Chris Kluwe is using Google Glass at Raiders camp


Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe is giving fans the opportunity to see what it’s like to take part in an NFL training camp after getting his hands on a set of Google Glass.

Kluwe posted four videos from practice at the Raiders training camp home in Napa, Calif. to his YouTube account.

The videos feature Kluwe catching and returning a punt, punting some balls himself and holding for kicker Sebastian Janikowski. He also handed the glasses to Janikowski to try for some field goal attempts.

Some of the videos contain some “not safe for work” language, so viewer discretion is advised. But if you can get around the language, Kluwe actually gives some interesting commentary while chatting with fellow punter Marquette King about punting techniques and the thoughts going through his head during the kicking process.

The St. Louis Rams also experimented with the technology during their offseason workouts.

The videos posted by Kluwe allow a unique opportunity to see inside the helmet of an NFL player and a vantage point fans just don’t have the ability to experience.