Cooper says he was fined for his racist comment


Eagles receiver Riley Cooper has apologized for his use of one of the ugliest words in the English language.  Cooper now says that he has been fined by the team.

Via Ryan Messick of 97.3 ESPN, Cooper told reporters that the team has fined him.  “It was a good amount of money, but that’s really not important. . . .  I’m willing to accept all consequences,” Cooper said.

Apparently, the consequences won’t entail Cooper losing his job.  In large part because the Eagles need him.  If he were a scrub, chances are he’d be gone.

9 responses to “Cooper says he was fined for his racist comment

  1. @jpk: then why is Alec Baldwin still employed by that credit card company he shills for? Why is Al Sharpton still employed at MSNBC. Why have any musical artist that’s used the word in their lyrics not been dropped by their respective label?

  2. What a joke. If this was a black man it would be ok. If black america has such a problem with this word then they should stop using it on a daily basis. #doublestandard
    He should not lose anything nor should he have been fined.

  3. Lol any other job no one would have saw the video. I wonder how many times that ugly word is said in the eagles locker room on any given day?

  4. The curse of being a Tebow college teammate continues…

    Pounceys (ignorant)
    Cooper (racist)
    Jenkins (pot head, bastard father, ignorant)
    Hernandez (murderer)
    Burke (failed Tebow replicate)

    It will continue…

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