Cards DBs planned on Mathieu before he got there


If it seems like Tyrann Mathieu is fitting in well with the Cardinals, it’s hardly an accident.

After all, cornerback Patrick Peterson leads a cast of mentors from his college days, but even the players who didn’t have that link had a hunch he’d end up there, and began planning accordingly before the Cards took him in the third round.

“When he started having problems, we knew Pat reached out and was going to give a helping hand, and we all said, ‘You know, if he ended up on this team, we were definitely going to pitch in,’ ” cornerback Jerraud Powers said, via Darren Urban of the team’s official website.  “It was a perfect spot for him.

“He didn’t need to go to a team where he didn’t know anybody. He didn’t need to go somewhere where he might not get the warm welcome he probably needs. It just felt like the perfect place for him to be was here.”

It’s far from his New Orleans home, which might be a good thing for a guy who was kicked off the team at LSU for failing drug tests. But Peterson took Mathieu under his wing well during a recruiting visit, and kept him there when the trouble hit.

That’s why Mathieu thinks he’s in a “good place,” and will be able to prosper there.

“I think I have found a routine,” Mathieu said. “I’m just staying out of the light, man. Out of sight, out of mind. If I am not playing football I’m pretty much at home or over at Patrick’s house. That routine is working for me. . . .

“Of course I miss my family. But I think this is a pretty good situation for me, given the distance I am from home.”

Now, he can work on the easy part, playing football. The early returns on his transition to safety are positive, and thanks to a strong supporting cast, his chances of succeeding off the field are better too.

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  1. Probably the best place for him regarding a support system. Hope he can put his demons aside….everyone has them.

  2. Everyone hated this pick, but this will work out. He seems to have a good attitude about the situation in AZ. He’s got a new family. Just in time.

  3. There is a lesson here for the NFL and players who are talented “high risk/high gain” young men, and that is in the proper environment, surrounded by good mentors and positive role models, there is light and promise away from one’s negative influences. Patrick Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and the Arizona Cardinals are examples of the kind of brotherhood every rookie should find when being signed by a franchise of the NFL.

  4. I wish him all the luck in the world. If he can take advantage of this new start, avoid old habits, and keep things flying straight, he’ll have shown himself better than most others starting with challenges in their past.

  5. Good deal! Glad to see that it’s looking good so far for him and the Cards! Hopefully they keep it up!

  6. I personally have gone to each of their training camps so far. He honestly is one of the players that just looks focused solely on football. There’s some players that look like they aren’t paying attention but Mathieu looks like he trying to get as many reps as he can. I think he’s gonna have a good career in Arizona.

    Oh and Patrick Peterson has been getting reps at WR a la Deion Sanders . . . . o_O

  7. Kid could be a superstar. I wanted my team to draft him, too (just not too early). Well worth the risk. He may make dumb decisions, but he’s not a bad guy. I hope he does well.

  8. Talented, talented kid. Very tough upbringing, but he has a lot of heart and can flourish in the right situation–which Arizona appears to be. He has great tenacity and ball skills, and will do well at the safety position. As a Bama fan, I wasn’t thrilled to see him on college gameday. But I’m rooting for him to have a good career in the pros.

  9. Nobody “Actually” goes to drug rehab for Pot. It is not chemically addictive and nobody dies from it.

    I really don’t get why anyone cares who smokes the stuff, it doesn’t “Enhance” your on field performance and is 10x safer than alcohol or cigarettes.

    That being said, I’m glad the kid is staying straight and I hope he has a monster career in AZ!

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