Bradshaw has no issues with leg pads, either


Last week, NFL players were speaking out in favor of HGH testing.  This week, some are speaking out in favor of leg pads.

First, it was Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.  Now, it’s Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw.

“I protect myself,” Bradshaw said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I’m a running back.  I’m taking the load, taking the hits.  I’m falling on the ground.  I want to protect myself and make it a longer career.”

Bradshaw currently isn’t practicing, but the Colts who are will be wearing the leg pads where they practice in pads, since starting in the preseason they’ll have to wear them in games.

“We’re going to be in pads nine times in camp,” coach Chuck Pagano said.   “We’re going to make them do it.  They have to wear them in a game.  They have to get used to thigh pads and knee pads.”

Whatever the reason for the resistance — including the possibility that players simply don’t like to be told what to do — no one will have and advantage or a disadvantage, because they all have to wear them.