Torrey Smith not feeling any added pressure

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Wide receiver Anquan Boldin is in San Francisco and tight end Dennis Pitta will miss the entire season, which leaves wide receiver Torrey Smith as the team’s top returning pass catcher after running back Ray Rice.

Either one of those losses would lead to calls for Smith to step up his production in the 2013 season, but the double whammy leaves an even brighter spotlight on him heading into the season. Smith knows that he and others need to step up, but he says he isn’t feeling any more pressure to do so than he would if all hands were on deck.

“No, I never feel pressure at all,” Smith said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “My job doesn’t change. Obviously, I expect more out of myself performance-wise whether they were there or not. It’s tough to lose Anquan. He was the leader of our group. Pitta, it’s an unfortunate injury. We are going to miss him out there. We have a next man up mentality. I think we have some guys who are ready.”

Smith’s job may not be changing in the larger sense as he’s still an NFL wide receiver, but it’s hard to imagine his role is going to be the same as it was last season. Smith is the team’s No. 1 receiver now and that means he’ll have to take on a wider variety of routes and responsibilities than he filled when he was a little lower down in the pecking order. That doesn’t mean he should be feeling more pressure than he is, but Smith’s going to be a big part of keeping the offense from going off track in 2013.

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  1. I think the talent is there, the offensive game plan just has to be tailored to the reality of the situation (aka more screen passes to the RBs- heavier emphasis on the run – play action) and Flacco and Dickson, Jacoby, and whoever the WR #3 is have to work on their chemistry.

  2. Dont blame Torrey for feeling this way. Thats how the Ravens won the SB last season as the 4 seed. The pressure was on every other team seeded higher than them.

  3. I simply must know if crownofthehelmet and logicalvoicesays think these comments are further evidence that the Ravens are imploding.

    (There are no stories about the irrelevant Redskins or Steelers, so I’m sure they’ll be along shortly with their always-invaluable insight.)

  4. Seems Ozzie has confidence in Doss and Deonte to pair with Smith and Jones. I think it’s fair, Jones caught everything last year and Smith is solid. Ray Rice is a 60-70 catch guy and Dickson is a good tight end in need of an opportunity. Ravens will balance the attack and be a good team again barring more injuries. Jones is the x factor, if he can catch 50-60 then the Ravens are in good shape.

  5. Flacon and Smith use the old Payton Manning strategy of throw a long one down the sideline and do your best to draw the PI.

    Smith does make some good catches to be fair and is a pretty good player.

    Ravens will be tough again this year even with all their changes.

  6. Moss would destroy the locker room. There is a reason he’s been bouncing around teams since leaving the Vikings. Plus the 49ers need WR help too and if they didn’t bring him back that says a lot.

  7. With only a handful of exceptions, any NFL player who doesn’t feel pressure to perform every game, won’t be keeping his job very long. It’s a “what have you done for me lately” league.

  8. im with you jm….no thanks to moss. or ocho or owens. i will stick with what we have
    hey larry. whats a bigger fluke. the ravens winning the superbowl after 5 straight playoff appearances or the skins actually being relevant for a season. gonna go with the second choice. enjoy your memories of last year

  9. Torrey Smith is going to rip apart the Steelers’ milquetoast secondary. Old Dick’s eyeballs are going to pop out. Haley is going to think he finally saw his comet. And Looney is going to wish he was back in Ireland lying under a free flowing tap of Guinness.

  10. dublindemonszfl says:
    Jul 30, 2013 11:04 AM
    Hello Mr. Moss, can you get a flight to Baltimore? Thank you sir, we need you.
    Wow, Randy developed the ability to play slot? He must have done so, or else you wouldn’t be suggesting the Ravens bring in a player with the same outside game as our 2 burners in Smith and Jacoby. What’s next? Suggesting that we bring Brandon Lloyd over with Randy?

  11. bunkslurpscrabmustard says:Jul 30, 2013 11:55 AM

    So who catches the ball on a must have 3rd and long when Torrey and Jacoby can’t get open? Ravens fan, but realist.

    Ray Rice, Ed Dickson, Tandon Doss, Kyle Juszczyk, Bernard Pierce, hell even Vonta Leach had quite a few catches last season.

    Pitta’s injury hurts, but dont forget Ed Dickson was the starting TE two years ago, not Pitta.

  12. Ike Taylor “blanked” Torrey Smith last season and he was a non f’ing factor in game 2.

    Torrey Smith is your #1? LOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHA

    Ozzie to the rescue!!!!

  13. “Ike Taylor “blanked” Torrey Smith last season and he was a non f’ing factor in game 2.”

    Just curious, where was Ike Taylor when Torrey nailed a 26 yd TD in another game 2? Remember? That was the year the Ravens SWEPT your hapless team.

    Keep in mind, Smith is just getting better and better. Steelers are falling apart. (no need for all caps because everyone knows it anyway).

  14. “So who catches the ball on a must have 3rd and long when Torrey and Jacoby can’t get open? Ravens fan, but realist.”

    I agree with moagecu but I’ll add Streeter. With his size I really want him to show his game. Also heard with the NFL’s best “road paver” in Leach coming back they might try Juszczyk in the slot for certain packages.

  15. You define pressure differently when you are responsible for raising your brothers and sisters when you are a kid yrself (without resorting to illegal acts)

    Being a #1 receiver is nothing compared to the stuff this guy has already accomplished

  16. Do the steelers have a #1 wr? I was sure he moved on to greener pastures down in Miami. I’m sure d-backs are gonna be trembling at the thought of brown, sanders, cotchery, plax and a rookie named wheaton. Better hope heath makes a full recovery cause we all know spaeth is worthless when it comes to catching passes.

  17. Brown was comparable to Wallace, 4 more catches, 80 less yards, 3 less TDs. If sanders steps up, brown and sanders will have respectable #’s. yes missing Heath will suck, but next man up isn’t exclusive to the ravens. I wouldn’t call miami(at the time he signed)a better place, altho the current events puts the pats in a bad place.

  18. Steeler have one of the worst recieving squads in the NFL. Doesn’t help that their QB is trash as well. Most overrated QB in NFL history.

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