Brad Smith apparently takes a pay cut


Brad Smith jumped from the Jets to the Bills by choice in 2011.  Some think that Smith could be jumping out of Buffalo in 2013, but not by choice.

Smith apparently has enhanced his chances of sticking around, by taking a pay cut.  The Associated Press reports that Smith has a new deal that “provides the Bills with additional salary-cap space and also better reflects Smith’s production over his first two seasons” with the team.

Yep, he took a pay cut.

“Yeah, I’m not really discussing that,” Smith said of his new deal.  “It’s kind of personal between myself and the team. I’m just glad to be here in camp working.”

Yep, he took a pay cut.  And it sounds like he knows he would have been cut if he hadn’t agreed to take less.

Smith is focusing exclusively on the receiver position this year, after playing Wildcat quarterback in past seasons with the Bills and Jets.  Pay cut or otherwise, he could still have a hard time making the final roster, as determined by a coaching staff that had nothing to do with bringing him to town.

5 responses to “Brad Smith apparently takes a pay cut

  1. Don’t know why Buffalo ever signed him. Has had zero productivity. Buffalo gave him a lot of money though. No vrainer to leave the Jets though he may have had more of an impact with them.

    Buffalo is making a lot of cap space. Could they be caving in to Byrd?

    If they didn’t sign Mario to big money they could have Levitre and Byrd signed.

    I like Whaley. Came a year too late.

  2. 7 years and he’s averaged a total of 274 yards of offense and roughly 1 TD a year.

    He has 59 total passing yards for an average of 8 yards a year.

    His best asset? Kick returns. About 171 yards a year and .5 TD’s.

    I’d argue that taking 2 million off the top is lucky for him. A player of his production should be a the league minimum.

  3. The Bills are $20 million + under the cap before this move. I guess it’s the only way a team that averages 5 wins a year will make money. And no, it’s not to help with Byrd’s contract – he can only sign the 1 year franchise tag until the end of the season….

  4. Even if the Bills had cut Smith and never signed Williams, the odds of them keeping Levitre were slim. Remember, the Titans are paying Andy close to 13 million this season, something the Bills were never gonna do. They let him go get his money.

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