Adrian Peterson calls “BS” on leg pad complaints


Plenty of NFL players are griping about the looming requirement that they wear leg pads in 2013.  The reigning league MVP doesn’t want to hear that leg pads reduce player speed.

I’ll call BS on that,” Peterson told Mike Garafolo of  “It’s like, ‘You’re a National Football League player.  If a pad that doesn’t weigh but a couple of ounces slows you down, you don’t need to be playing in this league.’  Like, come on now.  Seriously.”

So what’s the real reason for the resistance?

“Guys like to be pretty, not wear the thigh pads and knee pads, but it protects you,” Peterson said.  “There have been plenty of times I got hit in my knee and when I had my pants pulled up too high and that pad wasn’t there to protect it.  It didn’t feel good.  So I make sure I keep my pads pulled down and covering my knee just to be able to protect my body.”

So Peterson has no issue with the mandate, and he believes no one else should either.

Meanwhile, Peterson recently had no issue with a request that he attach a camera to his helmet.  The final product is worth a look.

68 responses to “Adrian Peterson calls “BS” on leg pad complaints

  1. The more I learn about Adrian Peterson, the more I like the guy. He is an asset to the NFL. Makes you want to root for the Vikings.

  2. He’s right, this league is full of prima donna’s who want to look cute. He’s certainly not one of them.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a man’s man sounds and looks like.

    -Titans Fan

  4. Very seldom do I agree with a vike but AD is right on. The league, owners and fans shouldn’t be denied because of a preventable injury the performance of the league’s stars simply because the players are image conscious.

  5. One thing everyone seems to overlook in this knee and thigh pads arguement is the possible reduction in concussions. There are many concussions caused every year by a knee to the side of the helmet. Added padding between knee and helmet, whether in the helmet or on the knee will help by cushioning impact. If you have to get hit in the head by a tree trunk, its going to help your head if the tree trunk is covered in high density foam padding.

  6. If he can come within 9 years wearing his pads you can too! Well probably not, cause you’re not AD, but at least you won’t be so sore when he runs through you.

  7. Take off your rival blinders Pack fans, if this were Lacy or Franklin saying this you’d be tripping over each other to agree with them and call the rest of the backs in the league pansies and “this is how the greatest franchise in the league raises players, blah blah blah”.

    Respect football greatness when you see it, this man is every bit of it.

  8. Knee pads are probably a good idea, especially for big backs like him, but thigh pads are dumb.

    You might get a helmet to the knee when being tackled but no defender will go helmet to the thigh.

  9. How can a guy so reasonable about somethings adamantly stand by his statement that the owners treat them like slaves??? …and not in a hyperbolic way, he actually compared himself and his multi-million dollar paycheck to a modern day slave.

  10. Hey tokyosandblaster…… Your an idiot. Talk to me about the last time he failed a drug test……. you can make assumptions but I think we both know what happens when you do.

  11. Glad somebody said it. They are pads, not a weighted suit. Pretty sure the nfl will spring for lightweight pads. they may feel more restrictive, but if they actually slow you down, you might be slow to begin with.

  12. Look, we all give our division/conference rivals a ribbing at times but making a negative comment over this short piece on AP (or Ponder for that matter) is just absurd

  13. Only the usual lame-brain cheeser fans will find a way to criticize those AP quotes. And the reason he’s being quoted so much is the national media keeps asking him questions (largely because he’s the reigning MVP) which he’s gracious enough to answer honestly. We should just be happy he’s not tweeting about his love for Ryan Braun.

  14. This is when the players in the NFL make me sick. The jerks trip over themselves joining this concussion lawsuit for no reason other than a free payday, “because the league didn’t protect me”,

    AND THEN, when the league tries to take measures to protect them, they cry. Come to think of it, they’re never not crying. Hypocrites.

  15. packer backers back at it commenting negatively on Vikings feeds. Reality is there is no media in gb because no one cares. They will be there though, when the NFL start testing for HGH. Watch out longhair!

  16. How can you not like this dude! He’s the epitome of the throwback player. First his take on HGH testing and now this. This is the type player that should populate the NFL…and this is coming from a Cowboys fan.

  17. AP telling it like it is. Nothing but respect for the man, even if I am a Packer fan.

  18. Every time this guy opens his mouth I like him less. He needs to shut his gob and amuse me on the field. That’s his only job.

  19. The Vikes are not my #1 favorite team but how can you not like a player like Peterson. The NFL needs more players like him that let their desire to be great be their “PED”.

  20. I’d let people play without the pads if they wanted to, this is America, if they want to take a risky job and make it even riskier, that is their right.

    However, I would make them sign a waiver absolving the team and the NFL from any legal responsibility for any injury that may have been prevented from wearing the pads

  21. I don’t know if a running back should speak for all positions when it comes to leg pads. Peterson’s running style in a game is much different then that of a defensive back or a linebacker. At what point in a game does Peterson ever have to back pedal 10 yards and open his hips 180 degrees?

    The ounces and restriction (even if perceived) could mean a world of difference to a LB trying to catch a much faster RB like Peterson off-tackle while shedding a blocker, or a DB trying to cover a good route runner with 4.4 speed.

  22. soundsofsuccess7 says: Jul 30, 2013 10:42 AM

    Knee pads are probably a good idea, especially for big backs like him, but thigh pads are dumb.

    You might get a helmet to the knee when being tackled but no defender will go helmet to the thigh.


    Have you even ever watched football? A textbook tackle takes place above the knees and below the chest. Just because the soft DB’s in today’s game like to dive and take guys legs out, does not mean that is how it’s supposed to be done

  23. Do players run a faster 40 time without pads? Of course they run faster with fewer pads. AP is either disingenuous or not very smart to think that added pads won’t slightly slow players. On the other hand, if the end result of this rule is that fewer players are sent to the injured reserve list the pads rule will be a worthy trade-off.

  24. He wears soccer shin guards, too. Armored for full combat. Every NFL great has a cool quirk like this. AP is going down as one of the greatest ever.

  25. @rmc1995….. you’re wrong sir. If everybody is wearing the same pads then it all evens out in the wash.

    @somekat…. while this is indeed America your workplace can enforce a dress code or personal protective equipment. You most certainly cannot “do what I want!”. Playing NFL football is not a right, it is a privilege.

  26. They should let guys wear whatever padding they want, but sign a clause saying they will not be paid if an unpadded area is hurt. I guess we would probably see running backs like the Michelin man and some wide receivers without helmets.

  27. humb0lt says:
    Jul 30, 2013 10:32 AM
    The more I learn about Adrian Peterson, the more I like the guy. He is an asset to the NFL. Makes you want to root for the Vikings.

    You mean because he’s the entire MIN offense?

  28. From a Packer fan, between this, his recovering from injury, and the Preseason Helmet Cam, AP is now my favorite player.

  29. I don’t get the whole “slowing me down” argument. If a WR is slowed by a tenth of a second due to padding, so will the CB or LB chasing him, so the playing field will be just as it was. Who really cares if your 40 time then goes from 4.4 to 4.45, so will the other guys’, and no one else will ever actually notice.

  30. He’s right. And on top of all of that, the way they make those pads now far surpasses how they used to. Now you wear one whole girdle type thing with knee, thigh, and hip pads all together. Couldn’t have made it any more comfortable. All these players need to stop whining about leg pads.

  31. Good Running Backs are supposed to run behind their pads, Great Running backs call BS….That’s Purple Jesus he’s the best since Barry Saunders and that’s coming from a Redskin Fan.


  32. @49erstim,
    AP has been wearing pads because of protection, which makes sense for a running back. Very rarely are DBs taking helmets to the knee. AP is wearing pads for an advantage just like a DB is not wearing pads for an advantage. Of course AP doesn’t see a problem with wearing pads…he already does! I suspect most running backs do, unless they are stupid. But that is to their advantage.

    If a DB thinks he’s better at coverage without leg pads, why call BS, unless you play that position.

  33. golforepar,
    read the article. All Day is not making excuses. He advocating that pads are helpful for protection. If anything, he’ll get 2500 yards with pads.
    So, shut your yapper.

  34. @ soundsofsuccess7

    One of the worst hits I ever took as a running back was a helmet to the thigh. You can’t be serious when you say “no defender would ever go helmet to thigh.” You must be one of those elite Hall of Fame stat geek armchair quarterbacks that never played a snap in his life. Lemme know how that goes.

  35. mikeci6522 says:
    Jul 30, 2013 12:46 PM
    He’ll accept anyone or anything for an orange peanut
    Or a double sided Scooby snack. lol.

  36. For a guy as talented as he is, he sure hypes himself up quite a bit to the media.

  37. Nice little blurb from training camp but Im impressed with the love from other teams that AP gets. Its a sign of true greatness that transcends any one team and shows that most fans are fans of the game and not just a regional set of colors. I hate the Saints but have huge respect for Drew Brees. Of course im ignoring the trolls and you should too, don’t even thumbs down them. DONT FEED THE TROLLS

  38. soundsofsuccess7 says: Jul 30, 2013 10:42 AM

    Knee pads are probably a good idea, especially for big backs like him, but thigh pads are dumb.

    You might get a helmet to the knee when being tackled but no defender will go helmet to the thigh.


    I am trying to figure out how the above can be considered anything but insipid, and failing.

    What version of FB do you watch where every tackle is form perfect and executed according to the tacklers intention? The way AP goes over and through defenders it is easy to see a helmet grazing everything from the waist down to the toes.

  39. Commenter above somewhere suggests knee pads will reduce concussions. Knee pads are a good idea – particularly for your mom – but it’s questionable if they would help that much. Dissipating energy might help but getting hit by a 300 pound tree truck or a 300 pound sack of marshmallows will both deliver the rotational force that makes the brain slosh around in the skull. This is regression analysis. Where one factor X might do something positive but the Y factor is still the determinate.

  40. Nice picture. It was good of Adrian Peterson to let Maurice Jones Drew borrow his helmet.

    __________________________________OMG!!! That is the funniest thing I have seen all day!! Good one!!

  41. humb0lt says:Jul 30, 2013 10:32 AM

    The more I learn about Adrian Peterson, the more I like the guy. He is an asset to the NFL. Makes you want to root for the Vikings.

    You mean there are people who don’t root for the Vikings? I don’t know of any.

  42. Is everyone against this idiots? If all players are wearing knee and thigh pads then they will all be “slowed” down equally…

    Put the damn pads on already. You’ll only be protecting yourself when AP sticks his cleats in your thigh while running over you. He’s looking out for your best interest.

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