Rex: Media “making a mountain out of a mole hill” on QB decision


When Jets General Manager John Idzik said he would have a big role in picking the starting quarterback, some members of the media suggested that coach Rex Ryan was having some of his authority taken away from him. But Ryan says that’s not the case.

Ryan told reporters that their questions about the decision suggested that they were making too big an issue of Idzik’s comments.

“I think you guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill to be honest with you because ever since I’ve been here, this is my fifth year here, not one decision has ever been made by one man, not one decision,” Ryan said. “And that’s whether it’s who’s up, who’s active, who’s this player, who’s going to be the starter at this and this, who we draft, [it has] never been like that. It’s always a group effort on what is best for this team.”

Ryan suggested that reporters are looking for an angle that paints Ryan as being at odds with Idzik and owner Woody Johnson.

“You guys are trying to make it a situation that doesn’t exist. I know I have complete support from John, from Woody, from everybody in this organization. If it was taken a certain way, it shouldn’t be,” Ryan said.

Whenever the winner of the Mark Sanchez-Geno Smith competition is picked, Ryan will be the one who tells the players and the media. But Ryan will also ask others on the team for their input.

“I’ll sit down and talk to the quarterbacks and ultimately that’s who’s telling the quarterback. So when the guys come in, they talk to me,” Ryan told reporters. “I tell you guys who the quarterback is.”

And then after Ryan tells the media who the quarterback is, the media can commence with the next round of making a mountain out of a mole hill.

45 responses to “Rex: Media “making a mountain out of a mole hill” on QB decision

  1. Idzik will have an even bigger role in deciding who will be Jets head coach next year – and it won’t be Rex.

  2. Well, there you have it, the explanation for why the Jets are and will continue to be such a failure.

    Uh, news flash Rex — as head coach, the one thing you ARE supposed to be able to do is choose which players will start. If that’s a “group effort” well, then, you’re in a bit of trouble. And if your GM is getting involved in the depth chart, well you’re REALLY all screwed up.

    So now we know. Nobody’s really in charge of the Jets.

  3. Rex Ryan is right – the media shouldn’t make a big deal about the Jets QB situation….whoever they start the Jets are still gonna stink.

  4. I’d leave the decision to choose between the two QBs with the media because 1. I wouldn’t want to have to decide between them both and 2. Rex has no clue what he is doing

  5. The entire league’s business model is based on everyone making mountains out of mole hills

  6. For once, doughnutsaurus Rex is right- it doesn’t matter who starts for the Jets, all of their options will amount to the worst starting QB in the NFL.

    Heck, why not put Fireman Ed out there, he’d be better than Sanchez!

  7. “……. I know I have complete support from John, from Woody, from everybody in this organization……..” Ryan said.

    Well who are the fools here? Another mystery yet to be solved.

  8. At least the Jets problems are football related, same can’t be said about a lot of other “functional” organizations around the NFL, lol….. But whatever, keep picking on the Jets.

  9. “… I’ve been here, this is my fifth year here, not one decision has ever been made by one man, not one decision…”

    So the Jets progressively failing has been a collective effort; passing the buck?

  10. If they were making a mountain out of a bunion then Rex would be very interested.

  11. The media trying to make a story where one doesn’t exist? Say it isn’t so!

    Signed Tim Tebow

  12. I feel Sanchez deserves to lose the job to Geno in the regular season. He was a high draft pick and took the jets to back to back championship games. Most importantly and remaining veterans need to see for themselves one last time, without tebow fiasco what this guy can do so they all have peace of mind when the team goes with Geno.

  13. Rex is such a Bozo. How is he a head coach still? He is a D cord and that is it.

    Anyone else think it is Rex who will be told who the QB is going to be?

  14. i think Sanchez gives them the best chance to win, and thats not an insult to Smith. I dont think Smith is NFL ready like alot of QBs coming out of college. Besides, the Jets dont have alot to support a QB, as their WRs are average at best….not a good way for a rookie to learn…

  15. If they say the GM has input, trust me, it is really the owner making the call. Sometimes they actually override the coaching/scouting staffs to make decisions which they think will be better or drive in more revenue. Some teams more then others have owners the meddle. You can tell which ones are more hands-off. They are usually the winners.

  16. Even if idzik wants to have a big roll in picking up QB. he shouldn’t say these things so openly in press conferences . If media is making making a big deal that means you gave them a obvious but bold statement.
    Better thing for the whole organization is to seal the lips and show on the field.

  17. Hey it’s just the most important player on the team, why would that be important to anyone?

  18. Rex Ryan = dead man walking. Maybe Idzik realized any rational man would have benched Sanchez’s sorry behind long before Rex finally pulled the trigger last year. Idzik realizes Ryan is married to Sanchez, to a willingness to destroy the team’s efforts to win.

  19. Oh how I wish some NFL-Journalistic FairyDust could be spread throughout the InterNuts, thus preventing the continuous, torturous spread of this green, slimy disease know as the JETS.

  20. That’s because you give them sensationalized baiting comments during every press conference.

  21. @ampatsisahypocrite,

    Frank, you are behind several months rent for the space in your head that I own.

    Its going to also be a long season for your Steelers 6 -10 !

  22. “That’s because you give them sensationalized baiting comments during every press conference.”


  23. Is he actually surprised that the media would make a mountain out of a mole hill?

  24. Geno Smith is too dumb to be an NFL QB. They’ll start Sanchez, it will be a disaster, then Smith will go in. Rex is gone, Jets pick in the top 3 next year.

  25. So your telling us last years decision to start AND keep Sanchez playing was not your decision by itself? It was a group effort? Yet only the GM position turned over? Looks like they kept too many losers on staff. And I thought you were the only loser they kept.

  26. I for one hope it is THE SANCHISE…. It would be great to get more tape for football follies. Especially with the headband on!!

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