Cowboys work out four players after more injuries on the defensive line


The Cowboys signed two defensive linemen last week, but they are already in the market for more.

Defensive end Cameron Sheffield is out for a couple of weeks with a groin injury and defensive tackle Ike Igbinosun is sidelined by an ankle injury, adding to the injury woes on the defensive line that also include the loss of Tyrone Crawford for the season and Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer for shorter periods of time. That led the team to work out three defensive players on Tuesday.

Eric Bakhtiari played five games for the Niners last season and three games for the Titans in 2009 with stops on various other rosters scattered in between and is the best-known of the trio. He was mostly a special teamer in San Francisco and was listed on the roster as a linebacker, but the fact that he’s a healthy body might be enough to overcome a lack of positional fit. Defensive tackle Toby Jackson, who went undrafted in the recent Supplemental Draft, and defensive tackle Bobby Skinner were the other two players working out.

Guard Rokevious Watkins, a 2012 fifth-round pick who was released by the Rams last week after showing up to camp overweight, also worked out for the Cowboys.

15 responses to “Cowboys work out four players after more injuries on the defensive line

  1. What’s going on in Dallas and Philadelphia are they already in mid season shape with injury bug. Winner gets the bottom of the division and they both can’t say they did not have a chance to win at something. LOL and LMAO.

  2. Says the fan of the team who has a running qb who is one misstep away from IR and a pass rusher with a pec ready to pop back off. And don’t get me started on that secondary. I’d say you should hope the division has a down year again (not likely) so your team can possibly limp into the playoffs again. Its more likely the league has figured out how to stop that college offense and your qb will be exposed when he has to beat teams exclusively from the pocket. LOL

  3. @america what ever you call yourself. As far as the secondary goes that’s fixed for the next 15 years. You should worry about yours. The film dose not lie on Turkey day I think 88 caught a pass and out ran 4 DBs that were standing around. As for 98 he will be a BEAST this season along with 91 as well. Number 10 WILL put up another 6or8 TDs on your sorry team. You should worry about your team because I am fine with mine. !!!!!!!! At least my team is NOT the laughing stock of the NFL.!!!!!!!!!,

  4. Redskins are the panthers all over agin…cam(rg3) comes in had a great year…the following year the rest of the nfl figures him out and the panthers once agin suck…

  5. This guy became one of the Niner’s fan favorites because of his dedication. He was the Niners version of Ross Ventrone. It’s too bad he was cut right before the Superbowl due to David Akers shaky leg that necessitated signing Cundiff “just in case” I doubt he is going to wow anyone, but his effort and dedication is unquestioned.

  6. I get it, if you put it in all caps and exclamation points around what you say, it must be true! OUR JOKE FRANCHISE HAS MORE LOMBARDIS/PLAYOFF APPEARANCES( tied for most with the steelers) /PLAYOFF WINS (most) than yours!!!!!!!!!! Your team will not be the REDSKINS when congress has their way!!!!!! If we have you beat in all of those categories and we are a joke, then what is worse than a joke? Because that is what you are!!!!!! Trust me junior, I am not in the least worried about your franchise, which is why I’m not the one trolling your teams stories this evening.

  7. Sorry to say my Giants have lost too much and aged everywhere else. We were weak in the secondary and did nothing to upgrade. Linebackers are so-so, and D-line was upgraded (?) with old Eagles rejects.

    On the offensive side of the ball, Eli’s arm is shot, Hicks can’t stay healthy and Cruz is a one year wonder that we overpayed for. Two running backs that act like the football has cuddies and don’t want to keep hold of it.

    Well, there’s always next year. Hopefully 2014 or even 2015 will be good to us. Have to keep the faith.

    Go Big Blue…

  8. @touchdownnot americasteam. I am so glad that you GET IT. You are really smart for a cowgirls fan how did you come up with that conclusion?. Well keep rooting for one of the laughing stock team in the NFL.!!!!!!

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