Johnny Manziel’s dad worries, “it could come unraveled”


When we in the football media have talked about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel’s reputation for partying, we’ve mostly discussed it in terms of how his enjoyment of night life might affect his football career. But Manziel’s parents have much more significant concerns about their son.

In a revealing profile of the Manziel family for ESPN the Magazine, Wright Thompson quotes Paul Manziel, the father of the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, expressing concern about what might become of his son. Paul Manziel believes Johnny feels so much pressure from all the scrutiny that comes with being a star quarterback that he might snap.

“Yeah, it could come unraveled. And when it does, it’s gonna be bad. Real bad,” Paul Manziel said. “It’s one night away from the phone ringing, and he’s in jail. And you know what he’s gonna say? ‘It’s better than all the pressure I’ve been under. This is better than that.'”

Manziel’s dad also said that his son drinks to deal with stress, and has anger issues that cause concern for the family.

“I don’t know where the anger comes from,” Paul said. “I don’t think he knows. If it comes from his drinking, or if he’s mad at himself for not being a better person when he fails, when he fails God and his mom and me. If it makes him angry that he’s got demons in him. You can only speculate because you can’t go in there.”

Paul Manziel suggested that Texas A&M isn’t providing the kind of guidance that he’d like to see his son receive in college.

“He still needs to see he’s wrong — and how to control his temper. And if I give up on him, who’s gonna take over? The school sure the hell isn’t gonna do it,” he said.

Paul Manziel also strongly suggested that his son will leave Texas A&M to enter the 2014 NFL draft, saying the family is getting tired of NCAA investigations.

“It’s starting to get under our skin,” Paul says. “They’re so selfish.”

In the NFL, Johnny Manziel won’t have to worry about NCAA compliance rules. But he’ll also be expected to conduct himself like a grown man. And his father seems to wonder if Johnny has grown up enough to do that.

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  1. I would say the wheels came off a while ago. Manziel was pulling bogus stunts way before the limelight shined on him, and got winks and nods over it.

    But after his spectacular 2012 performance earned him some big-time hardware and now that the bright lights are on him (i.e.., the microscope) – he’s not coping well at all.

    Some guys handle that kind of spotlight very well. Joe Montana comes to mind, as do others. And others don’t. I don’t think Johnny Football is going to deal with the pressures that are mounting on him as well as Joe Cool did.

    I don’t think this ends well.

  2. Thank God my team is set at QB for the next 15 years with RGIII. Whoever drafts Manziel will be a bigger laughingstock than Chip Spuri–err Kelly’s clown show in Philly. #ManzielisnotanNFLQB

  3. I do not see this helping his draft stock. His father just confessed his son has anger problems n will crack under pressure. Even if he had the skill no team will take a risk with a kid that has an attitude like him

  4. His dad and coaches should step in BEFORE it is to late and get this kid professional help in dealing with stress and anger. The kid needs saving.

  5. Hopefully he gets his head on straight, and soon, because I don’t think a guy like this would react well to falling draft stock.

  6. “Thanks Dad you just dropped me into the second round and cost me 30 mil. in endorsements” I would love to be at that house this Labor Day when the booze starts flowing.

  7. There literally couldn’t be a worse fishbowl college campus on the planet than College Station, TX for this kid. A&M’s lack of managment on this guy is only making matters worse for them and everyone. Very surprised Sumlin doesn’t have a better grip on this kid.

    He needs to focus on a great season then packing his bags for a Pro training facility the day after the season ends.

  8. Once a parent starts hoping someone else can help their son, then it’s already too late.

    Perhaps Mr. Manziel is hoping that someone at Texas A & M can deliver some merciful lessons–like Archie Manning did by sending Johnny’s butt packing when he fail to meet his responsibilities at the QB camp after drinking all night.

  9. What a spoiled diva! Johnny Football feels so much stress that TAMU allows him to take all of his courses via correspondence. It is simply too much pressure for him to have to wake up and walk to classes with a backpack like every other student there. Manziel has taken full advantage of his position as a QB at a major college ,and he and his family take no responsibility for his actions and decisions.

  10. Hasn’t he used up his 9 lives yet? What GM is dumb enough to risk his career on this this guy. He’s gonna CRASH AND BURN!!!

    Meanwhile Geno Smith is called out of shape and this guy is out getting blasted everyday. Double standard …?

  11. Kudos to his dad for stepping up to the plate and calling his son out. Obviously no one knows accept the Manziel’s but its hard to believe he didn’t already have this conversation with his son in private.

    Screw football because it’s doubtful he’ll make it in the NFL. Lil’ Johnny needs to pull his head out of his ass and listen to his dad.

    Just my two cents. No refunds.

  12. Is his father one of those parents who sends his son to school for the teachers to raise him right? Maybe if Johnny entered college with his head on straight and without his sense of entitlement, he might not be having problems right now. And dad just seems to take in stride the fact that his kid is illegally drinking. Why doesn’t he just come right out and say ” yeah, I spoiled him, and the result is what you see now.”

  13. So we give 8th graders a verbal comit so at 5th grade you know the pressure not the passion for the game passion gets you a chance pressure gets you a chance but thats what a senior in high school should have to go through deal with not a elem or middle school child sports pays but back off the kid go to high school now say high not 8th kids know they wont mKe it they wont go to high school but this dad is not a dad take control of your investment in having a son i cant have a son enjoy you could of produce the next great i cabt produce a homeleess

  14. Can’t imagine Johnny Football is going to be very happy with his parents when he gets blindsided by this piece of “journalism”. His dad is clearly an idiot who just cost his son somewhere in the millions because you know NFL teams will take anything negative and blow it out of proportions. I don’t think he’ll be the next Ryan Leaf because I really don’t think he’ll be taken in the top 10. He’ll regress towards the mean this season.

    Also, he’s drinking heavily and getting into fights, I thought that’s what we all did in college? He has to do it under a microscope and that sucks, but he has a Heisman trophy, which doesn’t suck.

  15. Alcohol starts out as a weapon one uses to help face his demons; the fear of failure. But as time goes on alcohol becomes its own demon, fierce and hard to kill as the ones you began with, which probably haven’t gone anywhere in the meantime.

    Good luck Johnny. Just do your best every day and if you fail, or feel you underperformed or let people down, at least you’ll know you gave it your all, which is all any man can do. Peyton Manning is one of the best ever because he wakes up and out works everyone else to minimize his chances of failure, he didn’t just wake up great one morning…

  16. Can’t wait for his EPIC collapse after getting drafted by Eagles next year. Our fans will be just enough to make him snap.

  17. Here is a guy better off being drafted in the 2nd-3rd and sitting. He’ll be overdrafted, overhyped and stands a good chance of failing.

  18. Oh boy. Here we go. Can’t wait to hear the stream of denial, “I was misquoted… What I saying was…”
    Either way, I hope the spoiled brat doesn’t spiral down the drain. Also hope he doesn’t become a member of my favorite NFL team..

  19. and your dad never spoke on your behalf? everything is fine once gamedays are once a week. god forbid a 20 year old matures and stops drinking.

  20. This kid’s dad is a sad excuse for a father. What kind of guy airs this stuff to the media- then blames his son’s inability to handle life on the NCAA. He’s done a great job of making his son a victim. Kid don’t stand a chance

  21. I am so freaking tired of all of these people saying the stress the stress the stress. He plays football and he’s good at it. Take that And run with it. I wish I had that talent to make millions I would not Throw it all away and drink Stop it it’s ridiculous take what you got to go with it or quit. all this stress stress stress crap

  22. Why does Johnny Football continue to pollute my PFT feed? I don’t care that his dad thinks he’s an ass and hides it with this B.S about him having “demons.” Stick to actual NFL players. Not stories about callow college quarterbacks.

  23. The dad sounds like the type of parent that is jealous of the spotlight on his son. His drinking coupled with his “ownership” of the Heisman paints a scary family picture. One of the best things I was told during my divorce is that you marry the family, not the person. Johnny is clearly the product of a dysfunctional family, not only due to his recent actions, but this power play by his dad to define the narrative and to be seen as a godlike hero saving his son.

  24. have to say I agree with his dad about the NCAA, I don’t blame players for leaving school early to get away from the investigations and BS, they can make money on these kids but the kids can’t make a dime.

  25. This kid has no chance in the NFL. Three reasons:
    1.) He’s too small.
    2.) Too much baggage.
    3.) Skip Bayless has a crush on him.
    Keep in my mind that Bayless is someone who worships Tim Tebow but can’t think of one good thing to say about Aaron Rodgers.

  26. Well someone needs to say something to Manziel. Kid did some amazing things his freshman year. But you have to admit that all his success is going to his head.

    He is a young kid with great talent. No doubt. But he has got to mature if he wants any long term future in the NFL.

  27. right about know Kobe’s parents are saying this Dad’s a fool, now he’ll never get to sell 400K woth of of his son’s keepsakes!

    Parents are just as much the problem as the kids these days.

  28. Maybe he can become Aaron Rodgers boy toy. You know, wear a silk robe and cook him big fat sausages…

  29. Kids at A&M are going to be wearing his number on their helmets in memorium in a very few short years if he doesn’t pull it in.
    I get it though.
    He’s Justin Bieber with a helmet.

  30. Being the Heisman winner and one of the few in the NCAA pre-season spotlight AND being a guy clearly preparing more for the NFL than his final years in college— DAD HAS TO KNOW HE JUST SCREWED HIS SON OUT OF SOME MONEY!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?

    I can’t wait for the combine to come around, Johnny is going to have to explain his fathers comments over and over and over and over. Let’s see how much he drinks and what he punches then. Poor kid.

  31. Nice to see such an understanding group of prognosticators. Forgive yourselves though, fans and their expectations probably don’t have any effect whatsoever on a 20 yr old’s Psyche. Whether it’s his maturity or something deeper, mental health issues perhaps, someone has to take this kid, and that’s what his is, a kid, and attempt to impress upon him that all the noise, all the hype, all the accolades amount to spit, if your not sincerely enjoying the majority of what comes with being the first freshman Heisman Trophy winner. It matters not that in his mind he didn’t ask for it, what matters is he comes to grips with the reality of the situation. There are things that he’ll have to develop a thick skin against and there are other matters he should immerse himself in. Easy enough for us to sit back and judge his actions and reactions, nobody else has ever walked in Johnny Manziel’s shoes. What he needs is to find someone of influence he has respect for to teach him that until he understands the difference between the respect one earns from a life well lived and the worshiping adulation he’s mistaken for dignity and honor, the misery of that misunderstanding will increase exponentially, of that you can be sure.

  32. Any of you “johnny football” haters, try putting yourself in his shoes. He’s a 20 yr old college student doing the things that 20 yr old college students do. Only difference is he has no privacy and has cameras all over him reporting on everything. He can’t even wear a Tebow jersey without it getting in the news. And as I recall there was another quarter back with him the night he was allegedly drinking the night of manning camp but no talk on him. I think everyone should lay off of johnny, and let his football family and his mom and dad handle any problems he may have and quit throwing fuel on the fire. “Quit worrying about the splinter in someone else’s eye when you got a plank in yours” who are y’all to judge, you ain’t perfect
    Gig em!!

  33. Is nobody listening to this Great Santini/Daddy Dearest father. He’s saying his son is on the verge of snapping in the same breath that he tells his son that he has failed God and his parents. Nice. Who needs parents like that

  34. Well here’s to hoping that Johnny surrounds himself with the right football people and life advisors/mentors that can help him work through his issues.

    His dad did a good and honorable thing and spoke the truth and addressed real problems in an upfront and caring way. That’s a good thing to help his draft stock. It’s not like his drinking habits wouldn’t have already been common knowledge. His add has offered some positive thoughts on the subject and now it’s his job to help his son find the truly right people to help out his kid into being the best man and QB he can be.

    It’s very clear that he doesn’t have that support right now, and he’s very confused, and nobody has been able to show him a path to peace and further prosperity. That’s what they have to nail down and as soon as possible.

    And if you aren’t the right guy in the NFL to take this challenge on and give this kid what he deserves and needs, then just don’t draft him and ruin his career and your own team if you aren’t able to step up and meet that challenge.

  35. Wow, the dad makes a lame excuse when his son was sent home from Mannings football camp and now he excuses his underage drinking on stress and questions his ability to control his temper then expects the school to fix what was created by the parents of a diva! The makings of another Lindsay Lohan!!,

  36. Dad just made all kinds of excuses. Of course it’s not his fault. He’s Johnny Football! He can do no wrong. Stress? BS.

  37. People yearn for success, and, when it comes, bitch about it.

    Ya can’t win.

    Thousands of kids have gone thru college and on to the pros w/o drama like this.

    Give me a break.

  38. You guys still haven’t figured out how to make links open in another tab, rather than having them navigate us away from your page to another site? That seems like something I would have fixed seven or eight years ago.

    Anyways, this kid is a tool. He’s got some Justin Bieber in him. Even if they get to him and he acts like an adult for the next nine months, he is going to revert back to who he has been his whole life at some point. I’d rather not have him on my team when he does.

  39. I hate how this monkey keeps dominating headlines. He isn’t even a good NFL prospect for god’s sake, he’s always been Tim Tebow 2: Electric Boogaloo, a middling 5th-7th round flier at best.

  40. Wow – quite the ringing endorsement from dear old Dad. If this doesn’t raise a giant red flag, what will?

    NFL teams will bite early, just like Ryan Leaf… but buyer beware.

  41. If, and I mean a serious if, this kid makes it to the NFL, he will be out of the league in 2 years. He makes Marinovich look like Roger Staubach.

  42. Already being painted as a bad draft pick. Guy grows up becoming what a great deal of guys would love to become. Being irresponsible at the
    proper age is all he’s guilty of. As I recall, most of us learned at the same scale as he’s learning. Give him a break.

  43. Stop blaming A&M, the NCAA, UT Frats……blame Johnny Manziel

    The kid is a powder keg who has a temper, immature, refuses to accept responsibility, petulant, and a possible alcoholic. None of which are promising signs for an NFL QB.

    Buyer beware!!

  44. How about this Mr Manziel, instead of being a PR guy for your son, act like a father instead of being his agent. Man, this article is terrible. If you’re so concerned about him, how about adding some guidance to his life instead of blaming everyone else for things you should be a protector for your child by shielding him and getting on his behind when he screws up. Stop with this nonsense

  45. The best thing that could happen to him right now would be to have his draft stock drop, and for his college coach to have the courage to bench him. Otherwise he’s going to crash and burn.

  46. Many people continue to dismiss his latest escapades as that of a typical college student having fun and living his life. His father has confirmed what his harsher critics suspect, he has some alcohol issues.
    If his alcohol drinking is a fire, the life he leads and will potentially lead in the NFL is like throwing gasoline onto that fire. The good thing is that it remains to be seen.
    Has anyone said to him “your draft stock is plunging even if you play well for your school this season.’ I’m waiting for some gal to come out to let us know the bunny is dead.

  47. Even if all this is true, and I don’t doubt it… what a dumb thing for a father to make public.

    Yes, he needs to work to help his son but sharing these thoughts with the world at large isn’t a good way and it certainly won’t help his draft position whenever he declares for the NFL.

    Most people, companies, politicians, everyone try to keep info in-house, away from the prying eyes of the public.

    Airing dirty laundry is generally thought of as a no no.

    His dad is right to care and to take action to help his son, but he needs to keep quiet about it…

  48. Someone should sit him and his father down and have them watch “The Marinovich Project. Then have a soul searching talk about what is best for all.

  49. At the Manning passing academy, Johnny Boy should have been taking lessons from Eli (jokingly known as “VD” at Ole Miss, where I studied and subsequently lived during the same [exciting] era) on how to party under the radar instead of boozing it up and showing up for work late and hungover.

    Almost everybody gets down with the get down in college. Some people know how to do it and not make a scene.

  50. Leaf part 2. Who will be the worst team to draft him?

    1. London Jaguars

    2. Arizona Cardinals

  51. The fact that his own father is telling the media will essentially be “dropping out” of school to enter the nfl might just contribute to the pressure… Which might contribute to his drinking… Which might contribute to him making the wrong decisions long term about his career. I don’t recall Tim tebow or Sam Bradford having this kind of party addiction after they won the heisman…. No they seemed more focus about their future nfl careers and the hard work ethic needed to get there.

  52. If the stress of college QB is too much for lil Johnny he can bet his bipolar arse the NFL won’t want anything to do with him. Hope the Jets draft him.

  53. This is what happens when you are a privileged child who doesn’t have to deal with the ramifications of the issues you cause, because they are covered up to ensure your success. These problems are not new, and why is he not being charged with underage drinking? Hey dad, how about you stop making excuses for your primadonna son, and crank down on the kid!

  54. I have heard from several D1 players that I went to HS with that this guy is a class A PITA. I applaud his father for voicing his concern, but to go to a magazine and say this isn’t the right way to go. He needed to go to Johnny first and tell him his concerns and actively get help. Not go blab to a news magazine. This is the worst thing that could have happened to Johnny. Now the news media has a hold of it and they, like Tebow will do all they can to build this guy up and then tear him down. People are gonna call him out even more, he gets mad, drinks, fights someone or a reporter etc. This isn’t good. I understand college football is a business but Sumlin needs to make Johnny unavailable to the press again and sit him down. This is a kids life were talking about and if it goes like its been going he is gonna be living under a bridge in 10 years.

  55. if he slips past the second round (a big if), i hope the Texans take him. all he is guilty of is being a 20 year old. his father, on the other hand, is the real person that needs some help. how could you sabotage your own child’s future just to get your own name in a magazine? wow.

  56. Is his dad trying to cover his rear so when he does have a melt down he can say “told you so, and he needed help and no one did anything”? Or is he reaching out for help because his son, when or if he turns pro, has already written him off and not giving him a dime?
    This doesn’t look good for Johnny for his future draft pick! Since Aaron Hernandez incident, many teams will not be willing to touch players with major issues. Many have learned what an expensive nightmare Hernandez has been for the Patriots. They lost money (probably a small dent) in the jersey exchange.

  57. aggiewarrior73 says:
    Jul 30, 2013 8:14 PM
    Any of you “johnny football” haters, try putting yourself in his shoes.
    Yup it’s soooo terrible being a starting college QB with the possibility of doing what all of us dreamed of as kids- playing in the NFL. GTHO, no one twisted the kid’s arm you massive homer. If the whiney Manziel can’t stand the heat he should get out of the friggin’ kitchen and leave the cooking for the grown ups. What’s next, complaining about how stressful it is to date the Swedish bikini team?

  58. Wow what an awful dad. I’d never speak to him again. If he has issues to discuss with his son that’s fine but telling the country about it? Rooting for Johnny

  59. Wow! Sounds like the Dad, is a bible thumping nightmare! Poor kid is lashing out @ years of.. ” sinner”, “god, sees everything” blah blah, he is gonna be just fine

  60. Spoken just like a rich father who upholds his son in everything……….R. E. S. P. O. N. S. I. B. I. L. I. T. Y

  61. Good god, give the kid a break. So he likes to party and have fun, that’s pretty rare for someone only in college. If he’s gotta problem, then deal with it now before he becomes a drunk or an angry drunk.

    And, as for pressure? Really? Pressure? I’m so sorry you’re 20 and are a star quarterback and might make millions in the NFL. Oh, boo who. Grow a pair and act like a man Johnny.

  62. Hang a name on him like “Johnny Football” at his age and with his talent and it goes straight to his head, in more ways than one. He’s a “white” version of the “Honey Badger” Tyrann Mathieu from LSU…good luck with this potential outcome!

  63. Wow! No one college player had more pressure than Manti Teo this offseason. Instead of bar hopping, Manti manned up, faced the media, the fans and his future employers and is ready to thrive out in San Diego. Take note “Johnny Heisman.”

  64. Well, his father has certainly let the world know about Johnny Football. He’d better get a grip on himself, before it’s too late. Am I missing something, he’s drinking underage?? Tossed out of the Manning football camp, tossed out of a Frat party, what else is going to happen to him??? He needs rehab now before he ruins his NFL career.

  65. there are a hell of a lot of uptight people in here, wow. he is a kid and he turned into a rock star overnight and there are a whole lot of people ready to jump all over him every time he does something stupid that kids do. He likes to party, so what? I seem to remember doing a little of that in college too and i am guessing a whole bunch of you that are criticizing him did too. Yeah it isn’t the best thing in the world for him in terms of his football career but i am thinking there have been one or two high profile athletes that partied before him that made out okay in the end. When i was his age if i had been famous like him on a college campus i would have been partying my ass off and banging every chick in sight. He had a good season last year but that doesn’t mean he will this year so it could end at any moment. He isn’t violent or smoking crack, he likes to go have a few beers and go out with his friends. He is in college, you are supposed to do that there. i am interested to see what he does on the football field this year, he definitely showed a bunch of potential last year and was fun to watch.

  66. The dad gave him a Benz “because he wanted it” and was afraid he would “do something stupid to get it” if it was not purchased for him.

    Reading that story was like watching a train wreck. Manziel comes off as a spoiled, snotty 8 year old.

    Have a bad feeling JFF is going to come crashing back to earth this season.

  67. he drinks to deal with the stress? forget the NFL, if he’s drinking to excess as a coping mechanism at age 20, he’s liable to be dead or in jail before he “graduates”. this kid clearly needs immediate, serious help.

    and dad is too busy worrying about the mean old NCAA.

  68. The dad comes out looking the worse in this. If I was worried about my son hitting rock bottom, I’d intervene. That is what a parent is supposed to do. Not sure how he can point to the college at this point.

    I think this is why the twenty-something demographic is perceived as being one of the weakest generations in a long time. Complete failure of parenting. This whole situation exemplifies this.

  69. This is why baseball has a farm system. Nobody gets famous playing single A ball in nowhare Indiana and they get surrounded by old veterans and top quality position coaches to keep them inline and develop their tallent for the pro game.
    NCAA football is a joke that uses and enables kids for profit. The football skills and education they get is sub standard.
    With the billions the nfl makes they could set up a farm system with ease. The kids could sign contracts right out of high school. There could even be a trust with provisions for college or a low interest loan program to start a business if football and college aren’t in their plans.

  70. I read the full article. I can empathize with how everyone dissecting & judging his every move would be frustrating. People really should just leave the kid alone. Like I’ve said before, we don’t own athletes. They don’t really owe us anything except for entertainment during their games. They should only be a brief distraction for us and not someone to idolize.

  71. I wouldn’t trust him to be a leader on any NFL team. being a QB in the NFL is about being leader on and off the field. I don’t see him being that guy. His measurables don’t jump out at you, and he looks a bit like a headcase.

  72. jc327 says:
    Jul 30, 2013 8:59 PM
    At the Manning passing academy, Johnny Boy should have been taking lessons from Eli (jokingly known as “VD” at Ole Miss, where I studied and subsequently lived during the same [exciting] era) on how to party under the radar instead of boozing it up and showing up for work late and hungover.

    Almost everybody gets down with the get down in college. Some people know how to do it and not make a scene.

    You hit the nail on the head. Everyone in college parties. Some guys just know how to do it the right way. He obviously does not.

  73. The cops need to step in and bust the bars who are letting him in to drink just because he’s a football player. Plus throw his arse in the cell too to bring him down a few notches. Guys like him grew up entitled and are used to daddy fixing things.

  74. Wow. How is a kid supposed to grow up and learn responsibility when his own dad consistently makes excuses for him?

  75. Maybe he should just give up on football and concentrate on his life. Some people just are not made for the spotlight. His anger issues are what should be worried about the most. Maybe he will find a way to control them. But I doubt he will in his present environments (home and school). I say that because there is nothing more dangerous than an angry drunk.

  76. And everyone wonders why The Oregon Ducks cut this kid and gave Mariota the starting job at QB.
    Little known fact that most people don`t realize.
    They knew how much of a problem child he was going to be and Mariota actually out performed him, not saying that he deserved the Heisman either.
    How he won the Heisman is beyond me, heck Mariota had better numbers.
    Got to be the “lets give it to the SEC guy”
    So he beat Bama, big deal, every team has a bad game now and then.
    Lets face it no freshman should have taken it, not with all the talent in the Nation

  77. I went to the same high school that Johnny Football’s dad did. The family made a fortune in the oil business so they certainly have the funds for a TEAM of psychiatrists to sit Johnny’s ass down and examine his head. (Or maybe they shouldn’t sit his ass down cuz that’s where his head is?). Anyway, there’s a problem with Texas A&M too (yes, I’m an Aggie too) and you’d think they’d have “handlers” to assist only the second Heisman trophy winner in the school’s history and keep him on the straight and narrow and take him aside and counsel him (I know that’s a lot of asides!). He is giving his family, his school, his coaches, John David Crow, and football a bad name.

  78. The saddest part of the story is that when his dad told the ESPN writer that whenever Johnny has anger issues he deals with it by drinking.

    This is a tendency and tendencies are viewed as a norm. When something normal is talked about it is so with ease.

    For someone to find a 20 year old kid to just drink because of an issue when it is technically illegal I have a problem with a parent not dealing with.

    If Peter King says that executives tell him that Johnny football is filled with red flags then we cannot think about a professional football career for him. I am not even sure if he could be Football’s version of Jennifer Capriati.

  79. Ah it all makes sense now! Said in the article that Manziel comes from old oil money that could support 10 generations lavishly. He has never had to really work or worry about anything before this.
    Cry me a river about the pressure coming down on him, try struggling some months to pay the most basic bills and having nobody at all to fall back on, you might not eat anything but ramen for 2 weeks and pray you make it all week on gas just to go to work and back home.
    This douche has never missed anything or been said no to in his life. MAKES ME SICK

  80. Also as a fairly young guy myself who is familiar with party scenes although not a fan, guys like Johnny who “do it up” and are the guys you see at every party are the ones falling apart, I would bet a good chunk of change he is on cocaine in addition to his little drinking problem, with all of that money that drug can be very dangerous. Hope he can get himself help as much as I hate him for being an whiny little rich boy

  81. He won’t be Ryan Leaf because he simply isn’t an NFL class QB. Leaf had everything but the brains for it…This young man has questionable mentality for it and also lacks the size,arm and overall skill set for it….KR or slot receiver….

  82. Johnny Turdball needs his Daddy to put him over his knee again, to make him realize he has an opportunity 99.9% of kids do not ever have. Never ceases to amaze me how people who have everything they could ever want in the palm of their hands, and somehow find a way to throw it all away. Hope he figures it out, at least he has a Dad that cares, many NFL players never knew their Daddy’s.

  83. How about this Mr Manziel, instead of being a PR guy for your son, act like a father instead of being his agent. Man, this article is terrible. If you’re so concerned about him, how about adding some guidance to his life instead of blaming everyone else for things you should be a protector for your child by shielding him and getting on his behind when he screws up. Stop with this nonsense.

    I couldn’t have said it better. Manziel’s father seems to have enabled his kid and picked up his messes for years. What about instructing poor Johnny in growing up and demanding that he act like a man? If he has anxiety issues then treat it. We always blame problems on the child and we should beacuse they make the decisions but what about the nurturing responsibilities and guardianship of a parent.

  84. Based on my experience, John may be suffering from alcoholism, and perhaps some other underlying medical issues. Often, when someone who is so talented and an over-achiever it’s hard to understand that it’s more than his ego and stress causing the drinking and anger.

    He needs medical intervention to determine a diagnosis and treatment program.

    His dad appears to be missing the boat when it comes to caring for his child and taking responsibility for how he has chosen to NOT care for and raise his son. Denial doesn’t solve anything and it’s pretty clear that his problems have been an on-going problem.

    Rather than watching this boy self-destruct, I pray we can get behind this kid and support him in asking for and receiving help.

    Rather than

  85. He’s still in college, and is already in meltdown mode. Any NFL team would be crazy to waste a draft pick on this guy.

    If he actually does manage to get drafted, it’s going to be in late rounds. Johnny Football or not, his current behavior does not bode well for his future.

  86. For everyone beating his father up, let me ask you……do you know his father? How do you know he hasn’t tried and tried and tried? How do you know he didn’t raise him with discipline and morals and at college, Johnny got the lime light and enjoyed it too much? Kids do go bad when they leave home ya know.

    My first thought when reading this was the same as many, about him losing millions in the next draft, but maybe this is his father slapping him in the face to wake up? Manziel needs to grow up and realize HE is the one costing him millions, not his father. Everyone in here that knows more than his father need to grow up as much as Johnny Football does. His path is sad for sure, but he has to man up and be a responsible adult.

    @ the person above saying his team is set at QB for 15, years with RGIII…….phyiscally, he isn’t going to last 10, years. Very wishful thinking that he will make it 15 years, or even 10. He is a great talent, but his game and his torn up knee (twice now), isn’t very conducive to a long career.

  87. omegalh says: Jul 30, 2013 7:28 PM

    I thought it was illegal to drink underage. Did I miss something or am I lame?


    you’re lame.

  88. I had heard that his dad was essentially “kicked out” of Tyler by his family to get rid of him. Apparently something he was involved in was embarrassing the family. The family goes way back in the east Texas area and has been very influential and successful. Apparently Paul didn’t fit that mold and was “asked” to go elsewhere. Might explain some of Johnny’s problems.

  89. This guy should make for an interesting 30 for 30 in ten years or so. He has train wreck written all over him. I wish him luck with making the right decisions from here on out.

  90. It was a great piece on Manziel and very eye opening.

    The piece about the negative press being like a drug habit that he can’t seem to kick is very telling.

    If he enters 2014 draft which it sounds very much like he will, he’s a second rounder at the very best unless he replicates last season and I’m unfortunately feeling more and more like that’s just not in the stars for Aggie fans.

  91. Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy (although McCoy didn’t win the Heisman) all were under the microscope at a young age. Say what you want about any of those guys, but they conducted themselves like men on and off the field and were intent on bettering themselves. Johnny’s problems are Johnny’s fault, and no one else’s. He just needs to grow up.

  92. usernamethatdoesnotalreadyexist says:
    Jul 31, 2013 10:00 AM
    Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy (although McCoy didn’t win the Heisman) all were under the microscope at a young age. Say what you want about any of those guys, but they conducted themselves like men on and off the field and were intent on bettering themselves. Johnny’s problems are Johnny’s fault, and no one else’s. He just needs to grow up.

    I agree but with the exeption of Tebow none of those guys elevated to the folk hero status of “Johnny Football”. Tebow definitely did. Tebow is obviously a different cat and has a pretty solid foundation.

    Manziel obviously doesn’t. And a lot of that is his fault. For one, if he could stay out of the news and just let the news cycle pass, some of the little stuff that keeps making headlines now, would just fade away into the background.

    His dad is obviously enabling him, buying ahim a Mercedes, funding all his high profile events, and pretty much allowing him to live this jet set rock star lifestyle.

    One thing though that article talked about is that he loves his teammates and feels at home with them and in the football setting. I think that once the season starts, he’ll get out of this funk he’s in. I hope so anyway, and not just for A&M’s season, I genuinely want to see this kid right the ship and be as successful as he is fun to watch.

  93. This kid, yes he is stil a child, needs help. Sooner rather than later. Anger and drinking to cope with stress suggest a substance abuse problem. Alcohol is chemical substance. A&M should take this boy directly to an AA meeting or rehab before it gets worse. Daddy Maziel is is all ready” bad , real bad”

  94. The apple usually falls pretty close to the tree. We’ve got a kid seemingly out-of-control, lacking maturity and making poor choices. We’ve got his dad sharing all sorts of personal information with the public totally inappropriately, seemingly clueless to the fact that will likely make the problems worse rather than fix them. When the parents are screwed up, the kids tend to be, too.

  95. “I don’t know where the anger comes from,” Paul said.

    Well.. either genetics or environment. Either way you had a lot to do with it.

    The most telling quote: “…he’s mad at himself for not being a better person when he fails, when he fails God and his mom and me..”

    Dad sounds horrible. Kid might be alright if he gets with someone who knows how to guide him.

  96. Paul Manziel, blames A&M, NCAA and anyone else who will liosten to him for the seemingly failures of HIS young, idiotic and full blown alcoholic son.

  97. Oh, let us all weep for poor Johnny Manzel, the Heisman Trophy Winner who is wilting under the pressure of being a great football player. What is being asked of him that is so outrageous?

    That he drink responsibly?

    That he conduct himself well in public?

    That he answer some stupid media questions (what else is old?)

    After hearing his dad, I can understand why he has problems.

    Advice to angry Johnnie:

    Drink and party in moderation, follow school and public rules, work hard, play football hard, and stop complaining about a life that many people would love to have.

  98. Johnny’s Dad and Titus Young’s Dad should start a support group for parents who want other people to get their kids help.

  99. This kids dad is a drama queen . I bet that is part of the problem . Maybe pops you tell your kid this is just a game and insignificant in the big scheme of things . Then your son can drink for pure entertainment .

  100. dogtrainer7 says:
    Jul 31, 2013 12:46 AM
    Mariota actually out performed him, not saying that he deserved the Heisman either.
    How he won the Heisman is beyond me, heck Mariota had better numbers

    That’s laughable….

    Johnny Manziel
    3706 passing yds
    26 passing TDs
    9 INTs
    8.54 yds/attempt
    1410 Rushing yds
    21 TDs
    7.76 ypc
    5116 Total yds
    47 Total TDs

    Marcus Mariota
    2677 Passing yds
    32 TDs
    6 INTS
    7.96 yds/attempt
    752 rushing yds
    5 TDs
    7.09 ypc
    3429 Total yds
    37 Total TDs

    And don’t give me that Mariota only played half of games…. Manziel was pulled out of more than a few blowouts, and his ypc and ypa #s are both higher and A&M actually ran fewer plays than Oregon. Would LOVE to see them play each other in a bowl game, not quite sure which game that would be…. Maybe Fiesta?

  101. Paul Manziel is wealthy. That’s how Johnny is able to attend events, fly in private jets and do whatever he wants.
    Perhaps Paul Manziel would have been better off talking to Johnny and guiding him instead of spoiling him with everything possible.
    I always thought it was funny how parents think sending their kids off to school is going to reform their behavior.

  102. Johnny football is clearly out of control. He’s old enough to know he’s acting like an idiot, so get some help before it’s too late. The NFL has enough “loosers” it doesn’t need anymore. I am sure the NFL teams are watching this performance, and wondering where he is going to end up. He’d better play well this year, or this whole scene with him is over.

  103. The NCAA selfish? The NCAA? The group that makes millions off of “student-athletes”, the group that only took its name off the EA Sports game that also raked in millions after a few players rightfully sued. The NCAA Selfish?


  104. wow ESPN the Magazine did an article about a White guy who has enjoyed some success– I find that novel and rare— they spent the first decade focusing on Michael Jordan and then Vince Carter–

    interesting Johnny has hit a bump in the road yet the Rolling Stones still make headlines — A Heisman is a horrible thing to waste –ask Vince Young or D Russell the pressure was on them too– lets see if Johnny can rise above before the Twitterfied in America determine how far he will go– I am pulling for him

  105. He’ll be a bust this year, the defenses are coming to get him this year! Everyones getting tired of his attention grabbing ways!

  106. The silver spoon is showing alot of tarnish these days and not even his daddys big oil money can get the shine back.its hard to be humble when you are good at something and this kid isnt.

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