New Panthers G.M. on Newton: “Now it’s time to win”


New Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman inherited practically everything on hand, making minimal moves in his first offseason in charge.

And while he said that he thinks the Panthers have their quarterback of the future in Cam Newton, there was a condition on that.

“Cam has had the best two years of any rookie quarterback in NFL history. And everybody talks about the other young [quarterbacks],” Gettleman said, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “What he’s done has been completely lost in the sauce because of the elephant in the room – the 13-19 record. . . .

Yes, he is. But now it’s time to win.”

Of course, it’s hard to know how Gettleman perceives the equation in front of him, and how much to put on Newton, how much on the parts around him or the coaching staff.

Gettleman also said he didn’t place any specific standard on coach Ron Rivera, whom he didn’t meet until after he accepted the G.M. job.

“I didn’t set any expectations. I think that’s a mistake. My goal was to put them in a position to be successful. … That’s been my goal all along,” Gettleman said. “I’m giving him all my support and he knows it. We have a very good relationship.”

Of course, everything is an evaluation for Gettleman this year.

If the team wins, many of the pieces assembled already could be in place for a few years to come. But if Rivera gets them off to a 2-8 start for the third straight year, he won’t get a fourth chance at a frantic December finish.

As for Newton, they hold his rights for two more years, then have a team option for a fifth year, after which point the franchise tag would be in play. So there’s no rush to decide what to do at quarterback.

If he plays well, they’ll know in time whether they want to invest in him for the long term. But that decision, like the decisions on most people in the organization, isn’t one that’s being made right now.

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  1. The problem isn’t that Cam doesn’t know how to win. He won every single game he played in two years in college, including a season in the SEC. The problem is that he has no one to throw to besides an aging Steve Smith and Greg Olsen. And that is a personnel problem, which would more accurately be pinned on the GM, not the QB.

  2. honkeyt says:Jul 30, 2013 2:14 PM

    Getting him a stud receiver would go a long way in that “winning” process. Even the greats are surroinded by studs.

    What exactly is Steve Smith? Chopped liver? They need a good #2 option over everything to take pressure of Steve Smith.

    Oh and you not calling Steve Smith has just inspired him to prove you wrong, like he does everyone. Obviously not a Panther fan but not too many guys bring it harder than Steve Smith.

  3. Cam needs to be consistent through-out the season. He failed to do that last season. Remember the Panthers loss to the Falcons? That was a great game. The Panthers need to play that way every game.

  4. Gettleman has made some quiet moves in FA. He hasn’t made the big splash, but has gotten some good value. He’s restructured a few large deals (See Jon Beason) to open more room under the cap. Look for the Panthers to sign “The Kraken” (Greg Hardy) to a good sized contract in the next week or two. There has to be a reason they’re opening up cap space.

    Cam has had great years statiscally. I look for similar numbers again this year. If he can cut down on a few of the turnovers, everyone will be talking about this guy next year in a positive way. If the Panthers can turn a couple close games around this year, I see them in the playoff hunt. They should be a 8-8, 9-7 or maybe even 10-6 team this year.

    I look for them to battle teams like Seattle/San Fran, Detroit and maybe Washington for a wild card spot.

    ATL is probably still the best team in the NFC South, but Carolina isn’t that far behind them.

  5. The title should read ” New Panthers G.M. on Newton: “Now it’s time to win or I will get fired ”

  6. TRANSLATION…….. Note to Saints and Falcons: Please let us win now to make my job easier so that I won’t have to hire a new head coach and draft another QB in the 1st round anytime soon….

  7. Cam does have his problems, but this team really needs to get him some help on offense. Steve Smith is still a legitimate number 1, but he’ll be lucky to play 2 more seasons, and they have zero receiving talent behind him. Not to mention that the offensive line is trash, and the run game disappears for long stretches of the season.

  8. How are you gonna win when you have no second WR and your RB are not good at all. To top things off your management team has set this team back for the last 3-4 years with their wisdom moves. GOOD LUCK.!!!!!

  9. “Now it’s time to win”

    Is there ever a time that’s more appropriate for not winning?

  10. Tis the season of stating the obvious. Wow… has anyone ever said “two years from now is the time to win”

  11. not going to win with him.he’s not that good and never was… out for the LA Panthers comming soon

  12. If they signed talent like Mike Williams the GM has every right to make these comments. Instead he’s drafted a guard and Barner in the 6th and added iffy depth at WR…

    Sorry man you can’t make comments like that, and the fact that he didn’t meet with Rivera right away, face it, his time is short..

  13. From the link:
    Gettleman was asked whether Newton was the quarterback to build around.

    After a pregnant, seven-second pause, Gettleman said; “Yes, he is. But now it’s time to win.”

    You could read that as Gettleman thinking that we should be done building. His pause doesn’t have to be about Cam.

    Frankly, if he replaces Rivera with a better coach the Panthers will be immediate contenders.

  14. Gettleman speaks like he has put all the pieces in place to support Cam but that’s laughable.

    Gettleman used the first two draft picks on DTs and the corp of WRs leaves an awful lot to be desired. And even more importantly the offensive line needs help in a big way which could help Cam have time to throw.

    So far not impressed with Gettleman.

  15. It would help if they drafted better. Outside of Cam and Kuechly, has Carolina drafted anyone worth a darn in the last several years? I’m not just talking 1st round picks, I mean period.

    Cam needs help around him and right now in that division, he doesn’t have anywhere near the help that Matt Ryan does or Drew Brees does.

  16. we won’t go far this year. sorry fellow panther fans. it’s fun watching cam but this team has no secondary, a terrible receiving core, and this might be the worst o-line the panthers have had in 5 years. the offense is gonna struggle behind this o-line

  17. When a GM starts talking like that – hes probably bad GM.

    Unless hes planning on cleaning house next year and this is his fair warning it seems like a dumb thing to say.

  18. “Cam needs to be consistent through-out the season. He failed to do that last season. Remember the Panthers loss to the Falcons? That was a great game. The Panthers need to play that way every game.”

    -Cam didn’t fall and look like a fool on that pass. Unfortunately, I feel that’s still going to be the issue this year unless we grab some cuts during camp from other teams. I feel Carolina has an Arena Football secondary.

  19. bmoritz2003 says:
    Jul 30, 2013 2:45 PM
    I don’t understand the love affair with this guy. Most overrated QB in the NFL.
    There is not, never has been, and never will be, a human being in any and every line of work more overrated than QB Tim Tebow.

    There is no love affair with Cam. There is a hate affair. Ever since it was discovered that Cam’s father channelled his inner Jim Bakker and tried to score cash off his son’s name, the world has been looking for any and every thing that could possibly be wrong about Cam. It’s long past time to move on to hating somebody else.

  20. Cam has been awesome with scraps around him for two years now. I credit him for Steve Smith’s career resurgence. They’ve done nothing in Carolina to surround Cam with the talent that the other elites around the league have.

    Cam is a franchise QB – and the best thing that has ever happened to Panther’s football. Gettleman is the one with something to prove. Build a winner, Cam will do the rest.

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