Chris Ivory forced out of practice when hamstring injury flares up


Wednesday was looking like a big day for Jets running back Chris Ivory.

He’d been limited to individual work in training camp because of a hamstring issue, but was scheduled to take part in a full practice for the first time. Ivory made it out to the field as planned, but he wasn’t able to stay there for very long. Ivory had to leave the field after his hamstring tightened up, leaving him to say that he felt he was “starting on the wrong foot” with the team that traded for him this offseason.

“Hamstrings are tricky,” Ivory said, via Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post. “It can feel good and you can go out there like I did today and I thought I was ready, but I’m not ready. So it’s a feel thing. I don’t want to push it and make it a two-week injury. When it’s fixed I want to be able to stay out there and not go back and reinjure it.”

All the usual caveats about it being early in camp apply here, but the last thing the Jets need is an issue at running back and they have two of them on their plate right now. Mike Goodson still hasn’t reported to camp, casting doubt on whether he’ll be a part of the Jets team when the regular season rolls around, and now Ivory is dealing with a nagging hamstring injury that’s keeping him off the field.

When you already have uncertain situations, to put it mildly, at quarterback and wide receiver, it would be nice to have something you can rely on in the backfield. The Jets haven’t found that yet, which keeps the offensive outlook looking bleak.