Carson Palmer not concerned with “stepping on toes”


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer doesn’t seem to care all that much if he’s getting on the nerves of some of his teammates.

According to Alex Marvez of and SiriusXM NFL radio, Palmer wants to lead by example and doesn’t care if he’s making many friends in the process as long as the team produces on the field.

“I haven’t really worried about whether guys are buying in,” Palmer said in an interview with Marvez and Gil Brandt on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I’m going to lead by example and vocally. I’m going to run the offense and do what I have to do. I’m not going to worry about maybe making people uncomfortable or stepping on toes.

“That’s not my job to worry about that. My job is to worry about making sure we’re in the best circumstance possible on each play, make sure I’m doing things right, and the young guys are watching me and seeing me do things right.”

Palmer should be a sizable upgrade at quarterback for the Cardinals this season from the revolving door disaster of Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer last season. Palmer hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2009 with the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s 33 years old and knows he may not have many more opportunities to lead a team to the postseason.

Palmer just wants to win and doesn’t care if he’s everyone’s favorite person if he can lead the Cardinals to victories this fall.

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  1. Carson is a pick6 throwing Bum. No disrespect to the homeless people in AZ. Wait until he holds the team hostage an makes them sign his little brother. Did you guys not learn with matt linert. USC QB’S suck!

  2. I’m more conerned with what Carson Palmer is concerned about.

    But seriously, this is the attitude that he needs to have. He was brought in there to be the veteran QB that starts leading this team the way Warner did. It’s the attitude he needs to be on top of his game and it’s the attitude the team needs to be successful with him.

  3. Except Kevin Kolb wasn’t a disaster and that’s poor writing, their o-line was a disaster as Kevin Kolb was fine. Something about getting hit hard enough, after many numerous hits, to dislocate multiple ribs from his sternum and tear the cartilage is what made it go back to a disaster.

  4. Of course Carson doesn’t care what other people
    think, he has never cared, he is selfish !
    He won’t make it past week 4 ! He will get crushed !

  5. Don’t get excited AZ. This quitter hasn’t had a good year since 2006. He is just collecting a paycheck.

  6. “Leading by example” does not include comments on not caring if your teammates are buying in. If his job is to worry about making sure they’re in the best circumstance possible on each play, he better be a bit more open minded to get the rest of the team competing for that extra yard. Name me one consistently winning team that doesn’t have a quarterback that the rest of the team genuinely is in awe and respect of…Manning/Manning/Brady/Rodgers…hell even Sanchez makes plays on the field to give his teammates a good laugh.

  7. “Palmer just wants to win and doesn’t care if he’s everyone’s favorite person if he can lead the Cardinals to victories this fall.”

    But he won’t.

  8. If he thinks they’re annoyed now, wait til they see the 9ers and ‘Hawks defenses destroy him…

  9. Yeah Carson wants to win. And if he doesn’t, he’ll take his ball and quit. He had no leadership here in Cincinnati. I’d be surprised if he had any there. Cardinals will go 6-10 and Carson will be done for good…finally.

  10. Of course he doesn’t care if he’s getting on the nerves of his teammates or not. He’s going to
    quit on them anyways. 🙂

  11. Yeah, Carson, you are a real ball buster. That’s why you crawled into your turtle shell when Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzadeh were dominating your ‘leadership’ in Cincy. Sorry Arizona, he will crawl back into his turtle shell after he gets blind sided a few times early in the season. He is a quitter.

  12. I wish Carson Palmer all the luck – never a prima donna – he deserves some success and hopefully with Arizona he’ll find it. I am no Cardinals fan, but I really hope a quarterback that is toward the end of his career gets one last shot to play for a team that has some talent.

  13. Hey Joe,
    We all know Dalton has out performed Palmer in Cincy, and we can all agree that Flynn is a down grade from the quitter/loser.

  14. A lot of Palmer haters on here which is weird… The man threw for 4,000+ yards in Oakland! IN OAKLAND!!! Now, give him the Cardinal receiving corps and moving the ball around shouldn’t prove very difficult… This is going to be an outstanding season for the Cards.

  15. Lot of crying Raiders fans as well. I’d still take Palmer over Flynn 7 days a week & twice on Sunday.

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