, and food though. However, Seattle has never been a rival to SF in any way sportswise. Does Seattle fans have some sort of inferiority complex to SF the way Canadians do with the US? The SF Bay Area keeps winning championships in all sorts of sports: football, baseball, basketball (Ok in the 70s), soccer, and college (CAL and Stanford) while Seattle has very very little. UW shared a national championship, but that team was so dirty that it made Urban Meyer blush.

  60. Does he not realise that most superbowl winning QBs were not fast. It’s not what makes a QB great. Sure it’s exciting to see him run and all, but tell me how exciting it is when they are carting off the field with his knee blown out.

  61. Flacco, manning ‘s, Brady, Rothlisberger, dilfer, Johnson, aikman, elway, griese, Bradshaw……do you see the trend? Those guys were blazing speedster huh! Moon, Vick, McNabb, Stewart, kaep……still the the trend? Sb winning qb’s who commanded the pocket, non sb winning qb’s who sure we’re fast and mobile! And by the way, a scrambler like young and option qb’s like kaep and rg3 are two different things.

  62. The guy will be just fine as long as he keeps doing what he is doing. Lots of pressure and he is handling it fine so far. Teams will adjust to his speed as best they can and we will see how it shakes out when it counts in the end.

  63. “Seattle has never been a rival to SF in any way sportswise.”

    They are, now.

  64. granadafan says: Jul 29, 2013 4:29 PM

    Seattle and SF are fantastic cities with great culture, business, and food though. However, Seattle has never been a rival to SF in any way sportswise.
    Who are you kidding? Currently the rivalry between our two teams is epic – 2 of the best teams in the league. And say what you will about all your (decades old) championships, SF wasn’t rival worthy through most of the past decade just as Seattle wasn’t for a few years back.
    Grow up and at least acknowledge the immense talent on BOTH teams. I for one am so looking forward to the season because NFC West is the best.

  65. thankheaven,
    Have you actually watched the 49ers play with Kaepernick at QB? They do not run him very often, he doesn’t look to run as his first option, and when he does run, he will (smartly) go out of bounds or slide rather than take the big hit. (Which is what RGIII needs to do.) Gaining a little speed could make a difference on a handful of plays this season, which could be the difference between a Lombardi and no Lombardi.

    A lot of the commenters seem to think that if he put some effort into increasing his speed, that he isn’t doing anything else to improving his skills, which by all accounts is not the case.

  66. Dont worry Seattle fans maybe one day people will take your lame city and loser franchise seriously….Then again probably not….I

    says the guy from the city where it became cool to wear a rainbow on your car

  67. Because being faster makes all the difference when it’s third and goal and you can’t hit the fade route. And FYI, when a player talks up their own strength/ speed that’s a good indicator that they have juiced up, the bloated belly with a ten pack is also a tell.

  68. He was working out his ego all offseason too, its comparably bigger as well. We’ll see how he fares for 16 games with his play style. My team’s in the AFC so no dog in this race, but I’ll take Russell Wilson on and off the field over Kaepernick every day.

  69. holy……the haters are out in full bloom. dont read the article then. geez.

  70. evanem19: You should try comparing apples to apples. Kaepernick didn’t win the starting job in training camp, the veteran competition beat him out and he only got a chance because A. Smith went down. Wilson 1 Kap 0 Admittedly, once Kaepernick took over he… well he took over, A. Smith was from how many regime’s previous to Harbaugh, not to mention, I think six coordinators in seven years. Before we get back to Wilson here’s a little something, look it up. It could be argued that Kap wasn’t even statistically the best QB to play for the 49ers in 2012. While tied in Att @218 A. Smith had a better completion pct. @70.2 to Kap’s 62.4, Kap had a slight edge in yds 1814 to A. Smith’s 1737. A. Smith had 13 TD’s to Kap’s 10 A. Smith had 5 int’s to Kap’s 3 Their combined rating, helped by Smith’s slight edge, of 101.2 did barely out do Wilson’s 100. 00 but Wilson had 3 more TD’s than they did combined as well. The moral of the story is don’t call somebody out as a moron when you’ve oversimplified a comparison by using one statistic to try and prove your guy to be twice as good. It ain’t gonna fly.

  71. What amazes me most, other than their hate for the 49ers because they want to be relevant, is how delirious Seattle fans are.

    Totally respected that team and fan base when Steve Largent was playing.

    Zero respect now.

  72. haveclassman. Did I miss the memo that now calling someone a punk is considered to be a class move?

  73. Completely unlike me.

    I suppose people with class have to educate punks in order for the world to be right at times.

  74. LOL at people who think Kap sprinting somehow means he’s not working on passing. We’re talking about a guy who had a perfect gpa while excelling in multiple sports, and (on a team full of gym rats) is the first to show up in the morning at the team facility for his workout.

    Kap works obsessively at improving himself at EVERYTHING.

  75. The success of the Niners late last year stems more from their use of the pistol offesne, which of course Kap was the first master of at U Nevada, than from the option as it is used in college.

    If you read about Colin’s background, you find out quickly that he is a quirky guy who fashions himself as an anti-establishment figure and so the Dolphins cap incident was just the kind of thing to incite his own riot. I take it all with a grain of salt. The guy is I think the real deal.

    Anyone who saw the Nevada Boise State game where Kap was off the chart brilliant in their incredible comeback win, knows he can throw the ball and is a passer first.

    I am a 49er fan who loves Wilson. I though he was great at Wisconsin, is bright and articulate and more modest that Kap. I loved how he handled last year. Came in, didn’t boast simply said, “I am going to be the starter,” and went out and proved it. Kudos to Pete C. for allowing the competition to occur. Most coaches would have plugged in the new guy with the big contract.

    I am betting the teams split next year and either one could make the conference championship game as well as win the Super Bowl.

    I am not worried about Colin getting hurt. You cannot compare RG III to Kap in terms of their size and strength. Kap is a very large man.

    As to the character assassination that seems to prevalent here, please people show some respect to two great teams and organizations. They are both built to last, and are well balanced as any team(s) in the NFL.

  76. Boise beat Kaep his Jr year at Reno – His response was to improve his strength and perfect his ball handling. He ran plays so well his Sr year it was hard for cameramen to find the ball carrier LoL. Kaep was a master against Boise his SR year in the pistol with his handoffs and deception and an undeafted Boise lost their National Championship when Kaep defeated them. Watch that game if you get a chance. Every play after he hands off in that game he runs as though he has the ball and the defense is as confused as are the camera men. Now he increased his speed so he can better take the 50 yd crease run when safeties turn and chase deep receivers.

    35 to 45 points per game will happen often in 2013 for SF as a result of Kaep speed and ball handling and his passing remains solid – throwing late into coverage risking interceptions is not Kaepernick. He guts the Defence with Gore and LaMichael or takes a 50 yard crease run himself instead of throwing into coverage when safeties play pass then he will always pass when they play run… keeping an edge on percentages for himself.

  77. If he can differentiate when to lean on his teammates and when to take it to the defense. He will continue to be a defenders worse nightmare for years to come.

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