Vick (Mike not Marcus) forgives Riley Cooper


Now that Eagles receiver Riley Cooper, Eaglers owner Jeffrey Lurie, the league, and non-NFL player Marcus Vick have said their piece regarding Cooper’s horribly racist remark, it’s time for the guys who actually put on the pads and play with Cooper to chime in.

Quarterback Mike Vick told reporters, via Geoff Mosher of, “as a teammate I forgave [Cooper].”

“I know what type of person he is,” Vick said of Cooper.  “That’s what makes it hard to understand but easy to forgive him.”

Mike Vick also disagrees with his brother’s remarks about Cooper, saying that Marcus should “not show a level of ignorance himself.”

Receiver Jason Avant also forgave Cooper.  “I just know him,” Avant said.  “He’s not racist.”

Still, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes via Twitter that, while some players accepted the apology right away, “[f]or some it may take days, weeks and months.”

That’s no surprise.  For some players, it’ll be hard not to wonder whether the real Riley Cooper is the guy who uttered one of the ugliest words in the English language during a Kenny Chesney concert, or whether he’s the guy who is behaving magnanimously and contritely at a time when he really has no other choice.

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  1. Vick has really shown his maturity since being released. He handles himself professionally on and off the football field. Great to see.

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Mike Vick….”It’s hard to understand but easy to forgive.”

  3. They should cut him. Unless somebody wants to actually trade something for him. But if nobody will part with a 7th Rounder for him then take a hint and realize he’s worthless. Forget about debating whether he’s a racist or not, he’s a loser, and it’s time for the team to move on and get somebody who is better than him. Shame on them if they can’t find a worthy player to fill the job.

  4. I’m happy to hear that they can move on from this, but I’m sure that there are others that will have a hard time dealing with Cooper.

    My God. He said this in a camera phone era?

  5. Whether or not he’s racist, it’s disturbing enough to know that he doesn’t find that word vile enough to not use it at all. I don’t think my mouth is even capable of letting that word out.

  6. Good for Mike Vick. I give him credit. He’s done things in his life that he’s not proud of, gotten a second chance, and is willing to give someone else who did something stupid a second chance.

  7. kane337 says: Jul 31, 2013 8:56 PM

    As a Falcons fan I’m proud of the way Michael has matured.

    AS a real facons fan , I hope Vick rots in hell. He doesn’t deserve praise for acting like an adult.

  8. Nobody should speak that word, no matter the color of their skin………no no no no anybody should be able to say any WORD they want.

  9. Lets make it clear that it is no better for someone to make a racist remark, even if they’re “not racist”. Racism is terrible in any case, and white people who use racial slurs in their living room are just as disgusting as Cooper was on the Internet. Believe it. Closet racism is just racism….Good ol boys.

    And yes, I am white. Grow up folks.

  10. You make a good point. Still, it’s just a word. A horrible word tied to a history of hatred, subjugation and genocide based on ethnicity, but still just a word.

    A person could go his entire life without ever uttering that word and still be an unrepentant bigot.

  11. People reveal who they really are when they’re drunk. Those walls, carefully constructed to protect your inner feelings, come crashing down after a few drinks.

    I’d cut Riley Cooper tomorrow morning.

  12. 10 million dollar fine?
    Lifetime ban?
    Life in prison?

    People act like this is the worst thing in the world you can do. Bad thing to say considering you’re a football player but he was out at a concert, why does anyone have to know?

  13. I wonder how often that word gets thrown around at practice, in the weight room, during games, hanging out after games. I’m going to guess, all the time.

  14. Seriously his behavior was bad! However for people to sit here and judge is worse. The glass houses you live in…
    I forgive the guy! Forgiveness is such a warm encouraging positive action and feeling! Humans make mistakes. Have you ever said something you regret???

  15. We can all talk about it, but if it’s a non-issue to his teammates, then I could care less—especially because I’m NOT a Philly fan.

    That said, my guess is that his Offensive brethren will turn the page far quicker than those on the Defensive side of the the room.

    Also, Riley, a little word of advice: Keep your head on a swivel all season long.

  16. It’s a word…ya it’s offensive but why does everybody have to blow stuff out of proportion? Obviously he’s not racist if he plays with black teammates and gets along with them.. Just another reason for idiot people to get hyped over something and act like they’re bigger than others cause they pretend to be offended by a word someone says. Mature up

  17. could you imagine if this punk had to apologize to a locker room with guys like jerome brown, andre waters or even jeremiah trotter ? the eagles are a bad team and that is why a bad player like riley cooper is able to be make their roster.

  18. Good for Mike! They can both put on their green uniforms and come see my GMen. We can give both of them what he is lookin for!

  19. Good for Vick! I think everyone is missing that huge point! We are all quick to judge the dude but none of us really know him! These guys are around him all the time and really know what kind of person he is! How about we just let the people that really know him judge him and decide weather to forgive him or not! IMO the N word has lost it’s meaning because of how much it is used these days! If white people and black people would stop making a big deal out of it then the word will loose any meaning it has left to it and it will become a non issue! There will always be racist people both black and white but I think for the most part from what I see day to day blacks and whites get along just fine and it’s getting better year by year! We are all from America damn it! Last I checked both blacks and whites are over sea’s risking their lives to fight for our country! That’s right “OUR COUNTRY” To me the N word means scumbag and you don’t have to be black to be one of those!

  20. Do you guys expect Mike Vick to have righteous indignation? He sadistically tortured and murdered innocent animals. He’s in no position to judge anyone for any words they use.

  21. black players who can’t forgive him should ask themselves if they’ve ever used the word “cracker” or any other derogatory term to describe white people

  22. I would really like to see a prominent member of the African American community step forward and call out their own community for propagating the N-bomb to greater heights than ever before. All too common of a word now, which previously was used by predominately racist people, and now used regularly by average people.

  23. I’d cut Cooper and move on. That would be the biggest message you could give to the players on this team: there’s no room for nonsense.

  24. I’m sorry but Vick is being politically correct because of his dog fighting situation. Riley knew what he was.doing. Everyone black white Mexican or whatever knows the significance of that word. He’s used it before and he meant what he said.

  25. Just want to make sure that the out of town people are aware that Cooper is a marginal talent at best. He is a complete bust, not worth sticking up for. If Maclin wasn’t injured he might have not made final cuts.

  26. Vick (Micheal not Marcus) has grown as a person to an adult. Doing what he needs to do a saying what he needs to say. Keep on rockin bro. One Hampton Roads guy to another.

  27. Don’t know if Mike has matured, but at least he understands that he’s the last person eligible to pass judgement on anyone else’s indiscretions.

  28. Riley Cooper was hired to take some national heat off Aaron Hernandez. Well played, Florida Gator boosters, well played.

  29. ” People can doubt what you say, but they can’t doubt what you do”. Seems Cooper was a good teammate despite his slip in character and that’s why so many of his teammates are quick to forgive him. Going to war every time this word is uttered will never solve the problem..

  30. Shouldn’t have said it. Probably not a racist. Probably just said it out of stupidity. I have friends of every color and we call each other every insult under the moon including “racist” remarks. Those who know the man are the only ones who can truly determine if he is racist. And if he is a racist, good lord did he choose the wrong sport to be one in. To be honest though I think Marcus Vick is even more stupid for his comment about paying someone to do physical harm to him.

  31. Interesting. Now all you guys who hated him, suddenly love him. What does he get a couples days or a week before the hate starts up again?

  32. obviously Vick is in no position to NOT forgive the guy. He should probably forgive everyone for everything at this point after all the crap he’s done

  33. As a white male living in Idaho raising an adopted black child, I can promise that sometimes you will hear some things that will make you want to fight. But it’s not enough to say it isn’t right. You have to do something to change it.

  34. miketoddryan says:
    Jul 31, 2013 8:48 PM
    Nobody should speak that word, no matter the color of their skin.
    – – – – – – –
    lol…it’s in every rap song that exists

  35. In this case, Mike Vick is proving to be a true team leader. I doubt seriously that anyone on the team has not used a racially offensive word or phrase at sometime in their life, whether they realized it was offensive or not. Although it is behavior that we all should all avoid, Cooper made the magnified mistake of offending others in public when a recording device was in use. A true bigot would not have apologized for it.

  36. “I know what type of person he is,” Vick said of Cooper. “That’s what makes it hard to understand but easy to forgive him.”

    That right there, as much of an Eagles fan that I am and not much of a Mike Vick fan, shows how much of a real man and how mature Mike has become. Good for him.

  37. Would anyone be upset if he said I’ll fight all you redskins in here?

    I love the statement from the NFL after saying there is nothing wrong with Redskins.

    Hate is hate – whether it is for race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, etc

  38. Lets be real for a minute! This guy says an ugly word and he is the biggest piece ever and in need of everyone’s forgiveness. Meanwhile half the players in the league take the Lord’s name in vain on a regular basis (God Almighty, Creator of the Universe) and nobody has a problem with that! No fines from the league, no forgiveness needed! Ok, makes perfect sense!

  39. So Cooper need forgiveness from Michael Vick? Really?

    Apparently, in today’s America saying a naughty word is worse than torturing animals. That’s good to know, I guess.

  40. If you said that in a regular job like we all have….your a** would be fired immediately. He’s gonna take a lot of “whoo” hits both in practice and in games.

  41. Michael Vick the saint? While I don’t agree in the slightest with what Cooper said, there is a major double standard in football. I can’t count the number of times I’ve listened to miked up African American cornerbacks say things like “white boy’s got nothing” or comments to that extent on the NFL Network.

  42. Makes sense that Vick might be quicker to forgive. Nothing like knowing the feeling of being forever judged for ugly mistakes you made yourself to make you more empathetic and forgiving of someone else’s ugly and hard-to-understand mistakes.

  43. Lets not all kiss Vicks rear end just yet. He had no choice but to forgive cooper. It wasn’t long ago he was begging for his own foregiveness for killing the dogs. If he doesn’t forgive cooper for a much less heinous act he comes off as a royal hypocrite.

  44. What he said was offensive and I was angry (been called that name 2 times to my face) because there is so much hate behind that word. Cooper went on air apologized, looked sincere and embarrassed by his drunken actions. Its going to follow him around for a long time but his teammates and hopefully the public will forgive him. I have heard 2 times worse this year alone on PFT from posters on Native American issues/ Zimmerman trial.

  45. For a guy to go from being a dog killer to one who would quickly forgive a teammate for using a word like that is a long way to go.

    Now, hopefully he cab help his foolish brother, and stop the cycle of hate.

  46. I see the media still doesn’t believe in the first amendment to the US Constitution providing freedom of speech.

    Also, If any discipline is administered, I sure hope the league, team and media are consistent in reaction to the use of the word by EVERYONE and do not discriminate based on the color of the person’s skin.

  47. I disagree with what Cooper said, but I take what either of the Vick bros say with about as much attention as I pay to my dog’s bowel movements…which is minimal.

  48. It’s scary to think the camera is always recording waiting for you to make one slip. Now Cooper is painted as the leader of the KKK. Let’s not play dumb America about what happened. Cooper was drinking and got dissed by a black guy at a country music show surround by white people. Cooper popped off knowing he wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. He had beer muscles and was doing some beer muscle talking.

  49. This was the best thing that thing that Vick could have done. If he’s seen as one of the leaders on the team and had thrown Cooper on the bus, this issue could have torn the team apart.

  50. If black people want to help stomp out that word, maybe they themselves should stop using it. Until that day comes, they should zip their hypocritical lips. They glorify the word on TV, film, and in rap music. Then complain when it’s used against them.

    Added Note: You have to expect Vick to forgive everything.

  51. When that word is NOT in every one of the top 10 R&B and rap albums then I will believe it is really a word that should not be used. As for the worst word in English? No, it simply means “black” in Latin. Thats it. The Latin word for A specific Color. (well technically black is all the colors at once, but you know what I mean) Are we going to ban the English word “Black” next? Feel free to look it up. One of my pandora stations is Rick Ross, every other word is …well, you know, so I have become numb to its effect, as have most people.
    And Michael Vick, Has he every publicly apologized for KNOWINGLY spreading HERPES? What? This is the first you have heard of it? Shocker….google Ron Mexico and Michael Vick….
    One standard for every one. Either its bad or it isnt. Only parents get away with saying its ok for me but not for you. And you’re not my dad…

  52. Wow, really? So now we’re turning Vick into a victim? Cooper says a word that those in the rap and hip-hop industry get awarded Grammys for when they say it. Vick got a kick out of watching animals get tortured to death. Vick’s very presence in the NFL offends me. I could care less what “horrible society-crumbling” word Cooper said last month especially since it WASN’T EVEN DIRECTED AT VICK.

  53. It was a stupid drunken comment by a dumb jock but I’ll save my outrage for something that actually matters.

  54. Not surprising # 7 would be among the first to forgive Coop, given his history with hot button controversy. His response here is actually welcome as it is an indication He has grown himself. Also respect his willingness to side with rationale and reason, even if it means he has to point to his own Brother as an example of the type of ignorance, that spawned the word in the first place.

    As for the word itself and Riley Cooper’s use of it…. As a black man I would be lying if I said it didn’t cause me to wince a bit, but that subsided rather quickly when I thought about the world we live in presently. It is so widely and loosely thrown about that its original and intended meaning is unknown to many who use it, black and white alike. White rappers, asian kids, people of all races and backgrounds use it frequently and most aren’t publicly called to account for it in the way Riley Cooper has been here. Whether you put an a at the end of the word, and try to use it as a coloquialisim, or however its used, I think it has been over used to the point where it has lost much of its intended vitriol, and its use for any purpose is just outdated and an indication of a user who is maybe more likely to be too lazy to find a more applicable and hurtful insult, than it is an indication one is a racist.

  55. @diehardpanther African Americans are tangible and walk this Earth. Not everyone believes in a god, much less one that demands their name not be taken in vain. The First Amendment pretty much guarantees that we as a country (thankfully) aren’t going to have the same beliefs, so it’s rather hard for the NFL to levy fines based on that.

  56. How ironic. Trevon Martin often called White people “crackers” and even had a website describing his hatred towards White people, yet he is considered a hero and Riley Cooper is well………..Got my drift?

  57. diehardpanther: You’ve got it right. Maybe guys should be banned from football for mis-using the Name of the God who gave them their existence. They’d be relegated to working in Hollywood .

  58. Actually, the full Mike Vick quote was:

    I can forgive him for using that word but I cannot forgive him for going to a kenny chesney concert.

  59. I’m kind of curious, where was the NFL’s rightousness and indignation when Roddy White was deliberately tweeting to the world that the Zimmerman jurors should kill themselves. How about when Cruz was tweeting to everyone that that Zimmerman would be dead within a year?

    The NFL was notably silent, no game checks were forfeited. There was no police investigation into what were arguably death threats.

    These black players did not have to ask the forgiveness of their non-black teammates.

    Cooper did not set out to make news, Cruz and White did. Cooper did not even know he was being recorded.

    Quite the double standard.

  60. I remember a few years ago Peyton hillis talked about How defenders(including Patrick Willis) would use racial.slurs while he was on The field and nobody gave a damn its such a sad double standard. The eagles players are probably realizing Cooper was just singing The lyrics to one of desean jacksons rap songs and knew they couldn’t cut him for singing another players song

  61. Haven´t we all said something bad or stupid once, while we were drunk (if indeed he was drunk)? And the next day we wake up feeling embarrassed and like an idiot? Why is this such a big deal?

    People doing something really bad is far worse than people saying something really bad…

    By the way, Vick has done his time. I would forgive him, but that doesn´t mean, I would forget.

  62. To anybody who thinks those of us in less sensationalized work would have been fired for using the “N” word, off the clock and off company property, you need to get over yourself. Your employer would never know it happened unless the boss was sitting right next to you. While I’m not one to use derogatory terms, I have certainly been inappropriate on more than one occasion outside of work, and the checks just keep rolling in.

  63. Very ugly word, to be sure. We should be careful not to measure the ugliness of such words by the skin color of the person uttering it or at whom it is directed.

  64. Florio, this article was a great peace of work. My only fear is that you may confuse Marcus even more if he reads this. Piece out!

  65. on today’s episode, Riley Cooper talks out with his teammates will they accept him or will they reject him ?next on “hanging with Mr. Cooper”

  66. Like this phony Tough Guy was going to jump the fence and find any at a Kenny Chesney Concert??? They obviously have more self respect than he does.

  67. hatesycophants says:
    Jul 31, 2013 9:19 PM
    You make a good point. Still, it’s just a word. A horrible word tied to a history of hatred, subjugation and genocide based on ethnicity, but still just a word.

    A person could go his entire life without ever uttering that word and still be an unrepentant bigot.

    This is exactly the point and thankfully was allowed through the (heavy) moderation. We can’t go on condoning a mentality that attacks words, in a private setting no less, because they are only words. A person can secretly be the most hateful bigot, yet comes with a hand out and a big smile.

  68. Ok, people all up in arms and want “something done”. What if Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady said it? Cut them tomorrow too?

  69. Although I disagree with the word Riley used, do we really have to make it front page news and beat it to death every day? The guy made a mistake, no one is perfect. Mike Vick made a mistake, went to jail and paid his punishment. How big of a mistake did he make? He came out and forgave Riley, lets move on from this. We all make mistakes, do or say things we shouldn’t but not everything is recorded then splashed in the social media for everyone to point their finger at so they can relieve their own guilt from something they may have said or done, possibly the same thing but it was not recorded and put out there. This is repetitive judgement over and over. It makes people feel comfortable pointing their finger at the latest “public mistake” to take away any guilty feelings or thoughts of “I hope no one finds out I said that or did something bad”. Take a close look at yourself before you berate an individual. Its impossible to do a perfect job and live a perfect life each and everyday. Have you always been perfect?

  70. 87whines says: Jul 31, 2013 9:42 PM

    I would really like to see a prominent member of the African American community step forward and call out their own community for propagating the N-bomb to greater heights than ever before. All too common of a word now, which previously was used by predominately racist people, and now used regularly by average people.

    Couldn’t agree more. While I’m not in any way defending Riley Cooper’s actions, it’s a double standard in today’s day and age. You hear African Americans using the term endearingly towards one another, as well as in music, on tv… literally everywhere. The word has saturated today’s society, and the message has become that when said by a certain race it’s “OK”, but when said by any other race it’s a terrible, hateful word. It has to become one or the other, or the word will just continue to be said more and more. This double standard has to stop.

  71. OK so the team fined him and the league might too?

    I thought he was at a non football event? What the hell does this have to do with his job?

    I heard his apology was sincere, lets leave it at that. The league should say there piece and move on.

  72. So is rap noise going to be ban from the locker room, sure it is, are black players going to be fine for using that word, of course they are, will Al Sharpton going to make it his next cause. Why not? If the word is so offensive why don’t the black player quit saying it? Bill

  73. Newsflash everyone…

    Some white people don’t like black people.
    Some black people don’t like white people.

    What happens between Riley Cooper and his teammates will be dealt with in the locker room.

    Can we move on now?

  74. Oh no he said the n word. That’s never been don’t before. Bet Marcus Vick has never said that word. Bet cooper has never been called a white boy either. Get over it. Move on

  75. shmtty28 says: Jul 31, 2013 9:04 PM

    How many times did jay-z use the same term in his latest album?

    Exactly. Maybe Riley Cooper listens to too many rap records. When the wrong person uses the term we get an avalanche of faux drama. hypocrites.

  76. Dock his pay for a month and make him live in North Philly on the 3rd floor of an apartment building with no AC for that time period, with nothing but Kenny Chesney music to listen to.

  77. Riley Cooper was definitely in the wrong for saying what he said. Marcus, have you ever used the N word? Called your friends the N Word? What’s the difference? Maybe you shouldn;t use the N word either. Just a thought.

  78. Words only have whatever power we give them…the more “taboo” and “forbidden” and “horrific” you make it seem, the more it will be.

    I think it’s ridiculous — treating grown adults like children, because of a word they used.

    We all act like he was a kid who said a bad word in the schoolyard and was overheard by the teacher, and now we all wag our fingers and shake our heads and say tsk tsk, SHAME on you.

    Meanwhile, most of us have far more horrible things running through our heads on an hourly, minute-by-minute, or second-by-second basis.

    Grow up. And get over yourselves and your phony moral outrage.

    Nothing in life (including the U.S. Constitution) guarantees you or anyone the right NOT to be offended.

  79. Why do people have to decide if he is one or the other.

    Face it, the “ugliest word in the English language” is a glorified term in ENTERTAINMENT today.

    NWA was around before I was born.

    Who is 30 years old or under and doesn’t love listening to some old school Dre or Snoop. What 20 year old hasn’t heard a Lil Wayne song.

    Who hasn’t watched a Dave Chappelle skit?

    We are talking a couple generations of life growing up and hearing a word that isn’t subjected to them in a hateful manner. Was there, or is there a line IN ENTERTAINMENT where that word was used so much that it is automatically associated with black people?

    I have kids, 4 and 3. If I turn on Hypnotize by B.I.G for them, how do you explain what that word means? It’s answered differently by everyone.

    My thing is… Jason Avant says “I know he is not a racist.”

    Why did he choose the words he did? I think in today’s entertainment world, it’s used too much for the number of white generations listening to it. The simple DEFINITION of what it is automatically triggers the association in anybodies mind, racist or not. I think he saw a group of black guys, thought “I’ve got this word, i’m pissed off and i’m gonna use it to show I ain’t scared.”

    He’s a toolbox, expecially when does have good relationships with black teammates.

  80. vick is just covering himself, he can’t actually show his true self and risk losing endorsements and money in the NFL on his last chance. we all know michael feels the same way marcus does, he just has to hide it for now. the vicks, aaron brooks and allen iverson all grew up in the same area and there is a documentary out there about these guys and what their agenda is really all about.

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