Eagles don’t think officiating pace will be an issue


When the Wall Street Journal asked the Eagles for comment regarding the possible conflict between coach Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense and the more deliberate pace NFL officials employ, the Eagles had nothing to say.  Which served only to create the impression that the Eagles realize it could be a problem.

Now, however, the Eagles are talking.  And they’re saying it won’t be a problem.

“I think the Patriots set a record for plays last year,” G.M. Howie Roseman said, via John Gonzalez of CSNPhilly.com.  “That’s pretty impressive, the amount of plays they got in.  It didn’t seem like they were hindered too much by it.  We understand the rules.  Coach understands the rules.  The officials have been great when they came here.  I don’t see it as much of an issue at all.”

As Gonzalez points out, the Patriots didn’t set the record last year.  They came within eight of the all-time mark, at 1,191 plays.

Still, the question is whether Eagles coach Chip Kelly will be able to get the ball snapped as quickly as he’d like to get it snapped, on a play-in and play-out basis.  And the best comparison isn’t what the Patriots did last year, but what the Eagles would like to do this year, based on the things Kelly did in past years.

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  1. The more important question……will they be allowed to use those big, wacky poster boards for sending in plays?

  2. The best comparison for what they’re going to do this year is what they’re going to do this year??

  3. Yeah, it won’t be a problem because all we will get is….3 and out….3 and out….3 and out….Remember 3 things here folks:

    1. Chip Kelly is a college wanna NFL coach who is only here because his team was about to sanctioned and he would have been in the middle of it (see seahwaks head coach for more!)

    2. This is the NFL where PROFESSIONAL DEFENSIVE PLAYERS WORK! Thats right, this is NOT COLLEGE, where at best you have a third year senior playing defense against. Professionals study game film and some have been playing for 10 years and are still VERY GOOD! Chip kelly needs to realize that, he may have early success but eventually he will need to adjust. That is where the NFL differs!

    3. Mike Vick is still the QB of this team, and Mike Vick still CAN NOT READ A BLITZ and adjust to save his life.


  4. The big question is how will the O get on the field when the D can’t stop anybody? I’m still counting on a top three draft pick in 2014.

  5. Getting to line up fast is only part of it. The concept Kelly runs is based on having multi functional players that don’t have to be substituted for. By rule if the offense doesn’t substitute the defense can’t substitute which in turns creates miss matches. The Eagles in theory should have the upper hand aerobically as well since they train 24/7 to play at this pace while the opposition doesn’t. Either way the Eagles will use the time to get to the line, call out their pre snap reads and when the ref signal “go”, they hike it.

  6. i understand they’re going to have more of an uptempo offense but jeez this isn’t the NBA where they’re gonna be running and gunning up the field. this is clearly not gonna be an issue

  7. @realphan

    Look at the Patriots offense last year. They ran a very similiar fast paced offense at times and led the league in offense.

    You have to realize when you dial up the pace like that, not only do the defensive players get gassed, they start making mental mistakes, and DCs dont have enough time to make decisions.

    I am very interested to see how this super high octane offense does in the NFL.

  8. FILTHadelphia fans love Chip now, will hate him in 2 years, then love the new coach, then hate him in 2 years…..so on and so on.
    The fans have no loyalty and no class either. That is why Andy dumped on the last 2 years so he could get out of his contract.
    Ol Chip Gimmick is in way over his head with FILTHadelohia and the FILTH fans.
    The fans of every other team laughs at Eaglesfans,

  9. Realphan…

    You are clearly just another pessimistic Philly “fan” who is consumed by negativity and hate. You are the exact same type of Philly fan who would prefer McNabb to be dead. I happen to be a true Philly fan, and a true fan sticks by their team through thick and thin and doesn’t whine like a schoolgirl when adversity strikes. Man up.

  10. I don’t get the obsession with this, the Eagles hopefully will be around 500 this year and I am a diehard fan! If Kelly is gonna be a good coach then he’ll adjust to the officials, if not then we’ll hire someone else, but I want to read details on my team and other team’s players and how they look. Why are there 3 stories on officiating pace if you have no idea what “pace” he will use or QB he is going to have on the field? I get it, Philly makes head lines and Chip’s offense is an unknown we should discuss, but official’s “readiness” is a dumb angle for a team that is hoping to get back in to the playoffs!… Just let the story develop and until then do some reporting on real issues and concerns, like how they might use the tight ends on this team…

  11. The Eagles should be happy we don’t have the replacement refs this year.

    It was like 3 minutes between plays when they were in there.

  12. So Bill Belichick is allowed to operate Chip Kelly’s offense but Chip Kelly isn’t allowed to operate Chip Kelly’s offense?

  13. Why isnt comparing the Eagles new offense to New England’s offense a valid comparison? Especially when Belichick consulted with Kelly prior to the start of last season. The bigger question is having a QB that can handle the pace. The officiating is a non issue and that’s probably why the Eagles organization did not initially address quesions

  14. @realphan

    Nobody takes you serious. You wasted all your finger strength typing up a paragraph full of assumptions. We get it you don’t like the Eagles, Chip Kelly, your life… we get it… Also spell check next time you decide to create a screen name.

    People like this guy make eagles articles more interesting to read. We can all read the comments and see how butt hurt most of these fans.. ehh.. phans are.

  15. When you run this style offense the defense is read by the quarteback and he then calls the plays. Not enough time for the defense to substitute.

    But, But, But, you certainy need a quarterback that is very good at reading defenses. The Pats of course have Brady.

    Belichick did confer with Kelly prior to last year (which was already mentioned) they are friends and Bill picked Kellys mind on this type of setup.

    The question is do the Eagles have a quarterback who is good at reading DEFENSES?

  16. The moment that game play was stopped for TV timeouts, the soul of the NFL was ripped away…

    The in-game experience suffers due to fact that the NFL cares more about commercials then the game’s momentum.

    How many times have players been at the games standing around for absolutely no reason. No time outs called, no one injured, no dead ball fouls..
    They stand around simply because the commercials have not yet concluded..
    The fat man with the orange mittens now controls the game flow… I can’t believe it!

    Now, we have the same group of ref’s that crippled the game last season, the refs that even cost certain teams games because they walked out on their jobs, telling us they dictate the pace at which they will play.

    Here’s an idea Goodell.. instead of making the NFL a cupcake sissy league that now abuses the phrase “defenseless” ,, how about you get back to the roots of the NFL…
    fast paced, momentum driven football.

    Hire refs that are full time and are not borderline retirement age.
    Have conditioning test for all refs.
    Have the commercials run during play stoppage,, not football run during commercial stoppage.

    I even heard a live broadcaster actually say “We now interrupt these commercials for some football.” & That’s no joke.. The current state of the NFL, however, IS..

    The NFL wants to improve games… MAKE IT ABOUT FOOTBALL AGAIN… you greedy bunch of turds.

  17. Very excited to see what happens this year.

    At least we don’t have to worry about burning timeouts right after commercial breaks because Andy couldn’t get the play in quickly enough.

  18. Officials…..by definition, you exist as an unbiased third party to enforce rules. NOT INTERPRET RULES.

    So a 2 minute drill can be run in the final 2 minutes, but not in the mid 1st quarter? Why?

    Kind of like when it’s only “illegal contact” on 3rd and 25 late in games to give a gift automatic 1st down to an inept offense. When during the rest of the game or even on 1st and 2nd down, defenses are allowed to maul receivers.

    Guess you need to look at the clock and have a scouting report on the ref crew to figure out what “may” be called during the course of a game.

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