Read-option a possibility for Bears


The biggest current trend in offense could be making it’s way to a franchise known traditionally for its defense.  And, more recently, for having a quarterback who lacks the mobility to pull off the biggest current trend in offense.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, however, the Bears apparently plan to roll out the read-option in 2013.  Sort of.

Biggs explains that the Bears have been using the play-action fake from shotgun formation that launches the read-option running play as the first step in the quarterback moving outside the pocket in search of a throwing lane.  In theory, quarterback Jay Cutler also could run the ball after the fake.

“Jay has the skill set to do just about everything, anything,” coach Marc Trestman said. “We are trying to give him the things he has had the most success with first.

“Whether we’ll do it, I don’t know.  We’ve studied it.”

It doesn’t need to be used very often in order to force opposing defenses to be ready for it, and in turn to compel them to spend time preparing for the possibility of seeing it.

“There is no question Jay is athletic enough [to run the read-option],” backup Josh McCown said. “All three of us could get it done if we needed to.  It’s going to have to be a part of [the offense] a little bit because we are going to have to give our defense looks on it because it’s so successful in our league.  We’re all waiting to see if the defenses can stop it.”

Until they can, more offenses will be using it.  Even those that may not seem like obvious candidates for it.

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  1. rolling out was one of the best things Cutler did in Denver. it was also one of the things he was not allowed to do when he came to the bears. actually using things that your players can do what novel concept in Chicago. I trust they will handing out books explaining to bears fans that what they are seeing is called offense since we have not seen that here in…. well maybe never! definitely not in the last 20 years any way.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Shanahan used to run the option with Cutler so I can’t say that this would come ad a surprise. He may not look it, but Cutler is one of the more athletic qbs in the league. The key is to run the read option just enough to make defenses respect the threat of a run

  4. Not entirely surprising, every cfl offense (they all use pretty much the same one) uses the zone read. Trestman is probably pretty comfortable with it and in Montreal his QB was in his late 30’s and way less mobile than Cutler. However the field is much smaller in the NFL and the defensive players are much more skilled and faster so it remains to be seen if he can transfer it over the way I think Trestman wants to.

  5. Jay was actually a very good option QB his rookie year at Vandy…and I’m sure it was his athleticism and roll-out ability that intrigued Shanahan into drafting him…makes sense to finally play to this part of his game as opposed to the 17-step drops Martz put him thru a coupla years ago…

  6. relax nerds, it’s just a post to get pageviews. Any defensive coach worth anything would just have their D end take out the qb on the first read option. I can’t believe no one did it last year.

  7. Not a terrible idea as long as it is used sparingly only as a diversion. Cutler doesn’t have great speed, but he can move around a little bit.

    Although if they plan to keep him, more hits after the last few years may not be the best idea…

  8. Hasn’t Cutler’s main problem in his time with da Bears been him constantly getting HAMMERED by defenses? This has to be a dis-information campaign designed to get other teams to waste time preparing for something that will never, ever happen. Ever.

  9. I smell another Packer sweep of the Bears coming in 2013, that’ll make Cutler’s record against the Pack a mighty 1-9. **snicker**

  10. esplife03 says: Jul 30, 2013 11:32 PM

    “Cutler’s actually a pretty mobile QB, if he wasn’t he would surely be handicapped by now.”

    Or dead.

  11. As others have said, Cutler is deceptively mobile, and has success when he rolls out…On several occasions last year he scrambled for 1st. downs, so utilizing his athleticism can’t hurt.

    And for all you non-Bear-fans, getting a big yuk out of this, shut up…No one’s saying they’re gonna use it all the time.

  12. Lets do it Chicago!!! cause its a known FACT that Dom Capers and the packers defense cant stop it AT ALL. and Cutler can run the read option just like any other QB. No Cutler aint as fast as Kaepernick but he can move well enough to run the read option play.

  13. Cutler is actually pretty fast…

    Seen him take off a few times over the years, he’s got some pretty good wheels.

  14. womantastic54?

    The key to the read option is the threat of a running QB!

    Cutler would scare a D in keeping the ball as much as Peyton Manning would!

  15. Oh my yes let’s give this a try that is some sound thinking right there. Cutler can’t make a decision in 8 seconds so the Besrs should cut that down to 1 second.

  16. First of all the read option is a PLAY
    just like any other play and the QB is moving but so is his protection. Cutler is looking for a first down NOT a touch down. the score just happens as the game go on. and any team thats running a 3-4 defense will be out numbered at the point of attack. thats why the Cowboys swiched back to a 4-3 defense. Bears coaches are NOT trying to make Cutler change him self into Kaepernick. the goal is to win at the point of attack and get the first down.

  17. “And, more recently, for having a quarterback who lacks the mobility to pull off the biggest current trend in offense.”

    Says who beside Florio, and based on what.

  18. How long til Peyton is running the read opti-ooh yeah, he doesn’t have to – cause he’s too good for gimmicks…

    Same for Rodgers/Brees/Brady – no need for wildcat crap – just line up and score on the D.

    Bears just have to get Jay an oline and options to throw to not named Brandon Marshall.

  19. Sounds like the Bears have more respect for Suh and Fairley than a lot of posters here. No great surprise.

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