Julio Jones won’t sell himself short, so he doesn’t set personal goals

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In addition to hearing about how Player X is in the best shape of his life, training camp is a good time to catch up on what individual goals a player is setting for himself.

Someone wants to run for 2,500 yards, another guy wants to set the single-season sack record and a slew of players want to win awards or make the Pro Bowl at the end of the season. Given how good wide receiver Julio Jones has been since joining the Falcons, you’d expect his own goal-setting to be of the grandiose variety but you’d be wrong. Jones says he doesn’t set individual goals because he doesn’t want to limit himself.

“No, no goals for myself.  It’s all about the team,” Jones said, via the team’s website. “I’ve always been like that.  People always say ‘you don’t have any personal goals?’ No, I don’t have any personal goals.  I don’t want to sell myself short.”

Jones may not set any goals for the season, but he certainly set them during the offseason. Jones changed his diet this offseason and added nine pounds of muscle to his frame, which he says hasn’t impacted his speed. That’s not great news for the defensive backs who are going to be trying to keep up with a player who was already a handful thanks to his combination of speed and strength.

Jones’ work early in camp has led to rave reviews from both teammates and those observing practice, which further sets the stage for a season that could make Jones look very smart for not limiting himself in the goal-setting department.

19 responses to “Julio Jones won’t sell himself short, so he doesn’t set personal goals

  1. Top 3 WR this season, if not number 1. You heard it here first. If he added 9 pounds of muscle, he’s going to be tossing DB’s off the line and then jetting past the safety uninhibited all day! #RiseUp

  2. When do people start apologizing for blasting the Falcons for trading up and getting this guy. Great player on and off the field and a welcome change of attitude from a normal diva position.

  3. All the pre-draft talk said Julio Jones was the next Terrell Owens. I’ve never heard a more accurate prediction of an NFL player before. He’s exactly the second coming of Terrell Owens with similar size speed skills and aggression. He just has slightly better hands and zero ego.

    Julio is a beast

  4. Saw him in training camp yesterday. Physical marvel. He looks like he can make it thunder by clapping his hands.

  5. If every player on the Falcons or any team for that matter has their own lofty personal goals and they acheive 90% of that then wouldn’t the team be pretty well off? Only target you can’t hit is one you don’t aim for.

  6. Someone said Julio could be #1 receiver in the league?! What are you smoking? I’d say it helps him a lot having Roddy White lining up along side him. Reminds me of Ray Edwards/Jared Allen. Edwards looked great didn’t he? lol

  7. its just not physically possible to add 9 pounds of muscle to an already jacked physique in the 3-4 months of an NFL offseason

    does he weigh 9 pounds more? ill believe that, but it isn’t all muscle

  8. I’m still laughing about the ppl that bashed the falcons for trading up for him. Tell me who did the falcons REALLY miss out on in the first round of the ’12 draft??? Lol I’ve said it all along. Brilliant move to get Julio. There is no way you sign a #2 WR in FA for the contract Julio got. I believe it was something like 4yrs 17 mill. I’ll take that all day. What did some of these second rate WR get as a contract this year? None of them have half the talent Julio possesses. Michael Jenkins wasn’t cutting it.

  9. To visit my earlier point. Danny Amendola signed a 5 yr 31 mill with the patriots this season. Only a year longer with almost twice the money given. It’s not even up for debate who you’d rather have. Julio or Danny. Also outside the top maybe 10 in the 12 draft the only player drafted in the first round I would say we missed out on was Doug Martin. But Brandon Weedon selected 22 where the falcons would have been selecting. Lol no I’m good

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