PFT on NBCSN: Ravens/Dolphins training camp updates


The Ravens and Dolphins headed into the offseason in very different places, but they each wound up being among the busiest teams in the league once it opened for business in 2013.

The Ravens had to replace several key parts from last year’s Super Bowl winning teams when they left as free agents and chose to part ways with several others before moving on to add new faces like Elvis Dumervil, Chris Canty and Arthur Brown to the mix. That left plenty to talk about in the early days of camp before even getting to quarterback Joe Flacco’s contract extension and the loss of tight end Dennis Pitta for the season, so we won’t be lacking for topics when we hit Ravens camp on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN on Wednesday.

We’ll also be checking in with the Dolphins, who went on a signing spree in free agency before drafting defensive end Dion Jordan with the third overall pick in April. We’ll see how quarterback Ryan Tannehill is clicking with his new receiving targets and what’s going on with the defense among other things.

It all gets started at 5 p.m. ET.

28 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Ravens/Dolphins training camp updates

  1. come on in and see the CHAMPS getting ready to repeat..keep a eye on the soon to be top 5 defence that everyone says is no good..

  2. The ravens def will be improved,, but I think it will be outside if the top 5. Good individual players but when you replace 6-7 starters it will take awhile get on the same page. Due to the departure of Boldin and injury to Pitta, and losing all the starts/key contributors, analysts gave the ravens missing the playoffs. I think they can still squeak out a wild card birth but not a division title. I don’t expect this team to make it out of wild card weekend if they even make the playoffs.

  3. Ravens don’t care if people predict they will miss the playoffs. Last season everybody predicted against them and they won the Super Bowl. So they consider it good luck when people expect them to lose.

  4. A good season for the Ravens would be brake 500, find 1-2 future All Pros. and have this young team gel at season end. A while card would be a bonus I wonderful season would be sweep the Steelers

  5. Did someone say top 5? Are we talking about the same defense – the D that got shredded last year by avg QB’s including multiple back-ups, and were a bad endzone call away from the biggest collapse in SB history? And now they’ve replaced 1/2 the starters with back-ups? That defense? Top 5?

  6. *Sigh* Once again Crown we will address your tiring and baseless comment.

    We played only one backup last year- yes it was Batch and we lost. Cousins came in for a total of 2 drives. Torched on either level- H A R D L Y.

    As for replacing half the starting lineup? I count 4 starters- Reed, Pollard, Kruges, and Lewis. Williams was out a majority due to back and Ellerbe was 3rd in the pecking order. I would say we have upgraded everywhere sans for Reed. Webb, Arthur Jones, Elvis, Canty, and Elam not mention a full throttle Suggs and Ngata? Yes, without a doubt- T H A T defense.

    Crown- The fact you and your friends come on here so much reeks of desperation and worry. I know for a fact you don’t spend any time on the Browns site. You will notice I don’t go on any Steeler threads- mostly because I don’t worry about your team,partly because your team makes no headlines. You better pray Ben stays healthy and can turn Cheddar Bob Plax and whoever else he is throwing to into some kind of challenge.

  7. check your facts rav, Browns hate me too, just ask them.

    and discount Williams and Ellerbe all you want, you know as well as I they were projected 2013 starters, which makes 6 gone. That’s more than half of 11 in case you struggle with math too.

  8. ka3ebe says:
    Aug 1, 2013 4:24 AM
    A good season for the Ravens would be brake 500, find 1-2 future All Pros. and have this young team gel at season end. A while card would be a bonus I wonderful season would be sweep the Steelers
    NO, that would NOT be a good season. Anything short of a playoff birth and subsequent win is not acceptable. If you really think the player turnover will hurt us that much then you’ve only been a fan since the superbowl. We’ve traded or cut key players every offseason for the last 5 years and that’s what’s kept us in contention. Right player right price, get with the program…

  9. Crown-We knew Williams was gone and we wouldn’t resign him- there is no debating that, especially since we had Jimmy Smith as a 1st rounder developing. As for Ellerbe and 2013- you can’t selectively chose 2012 and then 21013 starters in your argument. That then means Ray shouldn’t be counted. Nice math- dingbat.

  10. I think you’re being selective rav. Let’s keep it simple, how many of these 2012 D starters will not be starting this year: Ngata, Cody, McPhee, Suggs, Ellerbe, Lewis, Upshaw, Graham, Pollard, Reed, Williams.

    Like I said, half the starters were replaced.

  11. For the umpteenth time Crown- Ellerbe was not a starter, Jameel McLain was. That is like saying David Paulson was your starting TE last year and counting him on the list while Miller was out. With that I count 4 starters from your list: Lewis, Pollard, Reed and the nubby Williams.

    1+1+1+1=4. If you want to keep it simple, we can also count pieces of trash in Heinz Field during a Chesney concert.

  12. Since when does losing starters, and then replacing them with better players, hurt a team?
    The Ravens will be BETTER on D this year.

  13. The strength on the Ravens D this year will be the pass rush. Wait till you see these different packages coming at the QB. Opposing teams better hope they don’t fall behind and HAVE to pass.

  14. rav, that is the list of players who started in the SuperBowl, right from Maybe you should argue with them that he wasn’t a starter. And yes, I would absolutely call Paulson the TE starter if he starts for any length of time, especially in the freakin SuperBowl.

  15. jacktheraven says:

    The Ravens will be BETTER on D this year
    I’ll agree with that. It’d be really tough to be worse than last year, so the odds are with you.

  16. Crown:

    A) That is quite a sample size you are using kiddo
    B) According to your sample then, Flacco has a passer rating of 124.2 for the season, is elite, and better than all QBs- so thank you
    C) Pouncey was not a regular starter in 2011, Doug Legursky was since Legursky started in SuperBowl XLV and Pouncey did not
    D) You also have then no idea what starters and backups are
    D) I still have no idea why I am still typing as you obv lack common sense and have no idea what you are talking about

  17. Good point Crown. It’s better being ranked # 17 D and SB CHAMPS, than #1 D and being 8-8.

  18. Ravens will repeat….in about 10 years at best….back to reality now boys……your team was bearly good enough as you lost 4 of your last 5 and squeaked into the playoffs….and then should have lost the SB as you robbed the 49ers with that Jimmy Smith mugging on 4th and goal of Crabtree…….49ers should be champs……Ravens take a big step backwards this year….mark my words

  19. steelersownu…..reminder. steelers won their last sb as a 6 seed…not exactly dominant. and whether a ref made a bad call or not, how is that cheating

  20. These bitter Steelers fans need to get over themselves. What a bunch of whiney, narcissistic, sore losers. Why don’t you direct your energy toward improving your team instead of all this wishing ill will on the Ravens? You don’t hear Ravens LBs complaining about pass rush”schemes.” You don’t see the QB and OC at each other’s throats. Fellow players aren’t running around calling a player fat behind his back. Keep it up and Looney is going replace Tomlin with Jim Harbaugh.

  21. scoobies05 says:
    and crown….that number 1 defense was great. now please tell us all what it got u
    I’ll tell you. It continued the time-honored tradition of the best, unmatched and undisputed greatest NFL defensive team. No matter how we do in a given season, one thing remains constant – we are the king of the Defensive hill.

    You have had your great moments scoobs, but you will never truly understand what I mean.

  22. no doubt crown…steelers have had a great 40 year run, largely predicated on defense. ravens have had a very good 13 year run, largely predicated on defense. both franchises take pride in defense. so last year the raVens stumbled on defense and wound up winning the super bowl. the steelers continued their defensive dominance and missed the playoffs completely. so again i ask, last year what did having the number one defense get you when according to steeler fans, lombardis are all that matter

  23. so again i ask, last year what did having the number one defense get you when according to steeler fans, lombardis are all that matter
    Admittedly, last year didn’t yield the ultimate goal, but having the #1 d did give us something. Answer honestly – take a team that was #1 last year and only replaced a few parts, or a team that was #15-ish and has 4-5 new parts. Which is more poised to take a run at the #1 D. And yes O matters in the ultimate goal, but having the #1 D can’t hurt the cause. Those 11 did their job.

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