Joe Mays looks to remove “sour taste” from his mouth


Abruptly cut by the Broncos and signed by the team with a quarterback he once partially de-eared, linebacker Joe Mays has extra motivation to claim a piece of Peyton Manning’s ear.

“Everything that happened in Denver, it kind of left a sour taste in my mouth,” Mays told FOX 26.  “At the same time I was able to get out and get on a great team like Houston.”

Mays said he chose the Texans over the Redskins, 49ers, Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders.

The veteran defender, who likely will be getting a lot less than the $4 million he was due to earn from the Broncos this year, said that G.M. Rick Smith helped seal the deal.

“He helped a lot,” Mays said of Smith. “He just let me know I’m the type of guy that they’re looking for.  That I’m a guy that can come in and compete.

“I figured it was the best opportunity for me.  This was the best choice for me.”

The only potentially awkward wrinkle comes from the presence of Matt Schaub, the guy on the wrong end of the hit that made him ready for an earring sans needle.

“He said it was water under the bridge,” Mays said of Schaub. “For him to be such a great guy like that, it’s pretty cool.”

Mays is right, but what else was Schaub going to say to the guy who cut off a piece of his ear, Boy Named Sue-style?

8 responses to “Joe Mays looks to remove “sour taste” from his mouth

  1. Watching the Patriots run right down his throat to the tune of 251 yards last year didn’t taste very good either. That’s when he got benched.

    For those that want to see his other good hit, google Joe Mays Tony Moeaki

  2. You want to know about a sour taste in someone’s mouth? Go review Mays’ play against New England last year – and the 3rd and 20-something he surrendered by completely missing his assignment(s). He is a good dude – but was the incredible shrinking man when his role expanded beyond special teams.

  3. If he wanted to get back at the Broncos so bad, why didn’t he choose one of the three teams within the division offering him a job?

  4. Repeatedly attempting to stir up crap regarding a football hit of no relevance = lame.

    I know you have to come up with something, but the Schaub angle has failed on multiple levels from the time it was first penned.

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