Report: Kevin Kolb struggling in Bills’ camp


The Buffalo Bills will have a new quarterback this year. Whether it will be Kevin Kolb or first-round draft pick EJ Manuel remains to be seen.

However, early impressions don’t seem to be favorable for Kolb.

According to Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News, the first few days of camp for Kolb have left a lot to be desired.

Kolb worked with the Bills’ first-team offense on Tuesday and didn’t look particularly inspiring. Per Skurski, Kolb “looked at times like he was trying to complete passes to the water cooler on the sidelines.”

Kolb was signed by the Buffalo Bills in March after two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. Kolb took over for an injured John Skelton Week 1 against Seattle and helped lead the Cardinals to a 4-0 record last season. Kolb went down with an injury in Week 6 as the Cardinals season fell apart after the fast start.

Kolb completed 59.6-percent of his passes last season for 1,169 yards with eight touchdowns and three interceptions in six games.

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  1. I’m shocked. Andy Reid swore he was a good player, and we all know that we can trust his evaluations of QBs to transfer to different franchises when he lets them go. Right, AJ Feely?

  2. The water cooler was even worse, since it didn’t catch a single pass from Kolb. At this point it’s looking like the biggest bust of the draft.

  3. Actually Kevin was fine, the report came about because Joe Namath happened to be on the sidelines. So drunk that he called him “Kolber”, said “I couldn’t care less if you’re shtruggg-ling” and tried to kiss him.

  4. Looking at the photo it also appears that the Bills’ offensive line is struggling as well.

    And nice throwing form by Kolb! Step into it, you’re wearing a red jersey so that your teammates can’t hit you, right?

  5. Kevin Kolb has the talent. The kid just has awful luck. I would assume this early hiccup is nothing more than difficulty learning a new system. Give him some time. As a Philly fan, I had no problem with him being the future of the franchise before Vick exploded in ’10.

  6. Remember when the cards don’t only over paid to trade for him but then they actually overpaid to sign him. That was funny…for the other 31 teams

  7. I don’t think that Kolb will ever be a winning quarterback. He gets hurt too much.
    And E J Manuel might not be any good either.
    With about 7 quarterbacks in next years first round the Bills can try again.

  8. There are also reports that they are using exotic blitzes against Kolb and not Manuel. I wouldn’t judge anyone too harshly yet

  9. ….yet some nitwit bills fan posted recently that the bills have 2 top tier nfl quarterbacks..which i quickly shot down..LMAO..and there were many fools agreeing with the bills fan..delusions must be fun

  10. Kolb reminds me of Tim Couch for some reason. Kolb was a flash in the pan in Philly and has done nothing since. Philly got rid of him at the perfect time, just as Philly did with McNabb

  11. EJ is going to come out the starter. Hold onto your seats Bills fans and I don’t mean your seat cushions. Its going to be another hair greying year.

    This is why I love rooting for Buffalo then resent them by week 13. Far cry from the nineties. I am starting to forget those days. Were they just a dream?

  12. Kelvin Kolb was drafted high by Andy Reid and Marty Morningweigh to eventually replace Donavon McNabb which he did a few years latter. Kolb then received his second fat contract from the Eagles, looked horrible in training camp lasting less then one quarter in the season opener against Green Bay before being replaced by Mike Vick for the rest of the year. Kolb was then traded to the Cardinals for DRC and a high second round pick, got a third big contract and proceeded to stink out the joint. Now he he is failing with the Bills after receiving a fourth contract be it a smaller one. Still this man has made around 75M for doing nothing. Only in America.

  13. The ceiling for this guy seems to be league average. The floor seems to be bottomless.

  14. Im just happy that we (The Bills) didnt cough up the money that the Cards did to get him.

    He was brought in to be no more than an experiment while we groom EJ. Looks like EJ may not be getting the necessary grooming that he will need.

  15. Kevin Kolb is terrible except for 3 games with the Eagles way back when.
    When is the NFL going to realize this.
    Bring on Manuel!

  16. therealraider said:

    “I don’t know… Kolb’s stats aren’t that terrible ..”

    His win-loss stat is pretty awful.

  17. Dang you beat me to Steve Young. I think he’s the only example in recent history. But I’m sure there’s a story of Peg-leg Pete getting traded for a bottle of whiskey in 1925 and going on to win the Sheboygan Cup, which the NFL Network would jarringly include in their next “Top 10 QB Trades in NFL History” Show.

  18. @floratiotime…. How about a current QB. Named Drew Brees. He was drafted oringally to start by the charges who then picked up Philip Rivers. Philip won the job and Drew was traded to NO. I am sure he is not doing good there. Considering NO was the worst team in the NFL at the time. I mean the fans were wearing bags on their heads.

  19. Also we are all forgetting that the Watercooler was drafted to stand on the sidelines and mess with the quarterbacks. I am thinking that watercooler is doing a great job. Rookie on the year materal there.

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