Bears send mixed signals on read-option


It’s fitting, we suppose, that the Bears are sending out mixed signals regarding the offensive trend premised on sending mixed signals to the defense.

A day after Brad Briggs of the Chicago Tribune wrote that the Bears may use the read-option in 2013, the Bears said they won’t.

None,” quarterback Jay Cutler said regarding the possibility of the read-option showing up this season for the Bears, via John Mullin of

Coach Marc Trestman echoed the sentiment.

“No, we’re not going that way with this offense,” Trestman said.

But they could, if they wanted to.

“The thing about Jay on a read-option, Jay knows how to get down,” Trestman said.  “Jay knows how to play the position when he’s running out on the field.

“What I have seen is a guy that knows how to take care of himself most of the time.  There are moments where a quarterback has to give it up for the cause so to speak, but he’s a smart player.  He knows when to get down.  He knows when to get out of bounds.  And I think he can handle those types of things.”

To summarize, the Bears aren’t going to do it.  But they could if they wanted to.  So when you least expect it, expect it to be something they might possibly consider using.  If they wanted to.

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  1. I think people confuse the Read Option for a lot of different things. Option offenses are pretty broad in nature and can come out of a variety of formations. I’m pretty sure Biggs thinks the Bears are going to run some sort of Washington or San Fran. style offense, but those offenses aren’t the only kind of option offenses. The Bears could very well run some spread option, with Cutler and Forte lined up in shotgun, and then Cutler can run some keepers if the defense pursues. NFL read options are really just a play-action fakes that end in QB runs instead of passes.

  2. …as if any team in the NFL is going to lay out their overall game plan – or even a piece of it – before the first week of training camp is even over.

  3. Jay Cutler doesn’t get enough credit for how mobile he is. There has been countless times where there is a man to man coverage and Cutler takes it 15 yards or the pocket has broken down and he scrambles for a first down. He is an athletic QB and I’m sure if they wanted to run read option not at the level as the young extremely mobile guys but effectively I’m sure.

  4. He won’t be doing any of that crap against the Lions. He still has a red mark between his shoulder blades from Suh’s hit that was so hard the refs thought it was illegal even tho it wasn’t.

  5. IDGAS what kind of offense the Bears run. I just want the team to buy into it and run it effectively. Get #22 the ball in the open on the outside and let him run. Keep the passes within 15 yards and keep the chains moving. It’s not rocket science people.

  6. The read option can’t work in Chicago. Cutler has a hard enough time staying on the field. In fact, he tapped out of the NFC Championship game against the Packers in 2010 and spent the 2nd half on the sideline riding his hapless and tasteless exercise bike.

  7. Cutler’s a mobile guy, he played safety in high school for example, but he’s not Colin Kaepernick or Mike Vick mobile obviously. Still, he could run a variation of the read-option. Shanahan had him doing that type of stuff in Denver.

    All that being said, why would he or any qb disclose to the media what they’re doing on offense?

  8. This is not an offense that Cutler can run in my opinion. He’s a decent runner but not on the level of the other QBs that run it. Work on Cutler NOT getting hit.

  9. Seems to me Biggs was speculating yesterday, and today the Bears ‘clarified’ things…That said, I’m sure the offense will feature designed rollouts for Cutler to take advantage of his mobility and success throwing outside the pocket…But yeah, as long as they can score points, I don’t care what you call the plays they use.

  10. Just teach him to keep his feet planted correctly when throwing the ball and he will be fine. He has a terrible habit of throwing off of one foot, or both feet off the ground.

  11. I seriously question professional analysis who say this is a fad. It seriously discredits anyone saying that.

    Read option is a package… If you run it 100% of the time that’s not going to work just like anything else, you need disparity and you risk injury from allowing your qb to run more than usual.

    Read option is used EXACTLY like a shotgun play action not to be confused with a dive option play. It involves the qb reading what he sees and deciding where to go with the ball, either pass, handoff or run. It effectively keeps the defense on thier heels.

    To excel in it, it helps to have an qb with some speed, but even more important for longevity it’s important to have A SMART, qb who van process what he sees and not just take off like it’s a qb run play, someone who looks to pass first or handoff first.

    Any qb can run it, it’s very similar to a regular play action except from the shotgun.

    .. Side note to those who say ” just smash the qb ” let me explain why that will never in an million years happen. When Brady, Brees, Peyton do a play action from the shotgun and an player smashes them, they’ll be ejected, and fined up the ying yang. There is no way to totally differentiate between the way the play is set up and other qbs who run it like Wilson, Keep, RG3 and Newton do the same thing but offer a three to run (THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE QB) not play design.

    The only way you can smash the qb is on an DIVE OPTION PLAY.

    Of course if your stupid like Shanahan and run traditional dive option plays occasionally that’s totally different. Read option is just meant to be a wrinkle not a base package, I can tell you my Hawks run it about 5.9 % of the time, another story is how stupid many fan bases are and media for acting like they run it all the time irritates me to no end. Just use it to get ends from rushing upfield, preventing many sacks and to enabling cutback lanes for elite rb’s, which. forte is and Lynch are.

    Please spread this logic, I played high level football and am tired of the ignorance of people who dint like change or cleverness. That’s exactly what this is.

  12. rpthetruth says:
    Aug 1, 2013 6:50 AM
    the word smart and cutler should not be used in the same sentence.

    “*The words ‘smart’ and ‘Cutler’ should not be used in the same sentence.”

    You probably should comment on grammar.

  13. rpthetruth says:
    Aug 1, 2013 6:50 AM

    the word smart and cutler should not be used in the same sentence.


    Cutler graduated from Vanderbilt, where did you go to school? My guess, by your desperate and unintelligent comment, you never made it past grade school…..

  14. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:
    Aug 1, 2013 2:06 PM
    Cutler doesn’t offer much of a threat running the ball. Defenses would invite him to run instead of pass.

    ___________________________________Another unintelligent comment! LOL!

    2012 Season – Bears top 3 rushers

    Matt Forte 248 1094 4.4
    Michael Bush 114 411 3.6
    Jay Cutler 41 233 5.7

    Tony Romo 30 49 1.6

  15. “the word smart and cutler should not be used in the same sentence.”

    Cutler has a degree from Vanderbilt, is a successful starting quarterback in the NFL, and is married to (and raising a son with) Kristen Cavallari.

    We all should be so dumb.

  16. lefteyelarryboodry says: Aug 1, 2013 2:44 PM

    Cutler has a degree from Vanderbilt, is a successful starting quarterback in the NFL………


    He is????

    Are you blind?

  17. @filthy:

    Actually I am legally blind in my left eye, thanks for your concern…And still I see better than you do.

    Jay is 34-22 since joining the Bears, 29-13 in his last 42 starts, and in four years has either broken or come close to breaking the Bears passing records it took Sid luckman 12 years to set.

    (So in the future just call me ‘righteyelarryboodry,’ okay? Thank you.)

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