Titans, Warmack waiting for someone to blink


The two top-10 draft picks who have agreed to terms in the past 24 hours ultimately caved on the issue of offsets.  And so, with only one unsigned draft pick remaining, the question becomes whether the Titans or Chance Warmack will blink.

Warmack hasn’t blinked yet, and through Monday his holdout will reach five days.  As one league source explained it, Warmack isn’t likely to budge because his agents, Eugene Parker and Roosevelt Barnes of Maximum Sports, have a reputation for not budging.

Helping Warmack’s cause is the sense of desperation permeating the organization.  Another bad year could get everyone fired by an owner who periodically likes to fire off double-barreled middle fingers.  So if Warmack ends up being so bad that he’ll be cut within the next four years, chances are that none of the people involved in drafting or coaching him will still have jobs.

So if the Titans want Warmack in camp, they need to cave on a term that in the grand scheme of things is meaningless, especially for a coaching staff and front office that need to win now.

6 responses to “Titans, Warmack waiting for someone to blink

  1. Mr. Florio, you may be coming at this from the wrong angle. In addition to being threatening to his coaching staff, this owner, one K.S. “Bud” Adams, is just as notorious about firing off double-barreled salutes to his star players during negotations–such as Randall Godfrey, Derrick Mason, or the time he personally ordered his MVP to be locked out of the building. If the old man comes to think Warmack is being petulent, make no mistake, the Titans will not be the first ones to “blink.”

  2. The Cards got their offset language on Cooper, so unless the Titans are holding firm on not giving him something else, this seems to be about Warmack’s agents. Not like they can say the Titans are being unreasonable for asking for something other rookies are agreeing to in their deals.

  3. Titans shouldnt blink. They hold all the cards.

    If warmacks that concerned about getting cut for poor play that soon, maybe he should get into camp and start practicing ASAP

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