Dion Jordan’s not above playing special teams


This just in: Dion Jordan’s making the Dolphins roster.

But the third overall pick in this year’s draft is out to do whatever he needs to, and has approached special teams duty with the optimism you normally get out of fringe guys trying to make the roster.

“I feel like if you can’t participate on special teams, as a football player, that says something about you,” Jordan said, via David Neal of the Miami Herald. “I feel like it’s one of the hardest things to do. It reveals how athletic you are and how much you’re able to take in from the game.”

With his combination of size and speed, Jordan should be a prototype for what every special teams coach in the league would want. Instead, they usually get the back-of-the-roster spare linebackers and defensive backs.

But Jordan played in the kicking game at Oregon, and viewed his continuing that as a natural extension.

“Dion’s attitude, effort and enthusiasm towards special teams has been great,” Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi said. “He did it at Oregon. That’s certainly a benefit to us that he’s done it before. He’s run downfield on kickoffs. A lot of times when you’re dealing with young players, especially high-profile guys, they haven’t done it.”

The Dolphins could easily save him for the pass-rush snaps they drafted him for, but his willingness to do more is a good example to the rest of the roster.

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  1. Hope this kid stays healthy doing it because he’s shown the right attitude which is nice to see for a change these days.

  2. Jeff “the clown” Ireland reached sky high for this part time, overhyped player. His best contributions WILL come on special teams play.
    Wasted draft pick.
    Another mediocre season

  3. Olivier Vernon did special teams last year, even blocked like 2 punts, and took one for a TD. If Dion can excel in the same role, then that’s a great job on Ireland to make this pick come true. From what I hear, Olivier is owning the DE spot opposite of Wake, so hopefully this means Dion will be coming in late in the games to add fresh legs in the pass rush against some tired offensive tackles that just might slip and let Dion destroy their QB. Makes me glad to have Dion on the Dolphins squad. Can’t wait for this Sunday, should be fireworks to watch our D play and I’ll just temper expectations with our Offense even though I think Dallas’ D sucks this year.

  4. That’s because he knows he is a long way from being a starter, and benefited from the Dolphins front office drooling over his workout numbers. Who wouldn’t want to play special teams and buckup a few positions for that much money.

  5. Iknoweverything says:Jul 31, 2013 10:33 AM

    Jeff “the clown” Ireland reached sky high for this part time, overhyped player. His best contributions WILL come on special teams play.
    Wasted draft pick.
    Another mediocre season

    Every draft guru had him going in the top 5 of the draft. For someone who calls himself “Iknoweverything” you know very little.
    Its been said, its better to keep your opinion to yourself and be thought a fool rather than voice it and confirm it….. just saying.

  6. Its takes a bold and innovative GM to use the 3rd overall on Special Teams.

    Kudos to the Dolphins for being at the forefront of such revolutionary draft strategy.

  7. Hey all of you geniuses who are already predicting a wasted pick….technically if Miami drafted a situational pass rusher and special teams player at #3, then the Chiefs drafted a RT at #1. Does that mean that’s how their careers are gonna stay? NO! It means Vernon has been playing great and the Chiefs have a veteran at LT. Draft picks are the future. Last I checked Wake was over 30 and its never a bad thing to have a glut of pass rushers (ever heard of trade bait? Accumulating picks? Some other franchise in Boston is pretty good at doing that). Training camp just started. Jordan was late to get there from the weird semesters at Oregon and the NCAA rule. And he’s getting over an injury. Let this thing play out. I can’t remember the last time I heard fans complaining about too many pass rushers. No wonder people think Miami fans have no clue. You few posters are a GREAT endorsement of that stereotype.

  8. aaroncurryisbust says:Jul 31, 2013 11:45 AM

    A 6’7″ defensive end drafted 3rd overall playing special teams? Isn’t this insane or am I missing something here?

    Yes you are, its called being an unselfish player. He is simply saying he is willing to do anything to help the team win. You were missing it because you do not hear too many players in todays NFL saying it……

  9. Is offering to do something that he KNOWS will never take place really praiseworthy? Or is he just saying it as the right thing to say? Hey, I’m volunteering right now to put on a giant robot suit and give my life fighting giant alien monsters from under the sea…for the good of the team.

  10. Draft experts and gurus also called Jarmarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, and Glen Dorsey absolute top 5 locks.
    Thank you, you can pull your foot from your mouth now.
    Perfect examples of the clueless fans agreeing with the clueless GM.

  11. Why wouldn’t he play on special teams? A beast of a man with a hybrid frame as a DE/LB with one of the greatest hybrids of all time, Jason Taylor, as a mentor. Me thinks the Jets fans on this board need to learn a little about football before they run. Get moving big guys, your shift at the local A&P stocking the shelves begins in 10 minutes!

  12. This pick is going to come back to haunt Miami in 3-4 years.

    It was a great deal to move up; but then to select Dion Jordan.. even Dolphin fans were shocked. Protecting your emerging young quarterback should’ve taken priority over this kid.

    After Díon had the one big season, he MELTED the following year after teams started to chip him with TE’s, OL and RB’s. Now he will get “chipped” by pros who weigh alot more, and who possess greater mean-streaks, than those kids in college. Dion with his total lack of an inside-move, and no weight behind him, is going to be the “decleated posterchild” of the coming season and OG’s are going to be begging for a pull assignment to steam roll him.

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