Riley Cooper apologizes for racist comment

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Earlier today, a video surfaced of Eagles receiver Riley Cooper using one of the ugliest words in the English language.

We weren’t entirely sure that it was Cooper, so we waited to address it.  Cooper has now addressed it, with an apology.

“I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself,” Cooper said in a statement released by the team.  “I want to apologize.  I have been offensive.  I have apologized to my coach, to Jeffrey Lurie, to Howie Roseman and to my teammates.  I owe an apology to the fans and to this community.  I am so ashamed, but there are no excuses.  What I did was wrong and I will accept the consequences.”

The video was first posted by  In it, Cooper says, “I will jump that fence and fight every n—– in here.”

Cooper is being counted on to step up in 2013, now that receiver Jeremy Maclin is out for the year.  Instead, he has provided the organization with an unwanted distraction that may only go away when Cooper does.

45 responses to “Riley Cooper apologizes for racist comment

  1. Very stupid…but hard to enforce consequences when the division rival in DC has a racial slur for a team name that is just as offensive.

  2. What did he say? “The Jets are a great team” thats about the worst thing I can think of.

  3. Why does a player in the spotlight have to apologize for what any random person (Racist or not) would say on any given day?

  4. My gut on this … he’s used to saying idiotic things like that with his friends, without realizing how idiotic they sound. Today he found out how idiotic he sounds.

    This moment will change his life.

  5. Im an Eagles fan and an African American. I demand my money back for my Riley Cooper jersey!!! Oh wait, I dont have a Riley Cooper jersey because he sucks. Go birds!

  6. He should loose his job and all of his endorsements just like other people who use the “N” word..

    Paula Deen
    Jay Z
    Chris Rock
    Al Sharpston

    Well… Just Paula Deen

  7. The word “redskins” isn’t a racial slur. It’s literally an exact translation to english from what Natives called themselves. The Natives also called whites “white skins”. Not a slur whatsoever.

  8. good thing racism is dead…we do have a black president and all, so i suppose the ENTIRE history of that word is now irrelevant….and i LOVE the “black people say it all the time” line….it’s a sad symptom and indication of the effect that word has had on our culture and society, particularly the people against whom the word was used at its’ inception.

  9. How do you maintain words like that in your vocabulary when your teammates, your comrades, your fellow warriors, the people you bleed with………..85% of them are black. What a numbskull.

    I bet this guy will get rocked early in the season. Better for him if he was the kicker. Anything but WR.

  10. Riley Cooper should get forced to be the starting receiver now. 16 weeks of running over the middle should wipe his mouth clean. Scary though to see how much racism still exist…YES, he is racist, that word doesn’t accidentally fly out of your mouth. When your upset or drunk sometimes the way you “really feel” just seems to slip out.

  11. Big deal. I will quit saying it as soon as everyone else does. Go ahead and hit him hard next year I doubt it will be the first or the last.

  12. Doesn’t matter what color you are you shouldn’t say it. That said, all black athletes should be fined for the 50 times a practice they say it to eachother then

  13. Earlier today, a video surfaced of Eagles receiver Riley Cooper using one of the ugliest words in the English language.


    Huh, I just listened to it, and nowhere did I hear him say “Liberal”.

  14. It will become the worlds ugliest word when blacks quit using it – which will be never.

  15. Big freakin deal, people of all colors say it all the time, there are MANY uglier words than that in the English language, so tired of whites having to apologize and walk on eggshells for fear of being labeled a racist, racism is a two way street, and I’m sure African Americans as they like to be called, have some pretty choice names for whites too, oh but I almost forgot, they can’t be racist because they are black…give me a break

  16. Words don’t offend. The thoughts conveyed by their utterance offend. The N-word, while not being the most elegant of words, is often uttered to convey positive or harmless thoughts. It is also uttered to convey mean-spirited white supremacists/white privilege racists thoughts. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to tell the difference. Its not the word, it’s the racists thoughts conveyed; and you know the thoughts are racists by the manner in which it is uttered. What we should be attacking is white supremacist/white privilege racism. Period. We know what thoughts Riley Cooper was conveying by the way in which he uttered the word. His thoughts were: “the whole group of people with melanin abundant skin descended from slaves in America, yeah, that group, are worthy of no respect whatsoever.” I, as one of those melanin abundant people, heard racists Riley’s message loud and clear. A total prohibition of the words utterance is absurd, because nowadays Americans of all cultures, all cultures, use the N-word to convey positive or harmless thoughts in their private conversations. Those of you who use it in this way know what I mean. Again, its not the most elegant word, but its not the word that is demonic, it’s the white supremacist/white privilege attitude of white racists like Riley Cooper, which are conveyed by its use that is demonic. And when Paula Deen used the word, she was being racists too. The thoughts she conveyed were: “Those dark bodies are absolutely worth less than me and those that look like me. They can serve me a traditional southern meal though.”

  17. right on tirc2328! You have summed up the “intent” argument perfectly. Every person of every color ought to be free to shout the “N” word from the mountain tops and roof tops. The “intent” is all we must decipher and that can easily be done through our individual and collective abilities to mind read and intuitively know from tone, bodily gestures and overall environmental circumstances of the utterance. Any discerner of truth can do that without mistake.The First Amendment of The U.S. Constitution permits free speech. Why are we penalizing people financially for speech? Why are we ruining careers based upon utterance or word choice? Whatever happened to “actions speaking louder than words”?

  18. Its not the word its the intent.. So quit talkin about “rappers use it” If you don’t know the Difference between N*GGA and N**GER just keep both of um out us mouths

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