Sidney Rice getting knee treatment in Switzerland


The Seahawks are waiting to hear the results of wide receiver Percy Harvin’s hip examination on Tuesday and it appears he’s not the only receiver with health concerns on the roster.

Liz Mathews of 710 ESPN reports that coach Pete Carroll said that wide receiver Sidney Rice is in Switzerland to have treatment done on his knee. Carroll was not more specific about the procedure beyond saying it was not surgery. Athletes in various sports have gone to Europe for Regenokine injection treatments, which haven’t been approved by the FDA and involve removing blood from the body and separating it to create a protein-rich serum that’s reinjected into the problem area.

Whatever the procedure, Carroll said that he did not expect Rice to miss any games in the preseason or regular season and that he thought it would give the wideout “fresh legs” upon his return. Rice dealt with knee issues late last season and was seen on crutches after the Seahawks were eliminated from the playoffs, but never missed any games last season.

Carroll said there was no update on Harvin’s status, which means that the Seahawks will be down two wideouts until further notice.

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  1. Said Rick Spielman to Pete Carrol, “No, seriously give me two 2nd rounders and a 1st in 2015 for this guy. His name is Greg Childs, awesome receiver! Yeah no, he’s okay, bumped his kneecap or something. I forget.”

  2. Hey, Seahawks. If you are in need of another receiver, the Vikings would like to trade you Greg Childs this pre-season. You might be able to get him for as low as a second round pick.

  3. So I guess it’s ok to go outside the country for a treatment not approved by the FDA, or the NFL for that matter…but you better not take Adderall.

  4. A once receiving corp that was looking dangerous with Harvin, is now looking like a weakness. Obviously if Harvin can somehow play this yr that all changes. You have a gd running game, QB and def, but their WR’s are a bit of a concern, to say the least!

  5. Krause, Baldwin and Tate will all catch touchdowns in the Super Bowl next February! Oh and and DangerRuss will run two in as well. Mark it down naysayers. This team is so hungry and geeked out for this season and comin for your team… Whoever it is. They’ll take ALL comers! And so will the 12th Man!

  6. PRP (platelet rich plasma) with HGH. I guarantee it. I’m getting ready to have it (minus the HGH) done on my calf. The HGH portion is illegal over here and carries a $10k price tag in Europe.

  7. Sid is a good dude — injury prone, but a good dude and a decent WR when on the field. Once they start those European joint treatments, you know the end is near. He should send Lord Favre a 15% commission on that Hawks contract given the numbers Favre helped him put up in 2009.

  8. Surprised they haven’t asked for John Carlson back. He fits their team profile pretty well now.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how many ignorant people have so much utter nonsense to type in these threads. Acting like they know these players and coaches. That, their opinion, is worth something or witty and funny. I digress. Good luck to Mr Rice in knee therapy.

  10. S. Rice had one good year and it was when he was on a very good team with a HOF QB throwing him the ball……was it Rice or was it B Favre. Every other year of his career he has been injured. The bigger question is how do the vikings manage to keep pulling the wool over the aderhawks eyes. Carroll could fix TJoke, how did that go. For the vikes signing S. Hutchinson the adderhawks signed Nate Burleson away from the Vikes, how did that go? Sid Rice nothing but a IR. Percy Harvin, here we go again. Besides Percy’s injury, he is a cancer in the locker room. In baseball it’s 3 strikes and your out and the adderhawks keep on “striking”.

  11. It’s the exact same treatment that Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady and Fred Couples have used (among others) to good effect. If you took as much time researching it (about 30 seconds) as you do coming up with those lame PED jokes, you’d find it’s just an inflammation reducing treatment; about as “performance enhancing” as Advil. But I guess Vikings fans have nothing better to do this time of year than troll the boards of better teams.

  12. Not too worried. He’ll likely be back for week one, and then Wilson’s favorite target, Golden Tate, can do his thing while Rice is going downfield.

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