Kelly says Eagles won’t tackle in camp


The Eagles have lost two players for the season in camp already, and they’re trying to fix a bad defense.

While the two problems aren’t necessarily related, new Eagles coach Chip Kelly is trying to solve both at once.

The Eagles aren’t tackling to the ground during practice, and Kelly said they won’t hit until they play an exhibition game.

We have four preseason games for that,” Kelly said, via Geoff Mosher of “They’re hitting pretty good when they get an opportunity.”

Kelly believes that when players start leaving their feet, it’s easier to get caught in traffic and injured.

“When you get guys on the ground, it is not really the two guys that get tackled, it’s what’s chasing it,” he said. “Most of the time it’s not the tackle or the tackler, it’s the rest of the guys coming through.

“You have a lot of big bodies moving. There’s a fine line [in] what we have to get done from a work standpoint. We also know we have to get our guys to the game, too. It’s a dance everybody’s got to dance, but you want to make sure you get enough physicality in practice.”

Players are all for it, as you might imagine.

“It actually could be a better thing because you don’t have guys flying around, leaving their feet to make tackles and have guys rolling up on each other,” safety Nate Allen said. “You’re practicing the fundamentals of tackling — bringing your feet, wrapping up and staying up — instead of bringing guys down and having guys blow out knees and all that stuff.”

The need to beat the tar out of each other in practice is often overstated, and when camp bodies trying to get noticed get too aggressive, it can lead to problems for players the team actually wants to keep.

Kelly’s approach might not have kept wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and linebacker Jason Phillips well — you can’t out-think bad luck — but it could pay dividends for the Eagles in the long run.

40 responses to “Kelly says Eagles won’t tackle in camp

  1. See how long that last when they’re missing tackles left and right. Injuries are apart of football and they’re impossible to avoid.

  2. come on coach really? I guess stopping the run won’t get resolved anytime soon. Jim Johnson (RIP) is up above shaking his head

  3. This is exactly what almost all teams do during summer practice. “Thud” you don’t bring your teammates down. No different from high school college and pros.

  4. Not tackling? Didn’t they try that same strategy during the regular season last year?

  5. Well they never tackled in games under Reid so they might as well not tackle in camp under Kelly.

  6. Most of these guys have played 20yrs. of football camp is all about timing and schemes.

  7. im going to draft the Eagles defense this year……………………….said NO ONE EVER!!!!

  8. I doubt they’re going to tackle in Week 1 either. The Redskins may beat Philly by 21+ points, they can’t settle on a QB and they can’t tackle in practice… Philly should get used to last place in the East!

  9. Boy I sure am glad the Iggles didn’t sign Gus Bradley.

    This Chip Kelly project is going to be a fiasco, Id bet the farm on it. It’s Steve Spurrier 2.0, but I think this time around might even be uglier.

  10. The reason Reid’s teams played so well down the stretch, and current and former players have testified to this, is because of the brutal physical nature of his training camps. Not really liking Kelly’s soft approach.

  11. *opens notepad* I am keeping a list of screen names of people that are clearly not thinking before they type. So anybody that claims the redskins will win in Week 1. I will forever dump on you if that does not happen LOL

  12. Is it just me or is this guy desperate to be different? The media has framed this guy as a visionary, so is he buying into his own hype, feeling that media pressure to be different, or does he genuinely think this is a good idea?

    This also might be the reason Fowles is still is the running for the starting job, if he was just going to roll with his Oregon offense Vick is the obvious choice. Why give the impression that Fowles has a shot? My guess is to assert that he isn’t one dimensional and is capable of adapting to any situation.

    My opinion: Chip Kelly is being different for the sake of being different. I’m not an Eagles fan, but I can’t wait to see this team play.

  13. Love the fact the redskins fans are laughing. How bout RG3 doesn’t need any preseason games to tune up. Can’t wait just another over rated DC team this year. gonna be fun

  14. I just love all these Skins fans on here. Your team was in the cellar every year for over a decade and the eagles were consistent winners during that time. You are all acting like your team recently won 2 Super Bowls. You had one good year. Relax. I remember watching footage of a bar in DC when the Redskins got in. The reaction of the fans was pathetic because of how over the top it was because of the losing culture they had previously.

  15. l like egirl fans so so close but NO cigar.!!!!! 60 plus years of NOTHING once again when was the last SB victory????? When was it.!!!!!!! Empty Trophy Case Team. By the way BURGUNDY AND GOLD 3 SB VICTORIES.

  16. We were soft on defense last two years. Why change now ? Spurrier 2.0. He wants to take the most Eagle money he can on shortest amount of time. Charles you are far out of your depth.

  17. Sorry to say my Giants have lost too much and aged everywhere else. We were weak in the secondary and did nothing to upgrade. Linebackers are so-so, and D-line was upgraded (?) with old Eagles rejects.

    On the offensive side of the ball, Eli’s arm is shot, Hicks can’t stay healthy and Cruz is a one year wonder that we overpayed for. Two running backs that act like the football has cuddies and don’t want to keep hold of it.

    Well, there’s always next year. Hopefully 2014 or even 2015 will be good to us. Have to keep the faith.

    Go Big Blue…

  18. I love how dumb skins fans sound. They had one mediocre season in the last 20 and then they all come out of the woodwork to run their mouths.

  19. More to the point of the post: I’m interested to see how they tackle early in the season. At this point in their careers do they really need to learn how to tackle in training camp or is it more about attitude and desire? Esp with the veteran players. Last year this defense was an embarrassment at tackling and they had full tackling in training camp. They can’t really get any worse so we’ll see.

  20. They barely tackled on the field last year so I guess this is the new fast Oregon system? “Don’t hit anybody boys, we’ll get the ball back faster.”

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