Pro Bowlers may not be wearing their usual team helmets

Getty Images

The elimination of conference affiliations creates all sorts of interesting possibilities at the Pro Bowl.  Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs could have a chance to sack Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Making the moment even more surreal would be the wearing of a Ravens helmet by each player at the moment of impact.

For that reason and others (like distinguishing receivers from defensive backs), there’s a chance that the Pro Bowlers won’t be wearing their normal team helmets.

“To be determined,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT via email as to the question of whether the helmets the players ordinarily wear would be replaced with, for example, helmets matching the name and color of the Pro Bowl teams.

Though many will object to the ditching of the players’ helmets, there’s a marketing opportunity that comes from coming up with new uniforms, logos, and colors for the two Pro Bowl teams.  Instead of the usual red and blue duds, the Pro Bowl uniforms could become the league’s 33rd and 34th franchises, with names and jerseys that would cultivate fan allegiances that would endure year to year, generating more interest in watching the game.

They’d be two largely fictional teams that, for five days per year, would become very real.  And kids everywhere possibly would want the jersey or helmet of whichever team becomes their favorite team in the two-franchise Pro Bowl league.

Of course, improved game play would help in that regard.  In an upcoming post, we’ll address whether that can be expected.