Lions’ G.M. trying to avoid the hot seat


A repeat of last year’s 4-12 record could lead to a house-cleaning in Detroit, and Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew says he’s trying to make sure he stays off the hot seat.

“The heat on the seat varies from week to week,” Mayhew said of life as an NFL G.M., via the Detroit News. “A lot of seats are cool right now that could be hot come January. We’ll see what happens. I am certainly going to work as hard as I can to keep my seat cool.”

Mayhew said this year’s Lions are the “biggest and most athletic” team he has assembled in his five years overseeing the personnel department.

“I am really excited about this season and about this football team,” he said. “I think we have a real positive energy in the locker room. Guys showed up in great shape and are working really hard.”

If Mayhew is right in his assessment of his roster, the Lions will look a lot more like the 2011 playoff team than the 2012 last-pace team. And Mayhew will not be on the hot seat at the end of the year.

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  1. The Lions need to accomplish a few things for them to take the next step, and also to keep those seats cool in the front office. Their defense needs to step up, get more stops, and get the ball back in the hands of the offense. The passing attack can be quite scary when hitting on all cylinders, but more of an emphasis should be put on the running game to keep defenses honest. Also, this team desperately needs 1 more star in the passing attack to take some of the focus off of Calvin Johnson, and Nate Burlesons and Mike Thomas do not qualify.

  2. How could HE be on the hot seat now after Matt Millen was left in his position much, much longer and should’ve been fired much sooner? I think the Fords are the consummate procrastinators. So much so they’ve procrastinated getting their team to the Super Bowl even once…………

    But like Lionsdraftguy will point out…somehow that’s the #49ers and Harbaugh’s fault!

  3. Im not really sure that GM or Talent Acquisition is really the problem with the Lions.

    I would say Coaching Staff should be on the hot seat long before the front office with this team.

    They key to the Lions I feel will be how the offensive line comes together, and if they are able to find a consistent threat comming from a #2 wr or someone working the slot.

    Defense is will be stout in the middle, but interesting to see what happens on the Ends.

    But at the end of the day, this team suffers from lack of discipline and turning against each other in times of adversity and not leaving tough losses behind them and charging forward. That Falls on the Coaches, not the GM

  4. Mayhew has done a pretty good job of obtaining good players but sometimes the team just doesn’t jell. Sometimes a coaching change is needed. Just look at the 49ers from a few years back, they had a good team but it took a new coach to get them on the same page.

  5. Team is looking better this offseason. There are a lot of reasons to feel positive about the Lions prospects this season.

    The biggest question marks are still the o-line and the defensive backs. We won’t know until the regular season, but the 0-line appears to be just fine. Likewise, if the defensive backs can stay healthy (which they couldn’t do last year), we’re in good shape there too.

  6. If Reggie Bush can produce enough to keep the defenses’ honest and someone can step up as a quality number 2 wr this team can be scary good.

  7. The GM did his job, getting talent. The problem is the HC. As long as Schwanz is it, they we will undisciplined, emotional and not showing their full potential – like thier boss…

  8. Faith is defined as absolute belief without a shred of proof.

    Optimism is defined as a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.

    Could YOU handle 57 years without a playoff win?

    Respect the Lions fan.

  9. Its 57 years since an NFL championship, not playoff win. We won a playoff game in 1991, show some respect.

  10. tuner1019:

    Wow I would definitely agree that coaching is a major problem here, but talent acquisition is not? Oh boy, that really surprised me as I think we have shown time and time again to really struggle in that area. Even the Lions have admitted failure themselves and revamped some of their scouting practices supposedly.

    I think the problem is pretty clear that the GM is failing a little bit to a lot in ALL of the key areas. He is not drafting well, not good at FA decisions, trades and non trades have been tremendously disappointing, our salary cap is out of order, coaching is terrible and selection of coaches as well, and the fundamentals on the field from the players/talent and lack of off-the field strategy coordination. That’s about all a GM needs to oversee, and he’s doing a lousy job in all of those elements, and there’s no good reason for it except that he’s not qualified for this job!

  11. The problem on that team is in the coaching ranks.

    Gunther has done very little with what he’s been given.

    With the talent on that D line and LB corps – the DB’s being below average shouldn’t matter. No QB should have TIME to find an open WR.

    Under-performing to say the least.

    If the Lions go 5-11 or 6-10 this year – GM should stay and the coaching staff should be fired before the stadium crew has the place clean.

  12. We already know why you don’t like the GM, his great FA acquisitions, above average drafting and injuries notwithstanding. You don’t have to make a fool of yourself.

  13. Don’t worry Martin the NFC North can not allow the Lions to lose this year. If it is bad enough two things will happen that will allow the Lions to dominate the NFC North for the next decade.

    1. There is a defensive minded coach available who has played in Cleveland and Philly and coached in Cleveland and Pittsburgh also tied to Jeff Fisher in that he broke Fishers leg, but he unlike Schwartz has a superbowl ring. He would come to town because of reason 2.

    2. If the Lions suck enough then Mark Richt’s favorite football player would be coming to the big D to line up next to Ziggy, Suh and Fairley. This would mean the end of Jay Cutler as we know it, Adrian Peterson would only be able to run outside and Aaron Rodgers better get Wes Welker and a couple of Tight Ends.

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