Reggie Bush parts ways with adidas


When Reggie Bush entered the NFL in 2006 (yes, it’s been that long), his eight-figure portfolio of off-field marketing deals included adidas.  They pushed the limits of NFL rules, with Bush initially wearing adidas shoes even though adidas had no shoe deal with the league.  (Bush was fined $10,000.)

Shortly thereafter, adidas struck a deal to permit Bush and other players to wear its shoes during NFL games.  And for the first seven years of his career, Bush wore the characteristic three stripes of the adidas line on his feet.

Bush now will be sporting a swoosh.

Per a league source, Bush’s deal with adidas has ended.  He’ll start the new phase of his career wearing Nike shoes and apparel.

We looked into the situation after the folks at spotted Bush wearing Nike shoes at a recent practice.

Bush earned millions in endorsements as one of the most-hyped college players ever to enter the NFL.  Coupled with the money he earned as the second overall pick in the days before the rookie wage scale, Bush likely has more than enough money to carry him through the decades he’ll live after his football career ends.