Kenny Vaccaro getting physical at Saints camp


There’s a pecking order to NFL teams that puts rookies below veterans and well below veteran stars and rookies are usually expected to show deference to those ahead of them on the chain.

Saints rookie safety Kenny Vaccaro didn’t show much deference to tight end Jimmy Graham on Tuesday, though. There was a brief scrap between the two at practice on Tuesday after the two men jostled for a pass and Vaccaro “flicked” the ball into the back of Graham’s head. Cooler heads wound up prevailing as they did when Vacarro put a lick on running back Pierre Thomas and no one on the Saints seems to want to see Vaccaro tone things down.

Safety Roman Harper calls Vaccaro’s aggressive nature “perfect” and coach Sean Payton said that the team doesn’t really want such things during an unpadded practice, although he used words like “necessarily” as hedges that suggest that he didn’t mind seeing Vaccaro fly around the practice field. Vaccaro said that his teammates are telling him to keep it up, which the rookie said won’t be difficult.

“That’s just the way I am,” Vaccaro said, via the Saints website. “I have a physical nature. If anything, you have to slow me down before you speed me up. I approach every practice like that and I’m not going to stop until somebody says, ‘Hey, relax, take care of yourself.’ I think every team needs a guy that’s going to be like that, a little craziness, a little edge to him. You’ve got to be smart. There’s a lot of guys that we’re going to need in the upcoming season. But it’s still early in the training camp and I want to establish my physical presence early on.”

The Saints defense had no presence, physical or otherwise, in 2012 which makes it easy to understand both why they drafted Vaccaro and why they aren’t working too hard to reel him in during practice.

22 responses to “Kenny Vaccaro getting physical at Saints camp

  1. Bounty jokes are getting old….

    Anyway, for a safety known for speed and having the ability to cover the slot, hearing that he is playing so physical early on is pretty impressive

  2. Nobody’s trying to reel him in til he causes a big star to miss a few weeks. That’ll change everybody’s tune.

  3. Greg williams would have been pleased that vaccoro is doing this as part of his job.

  4. He’s the only person on the Saints defense that I’m concerned about facing. That said he’s a rookie and will get taken advantage of routinely.

  5. He beat up enough civilians in Austin…can’t believe he would be a first round pick post Hernandez…check it out…and that’s the stuff that didn’t come out…

  6. I’m not a Saints fan by any strecth of the imagination…

    But this is what you want from a player. This is a FOOTBALL! Not underwater basket weaving.

    A safety’s job is to intimidate and protect. If he’s too physical for someone, go the other way.

  7. Ridley Me This says: Jul 31, 2013 12:22 PM

    Bounty jokes are getting old? No sympathy from this Patriots fan.
    LOL, are you forgetting the difference in treatment by the commish towards both teams? Goodell didn’t burn the evidence for the Saints. For the Patriots fiasco Goodell didn’t hire an attorney that said, “I know Hargrove said it because I saw his lips moving” when you don’t even see who said the phrase. For the Patriots Goodell didn’t just disregard the other teams where former players said they had pay for performance programs and then did nothing. For the Patriots the NFL didn’t bring the hammer down and then not show film evidence to the Saints wrongdoing, but then when it came to the Giants players saying they targeted a 49er player that there was no wrongdoing because nothing was seen on the film. What? Goodell and the NFL had an agenda in how they treated both instances. Goodell sucked on the teet of Robert Kraft and said “Please sir, may I have more?”

  8. stealthscorpio says: Jul 31, 2013 12:29 PM

    He beat up enough civilians in Austin…can’t believe he would be a first round pick post Hernandez…check it out…and that’s the stuff that didn’t come out…
    What? Post Hernandez? Did you forget that the draft was held before the Hernandez alleged murder took place? Great observation skills. LOL

  9. The great thing about the bounty jokes is that I don’t have to read them…but I am glad you’re still thinking about us. Who Dat

  10. Is this guy in for surprise when he “flicks” the ball at Julio Jones he’ll be picking his head up from the upper deck. Quick cure for that attitude.

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