Mike Shanahan wants you to get off his lawn


Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will not be following Steelers counterpart Mike Tomlin on Twitter so they can DM each other.

In fact, the 60-year-old Shanahan said he’s only started using those new-fangled text messages recently, and does not have an e-mail account.

“First of all, I’ve never been on Twitter,” Shanahan said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I don’t even have e-mail. I just learned to text about two years ago, so that’s where I’m at. No, seriously, I don’t have an e-mail. I do text, and I’m not very good at that. I’m NOT getting into the Twitter.”

At this point, I can only assume Shanahan took out his flip phone, and promptly called home to make sure someone set the VCR to tape Wheel of Fortune.

40 responses to “Mike Shanahan wants you to get off his lawn

  1. First, you guys write how athletes get themselves in trouble using Twitter, which is true. Then, you make fun of someone who understands the basic problem and acts so as to avoid it.

    It’s not often I say this, but Shanahan is absolutely right here, even though it gives the media fewer opportunities to manufacture stories and controversies.

  2. In his defense twitter hasn’t taken responsibility yet for the situation in Egypt that “it” was more than happy to take credit for during the Arab Spring. Most of your “social media” is pure garbage anyway. You know drug dealers, prostitutes and criminals really are the scene.

  3. When the USPS continues to make cuts and he is not recieving his bills in the mail anymore, but via email, he will get with the program then.

  4. nothing wrong with this. i’m 31 and have a flip phone, no facebook, no twitter, no google plus. i just don’t see the appeal. i have friends and manage to keep in touch with them just fine.

  5. Final puzzle clue: Washington Redskins
    Answer: Ove_ _ated

    Vanna, can I get an R?

  6. I thought this was about taking care of your lawn sponsored by Home Depot, really disappointed!

  7. I’m 29, well aware of tech and how to use it, but twitter, has zero appeal to me.

  8. this guy cracks me up and still hasn’t won jack since John Elway…..FAIL!!!!

    He will retire soon too and ride off into the sunset with that 35 million (way overpaid by dopey).

  9. I don’t even see how a NFL head coach has time to tweet. What would the tweets be about.

    Just woke up thinking if only we had a deep threat to take advantage of RGIII’s Bootleg action.#JoshMorganSucks

    Standing here this morning putting players through the conditioning test. #MemoriesofAlbertHaynesworrh #Redskins

    Alfred Morris had a good practice today. #DimeADozen #OrlandisGary2.0 #Redskins

  10. stampnhawk says: Jul 30, 2013 10:53 AM

    Final puzzle clue: Washington Redskins
    Answer: Ove_ _ated

    Vanna, can I get an R?


    I would like to solve the puzzle Pat. Overhated.

    Pat: “That is correct! Haters gonna hate.”

    RG3>Webster Wilson

  11. I thought this would be another article about the Redskins home-field grass situation When I read the headline

  12. Him and IR-ehab-G3 wont win anything buy being overated and on the all pro injured team….akili Smith >IRG3

  13. Hahaha he should at least get an email account. Seems like the lack of one, makes more work for his staff. So what, people email them, then they have to print out copies and give it to him?? The wasted paper alone…think of the environment Mike…

  14. No grown man should be posting theie thoughts every 5 min. Stupid teenage girls do that. What a self-important, vain society we live in now.

  15. I get not wanting to use certain forms of social media, but refusing to use email and other modern means of communication is nothing to be proud of.

  16. I spend a lot of time with electronic communication but don’t do twitter and gave up on social networking because its too easy for people you don’t know to harvest info about you.

    The only reason I’d sign up for twitter is to give a hard time to a player or politician I don’t like or am displeased with so I’ve just left that nasty pile alone rather than waste my time in a purely negative fashion.

  17. It could be worse, he could have pulled a Phil Jackson and tweeted “11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs” as his very first tweet.

  18. throwedoff1, thank ya sir, I’ll be here all week!!

    I don’t think it’s a glass eye, but I do believe he had a leather transplant for a skin issue he had at some point!!!!!

    Only girls go to the tanning bed, you old fogey!!!!!!

  19. I am one of the remaining 9% worth of Americans that does not own a Cell Phone. Horrific, I know, but here am today, alive, healthy, and not yet fully ostracized from society.

    Personally, I love it, cut your electronic leash and go live.

  20. Coach, in an effort to show he is “with it”, set up his Apple IIe in front of reporters and clickity clacked a few commands on the keyboard.

  21. gibson34 says:
    Jul 30, 2013 11:24 AM
    this guy cracks me up and still hasn’t won jack since John Elway…..FAIL!!!!

    You guys crack me up. You know the “well informed football fans” that say Shanny has won anyhting since Elways.

    Well you could say the same about Walsh / Montana; Knoll / Bradshaw; Landry / Staubach; Johnson / Aikman; Madden / Stabler; Lombardi / Starr; or Gibbs / Theisman (no wait, he won with Williams and Rypien too so I guess he can win w/o a HoF QB).

    By the way Shanny won 112 games post Elway. He won the AFC West more than he lost. He won the NFC East last year. His teams have had more winning seasons than losing seasons post Elway.

  22. tombradyswig
    back at you brother man I have never been able to make myself like shanahan he seems like he would throw you under the bus in a heartbeat just looks like a snake. I am a skins hater especially since Snyder and shanahan r running the show

  23. Of course the Redskins don’t use email, that’s what smoke signals are for. Unfortunately he misinterpreted the one last year that said don’t let your QB tear his ACL.

  24. Listen, the fact that you don’t have a cellphone doesn’t make you a hero, pioneer or individualist. It makes you an idiot. It’s like being the last guy to transition from the telegraph to the telephone.

  25. @lightcleric..

    Phil Jackson said “11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs” on purpose.. the rings would make it hard to type.. he made a video joking about this near the beginning of his Twitter..


    The Rat also studies film via Sony Beta and makes his players ware hip and knee pads. Ya know, old school style.

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