Rex Ryan disputes report that Geno Smith is out of shape


Jets coach Rex Ryan is taking issue with an NFL Network report that quarterback Geno Smith was bringing up the rear in post-practice wind sprints.

He seems fine to me. When he ran for 80 yards that one play he looked good to me,” Ryan said of Smith, via Jane McManus of

Asked for his reaction to NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger calling his level of conditioning “embarrassing,” Smith said, “I have none. That is his opinion.”

If Smith is lagging behind Mark Sanchez during conditioning runs, that might suggest that Sanchez is in better shape than Smith, but it probably doesn’t tell us much about who’s going to win the Jets’ quarterback competition. After all, last year the wind sprint champion at Jets camp was Tim Tebow.

39 responses to “Rex Ryan disputes report that Geno Smith is out of shape

  1. It wasn’t really a report. It was just something Baldinger noticed at the END of a practice during gassers that he probably witnessed from 50 yards away.

    It was a complete joke, Baldy has NO knowledge of what condition Geno is in.

  2. How are guys like Rex and McCarthy gonna say who is “in shape”. These overweight, overrated clowns need to have a trainer or coordinator speak for them. Obviously coaches don’t play, it just sounds hypocritical.

  3. Rex is a buffoon. The guy took a top 5 team and destroyed it in ONE season. He (and his boy Woody) are the reason for the demise of Sanchez. If there ever was a coach who needed to be fired it is Rex. Heck, I’s take Wayne Fontes over Rex lol

  4. Rex left the interview with an Oxygen mask and a dolly with a huge tank of Oxygen, he said he was headed for a Quarterbacks meeting…

  5. deanvernonwormer says: Jul 31, 2013 3:08 PM

    Rex is a buffoon. The guy took a top 5 team and destroyed it in ONE season.

    Yeah, this is dumb.

    Really dumb. He inherited a team that hadn’t made the playoffs in two years and took them to back-to-back conference championship games.

    The team fell off in 2011 and 2012? Sure. But that’s because they got old and injured. I mean, does anyone really think the last two Jets teams were talented?

  6. Tim Tebow is going to have a career decorated like a bum’s refridgerator box on Christmas. However, compared to Geno and Sanchez, it will look like the Griswold’s after they figured out the circuit board.

  7. Last time I checked Tom Brady and Payton Manning didn’t run gassers too quick either.

  8. “””Last time I checked Tom Brady and Payton Manning didn’t run gassers too quick either.”’

    Very true, especially Brady. But you don’t need to run fast if you stay in the pocket, those two don’t leave the pocket very often…

  9. Baldinger is one hell of an analyst and definitely knows what he’s talking about.

    With that being said, 75% of the NFL can be classified as embarrassing. Whether it be Eddy Hercules flashing his muscles during a first down call, Bryant McKinnie showing up to camp 100lbs overweight, or even DeSean Jackson doing flips into the endzone and forgetting to hold the ball.

  10. Don’t choose the words from Geno to fit your sensationalist agenda. He said that the coaches haven’t had an issue, so he has no comment on baldy’s observation. He didn’t just pass the question over.

  11. The only thing that Rex Ryan can comment on is the buffet line at the team training facility. Stick to predictions on your own weight and foot fetishes Rex, let the trainers and conditioning coaches do their jobs, and how about doing yours, trying to win with the worst team in the NFL.

  12. Maybe there wouldn’t be so many bad stories about the Jets if their idiot coach would stop responding to every news article about his team he sees.

    Tell me what other coach in the NFL goes out of his way to address every stupid article about his team besides Rex?

    Keep in mind I like Rex, but he clearly doesn’t know how to shut up for his own good, and don’t give me BS about the New York Media, how often do you hear ANYTHING from Tom Coughlin?

  13. Well, yesterday in the comments about the Kaepernick post we learned that speed doesn’t help QBs at all. Today we learn that conditioning doesn’t help them either.

  14. viguy007 says: Jul 31, 2013 3:04 PM
    Please no Tim Tebow. He was a bad Dream – a nightmare that the Jets are glad is over.

    Correction: the nightmare that continues to live on now for 45 years is the jets failure of playing in a super bowl.

    That is much more of an issue than Tebow.

  15. Why should Geno have to work out? After all, his celebrity agents told him he’d be a first round draft pick and a handpicked starter. Dude is so gullible and slow learning that he’d actually believe that.

  16. The best part of these instigating-generated blogs is when a Phins fan pipes up.

    They have not won a playoff game since 2000, but they sure can critique.

    They’ll be home in January with the Steelers.

    You’ll see!

  17. Of course Geno was behind Sanchez during the gassers. Would YOU want Sanchez running full speed at your rear end?

  18. jjackwagon says: Jul 31, 2013 3:44 PM

    Great…you are really going to compare Smith to Brady and Manning? Laughable.

    That two people are mentioned in the same sentence doesn’t always mean that they’re being compared.

    He wasn’t comparing Geno Smith to Brady or Manning. He was just noting that gassers aren’t necessarily indicative of anything important.

    You’re trying too hard.

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