Lawyer launches effort to round up Pilot Flying J customers

The lawyer who wants to take the deposition of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has now launched an effort to thwart the proposed nationwide settlement of the civil fraud claim against Haslam’s billion-dollar truck-stop company, Pilot Flying J.

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mark Tate and other lawyers have set up a website aimed at persuading Pilot Flying J customers to retain their services.  Those customers invariably would opt out of the proposed settlement and file their own claims.

With the proposed settlement providing only a refund of any money that was withheld from the customers, six-percent interest, and compensation for attorneys’ fees, those who push the matter through to a conclusion could obtain greater compensation, possibly including treble damages (depending on the legal theories pursued) and punitive damages.

To get the attention of trucking companies that may have been defrauded, the domain name is

“We wanted to do something that guys could remember who were driving a truck.  We thought that was probably easiest,” Tate said, via the Plain Dealer.

The website explains that former FBI director Louis Freeh has been hired “to perform investigative and forensic accounting services,” and that Freeh’s organization “will play a large part in examining the documents uncovered in the case, determining the extent of the fraud committed by Pilot Flying J, and ascertaining the damages suffered by the victim’s [sic] of Pilot Flying J.”

Freeh conducted the internal investigation at Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky situation.  Last year, the Saints hired Freeh to conduct an investigation regarding the bounty scandal and unsubstantiated allegations of game-day wiretapping by G.M. Mickey Loomis.

The new site features near the top of the page the logo that serves as the photo accompanying this article.  We think it technically means bulls are prohibited from sitting on basketballs.

17 responses to “Lawyer launches effort to round up Pilot Flying J customers

  1. I get it, so the “bulls” are going to get “hit”. Like that bull in the logo that is not paying attention and looking at the hockey puck and about to get hit really hard from the blind side.

  2. They were going to use but that was taken. So was leeringatthewaitress’ Wouldn’t you know it, wasn’t available either. It was the fifth or sixth choice, but still not bad considering.

  3. The lawyers will be the only ones who will profit from this. Lawyers will get 75%. What Justice means too lawyers is just us.

  4. Q. What do you call a cruise ship full of attorneys going down in the middle of the ocean? A. a great start

  5. Where this case goes will be determined by two factors: What the Grand Jury decides – and what Haslam himself says under oath.

  6. By their reasoning, I’d say they could easily offend truckers. Keep in mind, a trucker taught himself how to do mobile web developing & now creates his own apps, making 6 figures doing so.

    If I were the lawyers, the last thing I’d do is attempt to insult their intelligence!!!

    Surprised Florio isn’t one of the lawyers, considering he is a homer Stool City fan!

  7. This more greed, just coming from a different direction. I’d wager Mark Tate, Esq. has little interest in righting a wrong, only generating giant legal bills.

  8. “We wanted to do something that guys could remember who were driving a truck. We thought that was probably easiest,” Tate said, via the Plain Dealer.


    What this lowest form of life (ambulance chasing trial lawyer) is really saying, if you will, we want to do something to force Haslam into a historically proportioned settlement that our 30% cut of will set us up for life while doing it all in the name of social justice and make it look easy. Muaha(haha)hahaha!

    Why don’t bottom feeding attorneys just tell the truth? It’s not like we don’t know what these leeches are up to.

  9. This is what plantiffs’ lawyers do. Just like for NFL teams and players, ultimately it’s a business. Meaning, business for lawyers.

  10. “We wanted to do something that guys could remember who were driving a truck. We thought that was probably easiest,” Tate said, via the Plain Dealer.

    What this lawyer is saying is, “DUUUHHHH truck drivers are too dumb and primitive minded not to remember some website without a cuss word in it.” So professional.

    I love when blatantly elitist attitudes are so plainly stated. Especially when they serve cross purposes with business reasons. So many people purport to be “for the working man” then insult their intelligence and put down their profession. It’s obvious that their ,” I’m for the working man” thing is a put on to help them get money and power. Sickening.

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