Rodgers-Cromartie hauled off practice field


Carts are useful vehicles, perfect for hauling things.

But during NFL training camp, no one wants to see their team in the same sentence as one.

The latest player to be hauled off on a cart is Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, according to Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post.

Rodgers-Cromartie apparently injured his left knee or ankle.

The Broncos signed him to a one-year deal this offseason, hoping to lend some stability to a secondary that was shaky last year in the playoffs.

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  1. This is the direct result of less off season work. Players are not getting their bodies in proper conditioning on their own, and whey they get to camp and try to go all out, their bodies are not ready for it.

  2. Things keep getting better and better for the donks. Too bad they already had anointed themselves the next Superbowl winner.

  3. If his last two years are any indication, he isn’t injured, he’s just too disinterested to remember where his locker is.

  4. Ugh this sucks, cross my fingers that he’ll be fine. Sylvester Williams injured his knee pretty good but was fine, so hoping the same for DRC… If it is serious then I’m not to worried, the Broncos were still one of the best pass defensive’s in the NFL last year with just Bailey, Harris and Carter…

  5. It’s starting to look like John Fox’s team is going to mirror his time in Carolina with a lame season after a good season.

    Some are even suggesting the Broncos aren’t going to enjoy one and done this year during the play-offs.

    But at least Peyton that way Peyton won’t be accused of clutching under the pressure again.

    And during the playoffs the rest of the Broncos can meet for boat drinks with Elway and the rest of the booze hounds in the front office.

  6. I can’t wait to read that post about the Curse of Wes Welker. I didn’t used to believe. I was wrong. So wrong.

  7. Between the Patriots losing their top three receiving threats, the Ravens losing Pitta, and now the Broncos losing their starting center and potentially a cornerback, the top of the AFC is completely up for grabs this year.

  8. this guy is a punk,, heartless sissy…

    that being said..

    I never want to hear of people getting injured to the point where they can’t even get off the field under their own power.

    And how many people have we heard of coming down with these types of injuries…
    I can’t recall a season where i have heard of so many injuries in the first three weeks of the camp season.

  9. I still believe this is due to the CBA negotiations that slashed practices and OTAs. Freak accidents can occur but they seem to be happening more frequently than in years past. The players are just not ready for full-bore NFL practices in early training camp. Some players have the drive to maintain their readiness in the off-season but they are in the minority. If most players were dedicated to their craft/teams/future careers, the union would not have fought so hard to limit how much “work” they are obligated to do. It is hard to imagine some of these players making it through the typical regimen of “two-a-days” that were the norm in the past.

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