DeAngelo Hall in a walking boot after rolling ankle


Veteran cornerback DeAngelo Hall was wearing a walking boot and watching during Tuesday morning’s Redskins walkthrough, after rolling his right ankle yesterday.

According to, Hall had X-rays, but the tests were inconclusive, and Hall is expected to miss the next few days of camp.

Yesterday, Hall said “if it was a game, I would have tried to get back out there, but they told me to just sit down.”

While he’s out, rookie David Amerson is working with the starters.

25 responses to “DeAngelo Hall in a walking boot after rolling ankle

  1. This is a test drill for the regular season. Personally let’s see Amerson play with the starters at the Titans and rest of pre season. It can’t hurt! Get well soon D. Hall!

  2. I want this fool healthy when the Cowboys and Redskins play so there’s no excuses when Dez thoroughly embarrasses him.

  3. ccjcsr says:
    Jul 30, 2013 2:09 PM
    Now there will be an excuse when Dez puts up 200 yds and 2 tds against him.


    He sure didn’t need any excuses last yr when D Hall completely shut Dez down on national TV with the NFC East DIVISION CROWN ON THE LINE!

    You know it burns.

  4. hey calicowboy fan..u mean the way dhall embarrassed dez last game of a matter of fact he got shut down. I understand the hate but shut up

  5. I think it is funny to hear all these Cowbum fans talking trash about my boy D.Hall. Last time i checked D. Hall was picking Tony Romo off and shutting Dez down in week 17 with it all on the line. Big time players play big in big games, i will take my chances with him. He was a big part of the 7 wins in a row last year was shutting people down.#HTTR#ALLDAY

  6. hopefully this guy makes it back by week 1 so the nfc east can honor his nickname “toast”. LMAO.



  7. skinsfan91 says:
    Jul 30, 2013 1:48 PM
    Hall actually isn’t too bad. And would be a starter on a lot of teams’ rosters. But, it’s fashionable to trash the Redskins.


    I didn’t even remember that he played for the Redskins but I know I can’t stand the dude. Believe me, there are plenty people here who could care less where he plays, they just want him to shut up. Deon talked a lot but at least he was the best cover corner.

  8. skinsfan91 says:
    Jul 30, 2013 2:28 PM
    Yeah, like Dez did in week seventeen. #shutdown #wheresdez? #yesimusinghashtags

    You do realize Dez still had about 60 yds receiving in the first half before he went out with injuries for most of the 3rd/4th in that game? (Think he came back for 1-2 more plays in the 2nd half)

    He was about on pace for his Week 12 stats 145yd/2td through the first half anyway, so I don’t get where all this ‘shut him down’ stuff is coming from?

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