Report: Matt Flynn “solidifying” hold on quarterback job


Last year, Matt Flynn entered training camp with expectations that he’d be the winner of the Seahawks’ quarterback job only to become the first victim of Russell Wilson’s rookie year assault on the NFL.

Flynn’s in Oakland now and he again came into camp as the presumptive favorite for the starting job and the first week hasn’t done anything to change that. The Associated Press reports that Flynn is “solidifying” his hold on the starting job and continues to hold a clear edge over Terrelle Pryor and rookie Tyler Wilson.

“I took away a lot of things from Seattle last year,” Flynn said. “But the thing that I took away the most was that I want this even more now, even more this year. I’m blessed to have another opportunity at this, and I’ll try to take advantage of it and do as much as I can to not let it get away from me.”

While he isn’t naming Flynn the starter right now, coach Dennis Allen said that the quarterback competition is playing out “about like I expected.” With Pryor still working on nailing down proper throwing mechanics and Wilson no longer getting the raves he received during spring work, the signs continue to point to Flynn’s second shot at a starting job being the charm.

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  1. I’m going to laugh at Ron Jaworski if Matt Flynn and Jake Locker end up having great seasons this year.

  2. How is it playing out as expected? Does Flynn actually look better than Pryor and Wilson? That’s all I would want to know. To me, I think they just wanna give Flynn the job and no matter how bad he plays, he’ll be the starter.

  3. RAIDERS are about to ball out on the haters. The rest of the league has hell to pay for all trash they’ve been talking about the Raider Nation, and 2013 is the season that we’re about to start collecting debts.

    ” We can never accept losing….We have to have the mentality that we expect to win”

    Matt Flynn

  4. tennesseeoilers says: Jul 31, 2013 10:25 AM

    I’m going to laugh at Ron Jaworski if Matt Flynn and Jake Locker end up having great seasons this year.

    I’ll take just a ‘good’ season from Flynn; half of the top-10 QBs in this league probably won’t have a ‘great’ season. We throw the word ‘great’ around too much these days.

  5. As a Packer fan, Flynn always looked very good every time he was in a game (in both preseason and the few times we was out in regular season.) Oakland is a hard place to succeed, but I think he will end up having a pretty good year.

  6. ^^^^
    It takes a special breed to wear that silver & black and succeed. Not everybody’s built to be a Raider.

    But when you see a real Raider squad on the field like the Gruden, Hue Jackson(just needed more time)Flores, and Madden Raiders…. its a thing of beauty.

  7. Raiders are starting a career back-up and the Raiders fans are excited (just like they were when the signed Carson Quitter). How did that turn out, Joe? I guess you’ll continue to be envious of Andy Dalton.

  8. nbooat says:
    Jul 31, 2013 11:33 AM
    Raiders are starting a career back-up and the Raiders fans are excited (just like they were when the signed Carson Quitter). How did that turn out, Joe? I guess you’ll continue to be envious of Andy Dalton.

    2 out of our 3 Superbowls were won by a career back up at QB. Matter of fact Plunkett entered both of those seasons as the backup QB.

    Our resurgence from 1998-2002 was led by a career backup QB.

    Raider Nations embraces the underdog as long as he has a blue collar work ethic with a chip on his shoulder.

  9. 2 out of our 3 Superbowls were won by a career back up at QB. Matter of fact Plunkett entered both of those seasons as the backup QB.

    Our resurgence from 1998-2002 was led by a career backup QB.

    Raider Nations embraces the underdog as long as he has a blue collar work ethic with a chip on his shoulder.

    It’s not even August yet, but raiderlyfe510 has opened the school doors for slow learners like nbooat!

  10. At least you admit Flynn is a backup. A Super Bowl really…with that defense, receiving corps, coach, and injury prone running game? Your best player was your punter and he is gone!!!
    Raiders are hopeless!

  11. Watching Matt Flynn in practice and interviews, he strikes me as a guy that just needs to be given a chance to succeed. I watched him in that final game against Detroit. To be honest, I thought he was lucky and fortunate to play to the tune of 480 yds and 6 TDs in a game that didn’t matter and with a receiving cast that was obviously better than the one Oakland currently employs. There’s definitely potential in him to be a consistent QB.

  12. emoney826 says: Jul 31, 2013 11:01 AM

    The Raiders do not scare anyone and we will all continue to make fun of them. They’re the joke of the NFL.

    The Jets disagree with the above statement.

  13. joetoronto says:
    Jul 31, 2013 11:35 AM
    At least the Raiders have a front office that isn’t full of drunks, unlike Denver.

    Yet, depsite being drunk they still make better moves than the Raiders…

  14. Report: Matt Flynn “solidifying” hold on quarterback job…God I hope so. However, if you’re crap, you’ll get outplayed in LA too… Mr Flynn’s history is not very good. They tried to GIVE you the job in Seattle only to find out you really SUCKED. Tpryor, Twilson, well hopefully you can beat these guys out…….

  15. Its funny how The Raiders Haven’t played one preseason game and Matt Flynn is already the starter , Not sure how much of a competition it is , Don’t think Philly , Jets or the Bills have named their starter yet , maybe because there hasn’t been any games yet….

  16. DA is a Joke of a Coach ,What does he mean when he says its playing out the way he expected , Not sure whats playing out means, the Preseason hasn’t started Yet so does your statement mean by giving Flynn the Job before a game is played is what you expected , Just Keep an open mind DA and let the Competitions play out like Pete Carrol did in Seatown .. We don’t know what Flynn can do but we do know he’s been a Back up his Whole life besides one season at LSU where he was a back up for 3 years .. TP was a starter from Day 1 in College and only lost 4 games in his career so DA just let the Competition Play out and may the best man win ..

  17. I’m not sold on the Raiders ability to line up and score touchdowns with Flynn and the existing cast.

    So, I’d prefer to see them take pressure off inexperienced TE’s and WR’s and start Pryor using a read-option system.

    This would probably result in a Top 5 running attack and keep the Raiders D off the field enough to stay competitive through the whole game.

  18. I agree he’s been a Career back up and The Raider Fans are happy .. This is Funny can’t wait til Flynn takes the Field so everyone can see his noodle arm , he is no good , Even his Offensive Coordinator for four years in GB passed on him for Tanneyhill so if the Guy who Coached you for 4years doesn’t want you , Pete Carrol gave you this Huge Bonus and he didn’t want you but DA the fool just gives you the starting Job before a Preseason game is played lol this is funny ..

  19. joetoronto says: Jul 31, 2013 11:35 AM

    At least the Raiders have a front office that isn’t full of drunks, unlike Denver.

    Way to set that bar high, joe. Then again, as the Raiders have been far removed from “championship caliber” for nearly three decades, and are much closer to the “record for consecutive 10 loss season caliber” that you’ve grown accustomed to the past decade, maybe some low-hanging fruit is exactly what you need….

  20. If they get back to decent power blocking and McFadden can somehow stay healthy, all we need is someone to not make too many mistakes. The team was looking good until Campbell got hurt with a power running scheme, I am betting Flynn can be at least as good as Campbell.

  21. Alot of Terrelle Pryor fans chiming in here… I am also pulling for him to learn how to throw and take the reigns. Until that happens however, I think we need to rally around Flynn. Career backup, yes. He did lead LSU to an undefeated season the year he started… The fact that the Dolphins didn’t even make a play for him last year does make me wonder. We know he is great in meaningless games against backups. If he can just be good the Raiders can win some games.

    As for the Drunks from Denver outperforming the Raiders…

    The drunks from Denver lost a pro bowl defender over a fax… they bet their future on a great QB in Peyton Manning. Problem is… Peyton Manning doesn’t do so well in bad weather in the winter. They play in Denver with no dome. Its the ultimate FU to the fans. They will win the division and get bounced in the playoffs every year at home. At least us Raider fans know who we are and what we are capable of… Bronco fans think they will win the Super Bowl. Crushing disappointment.

  22. I hear all these comments of “raider fans are getting so excited because they signed a career back-up to be the starting Qb” Well as a real Raider fan I seen to remember another “career back-up” the raiders signed in 1999 by the name of Rich Gannon who had alot of the same machanics as Flynn (before all these so called “experts” magically became able to tell who would be successful based on such trivial position requirements such as size and stance) and Gannon’s career up until the Raiders acrually parelled Flynn’s, so I would say yes, Raider fans do have something to be excited about.

  23. Flynn couldn’t even beat out a rookie last year and the brain dead fans are rejoicing he beat out Pryor LOL. Fire McKenzie and get a real GM.

  24. “Gannon’s career up until the Raiders actually paralleled Flynn’s…”

    Not hardly, Gannon played in five games his rookie year and in 1997 Gannon won five consecutive starts down the stretch to help the Chiefs earn home-field advantage with a 13–3 record.

    Flynn has had one good game so far in his career. If anything he is more like Matt Cassel than Rich Gannon.

  25. slick50ks says: Jul 31, 2013 11:36 AM

    The lightest turd always floats to the top.

    2-14, at best.
    Wake up, Queefs fan. That’s what your team’s record was last year, when they got swept by the Raiders.

  26. Matt Flynn needs his opportunity. After witnessing Kurt Warner come from being a career backup to league MVP anything is possible. If Flynn starts and isn’t getting it done then we can play Pryor it is that easy.

  27. Another thing that I don’t get is people try to discredit Matt Flynn for his two good starts. They talk about how much talent he had to work with and forget to mention that terrible offensive line. The Packers have given up the most sacks in the last 4 years. They also haven’t had a 100 yd rusher in how many years? So lets put that in perspective he put up great numbers with no offensive line. But at the same time people want to praise Alex Smith played with the best offensive line in football come on now.

  28. for all you people that’s say you hate the Raiders you sure do like to comment about them..
    Any Raiders story gets tons of comments…
    I think deep down inside everyone is a Raider fan

  29. Regardless of all the keyboard coaches and mud slinging posted, I just want to see a competitive team. Like every team in the league the Raiders have had their share of highs and lows. This new era has changed a lot in a short time and for once it appears decisions are not being made in haste. What Flynn does is anybody’s guess. Opinions will vary, but there’s a reason he is still in the league. Let the kid prove what he can or cannot do. Peace out.

  30. Mr Flynn learned that you better show up, learn the playbook and act like your hungry.

    I heard Wilson was the first on the field and the last to leave, knew the playbook before camp started and impressed the hell out of the coaches with his work ethic.
    Mr Flynn never caught on to that and just assumed he was the go to guy. Looks like he knows better this time around. Sorry Flynn but Pryor is the go to guy.
    The Raiders need a run and shoot QB and your not that.

  31. I think everyone in GB and Seattle is rooting for Flynn – he proved he is a class-act, and deserves success.

    Here is wishing him well from Seattle.

  32. We haven’t played one game yet but Flynn the back up is the next Rich Gannon lol this is funny , Just wait til the preseason games start and you will see his noodle arm and his check down passing attack , This Guy is the Next Kevin Kolb just stealing money from the league , Seatown gave him up front Bonus now the Raiders give the back up bonus money . Which means because Flynn got 6mill up front from the Raiders he is the automatic starter no competition just give him the job , we will never get Better this way the teams that allow the competition to play out and not how much the players contract will always be better . I wish DA would take a page from Pete Carrol Chip Kelly , Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan and let the best player win with competitons but this sucks for the players who have put in work all off -season only to not get a chance to compete ..

  33. How about we Play Pryor and if he doesn’t work then put the Back up in , he will be better coming off the bench than a starter he has been a Back up his whole life including College .. Let him do what he does best Back up ..

  34. Say what you want on pryor,, this kid is going to be good flynn better not get hurt!! Because once pryor in there he haft to look over sholder agin peirod!!!

  35. Blablabla … let’s wait and see what happens. Enjoy the process … yes the Raiders haven’t been good for a long time … thank you for stating the obvious.

    The thing that needs to be focused on is: Is there progress?

    I believe so. Last year they cut back on the penalties severely. That’s progress. In the off season they got rid of a lot of dead weight and expensive contracts. That’s progress.

    Dennis Allen is no longer a rookie coach. That’s progress.

    Next year full draft, lots of money — progress.

    The Raiders may not win many games this year but they will be a better team than last year. People love ripping the Raiders because most of their teams do not have the history the Raiders do. Yes they aren’t very good at the moment but they are making progress.

    Enjoy the process and view the overall arc of the entire season and not just this game or that game or their win/loss record.

    I’m thinking the Raiders can win 6 games. If they can, great, if not then I am looking for progress, competition, fight, grit, determination, work ethic, will and no giving up no matter the score.

    It is a process of learning what it is you have to do and then going out and doing it. Confidence, commitment, caring, pride, poise, professionalism.

    Progress. If they are the worst team in the league then they have nowhere to go but up.

    I believe they are on the rise.

  36. If your self worth is based on how the football team you’re following is doing then the laughing stock is not the Raiders, it’s you.

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