Marcus Vick offers Twitter bounty on Cooper


While Marcus Vick has proven himself to be a clod long ago, he’s still the brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

So when Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper embarrassed himself with a racist remark that was caught on video, Marcus Vick began another stream of consciousness (?) on Twitter.

In a string of messages, Marcus Vick said among other things that he wanted to put a bounty on Cooper, offering $1,000 to a player to “light his a– up.”

He also referred to his brother’s teammate as a “Peace of s—.

The Vick brother who is good at football has told the one who isn’t to pipe down before. If he wanted to try to keep a team together, which is part of a quarterback’s job, telling Marcus to put a sock in it might help.

But with Cooper set to talk to teammates tonight to try to mend fences, Marcus is, yet again, not helping his brother’s efforts.