NFLPA supplement certification program ended in 2011, which puts players at their own risk

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Over the weekend, the NFLPA issued a warning regarding a vitamin B supplement that, as the FDA discovered, contains two steroids.  We mentioned in the corresponding article that the NFL and NFLPA have an approved list of clean supplements.

More accurately, they had an approved list of clean supplements.

While as of Monday afternoon the NFLPA website still contains a live link explaining the certification program, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the program expired in 2011.

As a result, players now take any and all supplements at their own peril.  Although we’re told that the NFLPA has partnered with Aegis Laboratory to develop a smartphone app that scans supplement ingredients to check for banned substances that appear on the label, supplements still may contain banned substances not listed on the label.  If they do, and if the player tests positive, the player is subject to a four-game suspension.

Apart from the difficulty this approach creates for players who want to take supplements containing permitted substances for muscle growth and recovery and other desired characteristics, it gives players who test positive cover to simply say they took a supplement that was spiked.

And all players who test positive because they cheated will say that, since precious few cheaters are committed to honesty.

10 responses to “NFLPA supplement certification program ended in 2011, which puts players at their own risk

  1. The Green Bay Packers might need to get their own defensive players on some “special supplements” or they will give up 200 rushing yards per game like usual

  2. I would think that the NFL has a list of what does and doesn’t fly. Cheating or not, players can easily pull the “I didn’t know” card. Kind of sad for a multi-billion dollar company.

  3. The league should have a list of approved supplements that if the players stick to will never get in trouble.

    The way it is now is very disingenuous by the league and plays a kind of “gotcha!” game with the players that isn’t right.

  4. Well this is absurd. The whole point is the have the program so if one takes the substance and the maker tries to cheat the system it protects the player. A vast majority of suppliment companies would love to slip a little something extra in that makes it seem theirs is better when in fact it’s against the rules. This is a huge failing by the NFLPA. Huge. They should do more to protect their bosses. Yeh their bosses. The ones that pay the dues to keep the union in biz.

  5. The whole concept of a supplement improving athletic (or any other type of) performance is a giant scam anyway.

  6. The nflpa probably knew what they werre doing when the put it out there. They are giving the cheaters an alibi purposely . I mean , they are supposed to have the player’s interests…I wish the dudes that cheat would just admit it when they get popped. I know, I know, fat chance….

  7. At this point Player aren’t stupid. The issue ISN’T whether they know what is a banned substance or NOT – they are ALL given a list.

    The issue is that the supplement industry itself is poorly if at all regulated. There is NO guarantee that what is ON the label of their supplement is ACTUALLY in the bottle or if there is ANYTHING additional laced in there.

    Outside of USANA Health Sciences – NO SUPPLEMENT maker puts their money where there mouth is and has a safety, efficacy guarantee. So when a player gets caught with a banned substance in their blood and they are like, this is what I took I didn’t take ANYTHING else – they are more than likely telling the truth.

    Unfortunately for them, there is NO guarantee from the product that they DID take that may have caused a positive test for a substance. Happens ALL the time and leaves mainly NFL players looking like cheaters and ignorant – and we are all missing the point that the companies that produce this stuff is great at marketing and packaging – but not necessarily effective, safe, bioavailable micro-nutrient supplementation.

    OH and the guy above saying supplements dont work – if you truly understood how much these athletes are expending their body and how violent and rigorous the exertion on their cellular level and the amount of natural oxidation they are incurring on themselves – you think water and gatorade is going to help them recover that cellular damage? LOL! Not likely. Try eating healthy when even our most precious of organic whole fruits and vegetables are more than 50% depleted of the nutrients they once had decades ago…. you have a disaster in health as a whole, so suffice to say these athletes need it EVEN MORE than the average person.

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